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September 6th, 2020

Bargain Finder 259: AccurateShooter’s Deals of the Week

AccurateShooter Deals of the Week Weekly Bargain Finder Sale Discount Savings

At the request of our readers, we provide select “Deals of the Week”. Every Sunday afternoon or Monday morning we offer our Best Bargain selections. Here are some of the best deals on firearms, hardware, reloading components, optics, and shooting accessories. Be aware that sale prices are subject to change, and once clearance inventory is sold, it’s gone for good. You snooze you lose.

1. Burris — Eliminator 4-16x50mm III, $999.00

burris eliminator III laser ranging scope 4-16x50mm $400 savings discount MAP
Save $400 on integrated scope/laser rangefinder

The Burris 4-16x50mm Eliminator III laser range-finding optic is on sale September 1 through December 31, 2020. Burris has dropped Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) by $400 for the balance of the year. Hunters and shooters can take advantage of the limited-time lower $999 price. The Eliminator III scope offers laser ranging out to 1,200 yards with push-button automatic trajectory compensation. You range your target, and the Eliminator III sets a red aiming point. Then just put the red dot on the target and pull the trigger — no drop charts, no knobs to crank. Previous retail price was $1,399. The new MAP is $999. Save $400!

2. Brownells — Labor Day Sale, Sale Items and 10% OFF Codes

Brownells 2020 labor day sale ar15 howa
Many items heavily discounted, plus 10% OFF Codes

Brownells is running a big Labor Day Sale with many items discounted, including Optics, Triggers, Barreled Actions, and more. Pluse you can get 10% Off purchases now through 9/30/2020. Use Code VSD to get $50 off $500, Code VSC for $25 off $250, and Code TAG to get $15 off $150. NOTE: There’s a Killer Deal on the Howa Barreled Action in 6mm Creedmoor — just $249.99 including the excellent HACT trigger.

3. Creedmoor Sports — 10% Off Labor Day Sale

creedmoor sports sale 10% ten off
Save 10% on all Creedmoor Sports and MTM brand products

During the Labor Day Weekend, Creedmoor Sports is offering 10% Off all Creedmoor brand products — that way you get significant savings on Creedmoor shooting coats, rifle cases, mats, carts, and much more. In addition, Creedmoor Sports has knocked 10% Off the price of all MTM products and most targets. To get these savings, use CODE LD20 during check-out. The Sale ends at 11:59 pm on Tuesday, 9/8/2020.

4. Tipton Direct — 30% Off Sale on All Tipton Products

tipton 30% off labor day sale
Save 30% on gun vises, maintenance stands, tools and more

Tipton is running a BIG SALE: “We wanted our loyal customers to have the biggest savings they could before the fall season starts.” Everything on the Tipton website is 30% off — use CODE FALL30 during checkout to save 30%. NOTE: Even with the 30% savings, a few of the listed items might be cheaper at other retailers. Look at Tipton’s listed price, subtract 30% and then check pricing. This deal ends at 11:59 pm on Monday, September 7, 2020 Pacific Time

5. MidwayUSA — Camo Tuesday Hunting Gear Sale, 9/8/2020

midwayusa camo tuesday hunter hunting sale
Major 1-day Sale for hunters, plus Giveaways

MidwayUSA’s Camo Tuesday™ only happens once a year. Hunters will find amazing deals plus free shipping on select hunting gear. Everything that hunters use will be heavily discounted — hunting clothing, scopes, shooting rests, binoculars, rangefinders, backpacks, trail cams, GPS units. If you hunt, be sure to visit MidwayUSA on Tuesday, September 8th, 2020 to shop the best hunting products at unbeatable prices. In addition to the discounts, you can register for Camo Tuesday™ Prize packages.

6. Brownells — SIG BDX Riflescopes — 50% Off, Save Hundreds

sig sauer BDX hunting scope ballistics app smart reticle sale 50% off brownells
Save 50% on SIG Sauer BDX “Smart Scopes” — great for hunters

As part of its Labor Day Sale, Brownells is offering huge 50% discounts on SIG BDX riflescopes. The Sierra3 4.5-14X44mm scope is now $299.99, marked down from $599.99. That’s 50% Off! And the Sierra3 3.5-10x42mm scope is $249.99, marked down from $499.99. These are good hunting scopes that work with SIG Sauer’s BDX rangefinders and Ballistic App. After ranging, the DBX scope receives a calculated ballistic solution. Then a dot lights up on the reticle, showing shooters where to hold.

7. Amazon — The Wind Book for Rifle Shooters, $22.99

wind reading book
NEW 2020 Edition, completely updated — great resource

Readers often ask: “Is there a good, easy-to-comprehend book that can help my wind-reading?” Many of our Forum members have recommended The Wind Book for Rifle Shooters by Linda Miller and Keith Cunningham. Other books cover wind reading in a broader discussion of ballistics or long-range shooting. But the Miller & Cunningham book is ALL about wind reading from cover to cover, and that is its strength. The book focuses on real world skills that can help you accurately gauge wind angle, wind velocity, and wind cycles. Here’s a video review explaining what makes this book so good.

8. CDNN Sports — Walther Creed 9mm Pistol, $399.99

Walther Creed  9mm carry pistol handgun bargain cdnn sale discount
Excellent 9mm defensive pistol, good value

We know a LOT of Americans are looking for 9mm defensive pistols right now. Demand is high and dealers are jacking up prices on their remaining inventory. If you’re looking for an affordable 9mm, consider the Walther Creed. This pistol offers excellent ergonomics, good accuracy, and well-designed controls at a good price — $399.99 at CDNN Sports. This gun emulates Walther’s more expensive PPQ model at a much lower price. The Creed features a snag-free bobbed hammer. Testers say that, despite the bargain price, the Creed “sacrifices little to nothing in… ergonomics, accuracy, and reliability.”

9. Cabela’s — Catch-All Gear Bag $12.99, Many Colors

AccurateShooter Deals of the Week Cabelas Catch-all Gear Bag $9.99
Versatile, good capacity, buy two at this price

This versatile bag holds lots of gear, and you can’t beat the price — just $12.99. At 16″x10″x6″ it’s big enough to hold rifle ammo, muffs, a Kestrel, and other accessories. It can also serve as a general utility bag for car camping trips. Six exterior pockets, including zippered mesh pockets on top and side, provide multiple storage options.Sturdy 1-1⁄2″ nylon web carry straps can be joined by a hand-friendly wrap handle. Cabela’s Catch-All Gear Bag available in a variety of colors including True Timber Camo, 02 Octane Camo, Lt. Gray, Green, Tan, Orange Gold, and Dark Gray.

10. Amazon — Jialitte Scope Bubble Level, $10.99

Scope Optic bubble level 30mm 1
Effective and affordable — works for both 30mm and 1″ tubes

All serious rifle shooters need a scope level. This nicely designed Jialitte Scope Bubble Level features a 30mm milled inside diameter, plus an inner insert ring so it will also fit 1″-diameter main tubes — that dual-diameter versatility is a nice feature. We also like the way the unit is nicely radiused, and has a low profile in the middle. Price is just $10.99 with free shipping. User reviews have been very positive. You could easily pay $35.00 or more for a 30mm scope level.

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September 6th, 2020

Adjust Your Decapping Dies to Avoid Primer Pocket Problems

universal Decapping die sinclair lee redding

One of our Forum members complained that he wasn’t able to set his primers flush to the rim. He tried a variety of primer tools, yet no matter what he used, the primers still didn’t seat deep enough. He measured his primers, and they were the right thickness, but it seemed like his primer pockets just weren’t deep enough. He was mystified as to the cause of the problem.

Well, our friend Boyd Allen diagnosed the problem. It was the decapping rod. If the rod is adjusted too low (screwed in too far), the base of the full-diameter rod shaft (just above the pin) will contact the inside of the case. That shaft is steel whereas your case is brass, a softer, weaker metal. So, when you run the case up into the die, the shaft can actually stretch the base of the primer pocket outward. Most presses have enough leverage to do this. If you bell the base of the primer pocket outwards, you’ve essentially ruined your case, and there is no way a primer can seat correctly.

The fix is simple. Just make sure to adjust the decapping rod so that the base of the rod shaft does NOT bottom out on the inside of the case. The pin only needs to extend through the flash hole far enough to knock the primer out. The photo shows a Lyman Universal decapping die. But the same thing can happen with any die that has a decapping rod, such as bushing neck-sizing dies, and full-length sizing dies.

Universal decapping die

Whenever you use a die with a decapping pin for the first time, OR when you move the die to a different press, make sure to check the decapping rod length. And it’s a good idea, with full-length sizing dies, to always re-check the height setting when changing presses.

There are a variety of decapping dies currently on the market, with models available from Lee, Lyman, Hornady, RCBS, Redding, and Sinclair Int’l.

Lee Universal Decapping Die on SALE for $10.96
Speaking of decapping tools, Midsouth Shooters Supply sells the Lee Universal Decapping Die for just $10.96 (item 006-90292), a very good deal. There are many situations when you may want to remove primers from fired brass as a separate operation (prior to case sizing). For example, if your rifle brass is dirty, you may want to de-cap before sizing. Or, if you load on a progressive press, things will run much more smoothly if you decap you brass first, in a separate operation.

Lee universal decapping die

Decapping Dies for Cases with Smaller Flashholes

TAKE NOTE: Some Euro Small Flash Holes are spec’d at 1.5mm or 0.059″, and max out at about .062″, so these need a smaller die pin.

The low-cost Lee Universal Decapping Die will work with cartridges from 17 Fireball all the way up to big Magnums. However, NOTE that the decapping pin supplied with this Lee die is TOO LARGE for LAPUA 220 Russian, 6mmBR, 6.5×47, 6.5 Creedmoor, .308 Win (Palma) and Norma 6 PPC flash holes. Because the pin diameter is too large for these brass types, you must either turn down the pin, or decap with a different tool for cases with .059-.062″ flash-holes.

Sinclair Int’l offers a Stainless Decapping Die that comes with both .080 and .060 Pins. The $34.99 die ships with three decap pins for standard .080″ flash holes, and two pins for .060″ flash holes

Redding makes a Universal Decapping Die with an optional smaller-diameter decapping rod for the smaller .059-.062″ flash holes found on the BR and PPC cases. The use of this die is explained in the video below:

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