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April 14th, 2022

Future Tech? 3D Printed Metal Rimfire Receiver Made in NZ

Rimfire .22 LR Receiver action 3D Printer Printing custom action New Zealand 40X PT&G

Here’s something truly innovative — a 3D-printed metal rimfire receiver!

Forum member Marcos G. (aka MFP_BOP) has designed and created his own rimfire action. But it’s not machined or forged. This new action was created with a 3D sintered metal printer. A 3D modeler by profession, Marcos has the requisite skill set and access to a very high-tech (and expensive) metal printer. As printed, the actual receiver is shown below. It has just been sent out to be age-hardened to 40 HRC, after which final finish work (e.g. cleaning up tenon threads) will be done. To learn more about this 3D-printing project, read this FORUM Thread.

Rimfire .22 LR Receiver action 3D Printer Printing custom action New Zealand 40X PT&G

When most of us think of 3D printing, we think of small plastic parts — nothing as strong as steel. But there are 3D printers that employ sintered metal to build complex metal components. Marcus says the receiver he’s created should have “stated yield and tensile strength similar to investment casting.” The material used for the action is 15-5 PH® Stainless Steel (in sintered form).

The action was designed to use a PT&G 40X rimfire bolt. Marcos notes that “There is an extraction cam inside of the action, something that would be very hard or impossible to do by regular machining and/or EDM.”

Born in Brazil, Marcos now lives in New Zealand. He tell us that: “New Zealand is a very gun-friendly country. I just need my A-CAT license to make [a receiver.]” So there are no special legal restrictions (as might apply in the USA). The printer is EOS270 laser metal sintering machine. Marcos says: “The current price for one of those machines is in five figures, but I am 99.99% sure that in 5-7 years this technology will be readily available to anyone.”

As designed, the receiver was 1.4″ in diameter. Marcos reports it came out of the printer at 1.403″. The designed boltway is .690″ and it came out .687″. Marcos notes: “I haven’t noticed any warping. The threads are rough, really! Interior and exterior finishes are really good though, probably because of the way it’s been printed: upside down (must have gone through tumbling afterwards). I will have to run some taps and single-point-cut the tenon threads to clean them up.”

Rimfire .22 LR Receiver action 3D Printer Printing custom action New Zealand 40X PT&G

Marcos says the actual printing process took a lot of time: “I should have asked how long it took to be printed!” But consider this, the 7″-long receiver is created in layers only 20 microns thick, so you can understand why the process took so long.

Reasons to Print a Rimfire Receiver
Marcos 3D-printed his own action basically to save money: “Some may be asking why I printed this receiver. Here’s a little history… I tried different ways to bring a Stiller 2500X action into New Zealand. The final price to my door was NZ $3000.00 (about $2195.00 USD). Designing and making one would be way cheaper, but I felt nobody here could machine the internal abutments with precision. Also printing was still a little cheaper and printing offered the chance to put in it all details I wanted — such as M4 threads, internal cam, and fillets.”

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April 14th, 2022

Norma Will Open Big Ammunition Production Center in Georgia

Norma Precision Ammunition .22 LR rimfire

Big news for Georgia — Norma Precision Ammunition, a subsidiary of Swiss ammunition manufacturer RUAG Ammotec, will establish its new U.S. headquarters, manufacturing site, and warehousing and distribution operations in Chatham County, Georgia, close to Savannah, which boasts an excellent seaport.

You’ve certainly seen Norma rimfire and centerfire ammunition — quality ammo favored by hunters and competitors. Norma ammo has been produced in Europe and the USA by Swiss-based parent company RUAG Ammotec, and its American subsidiary, RUAG Ammotec, USA.

Norma Precision Ammunition .22 LR rimfire

While much of Norma’s product line still comes from Europe, RUAG Ammotec has actually been manufacturing in the United States for 10+ years as RUAG Ammotec, USA, based in Tampa, Florida. Now the USA manufacturing operations will shift to Georgia. This will be a significant operation. Last year, in 2021, RUAG Ammotec produced over 30 million cartridges in the USA, and it plans to ramp up USA production significantly at its new Georgia ammo plant.

Christoph Eisenhardt, President/CEO of RUAG Ammotec declared: “Norma Precision Ammunition has been manufacturing in the United States for over 10 years as RUAG Ammotec, USA. With this relocation, expansion, and focus on the Norma Ammunition brand, we will continue to grow while better serving our customers and industry partners[.]” Paul Lemke, President of Norma Precision Ammunition added: “The Savannah area offers a significant opportunity to expand our small arms ammunition manufacturing and distribution … while providing unmatched access to the world-class Port of Savannah.”

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp Hails New Norma Precision Ammunition Operations
Governor Kemp stated: “With their facilities in close proximity to the Port of Savannah … and our highly-skilled pool of talent, I’m confident that RUAG Ammotec will be very pleased with their decision to invest in the Peach State. I’m grateful to Norma Precision Ammunition for [its] job-stimulating investments, and I look forward to seeing the opportunities this creates for hardworking Georgians[.]”

Norma Precision Ammunition .22 LR rimfire
Norma TAC-22 rimfire ammunition is very good. Here’s an example of accuracy with a lot from 2017. Photo from Champion Shooters Supply. Groups shot with Anschutz 1913 match rifle at 50 yards.

Norma Precision Ammunition is Hiring — Employment Opportunities
Norma Precision Ammunition will be located at 141 Prosperity Drive in Garden City, GA, on the eastern side of Savannah. The company has positions available in manufacturing, distribution, management, and sales. Individuals interested in career opportunities can visit for additional information.

Georgia Is Now Among Top 10 States in Firearms and Ammunition Manufacturing
Georgia continues to attract global businesses like RUAG Ammotec. In 2019 Taurus opened a large gun factory in Bainbridge, Georgia. And other gun/ammo makers have found a friendly home in Georgia. According to NSSF data, Georgia has become one of the country’s top 10 states for firearms and shooting sports products manufacturing.

About RUAG Ammotec — Swiss Company That Operates in 12 Nations
With operations in 12 different countries, Swiss-based RUAG Ammotec develops and produces ammunition for sports shooters, special operations forces, and peace officers worldwide, serving key markets in the military, law enforcement, hunting, and sporting goods sectors. In 2021, Norma Precision Ammunition imported over 400 containers of ammunition from RUAG Ammotec factories in Europe, while also producing over 30 million ammunition cartridges in the USA.

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