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April 16th, 2022

Saturday at the Movies: Firearms Science Series — 7 Smart Videos

NRA firearms science videos ballistics chronography mil-dot eye dominance

NRA Media offers a series of informative videos about the Science of Shooting, covering a wide range of topics, from eye dominance to long-range ballistics. These videos feature high production values, with super-slow motion segments, as well as helpful computer graphics to illustrate the principles covered.

The videos are narrated by Jessie Harrison, a top action pistol shooter (and the first women ever to achieve USPSA Grand Master status). Jessie is assisted by talented shooters such as Top Shot Season 4 Champion Chris Cheng. There are 40 videos in the Firearm Science Video Series. Here are seven good NRA science videos, with links to others below.

CLICK HERE to Access All 40 NRA Firearm Science Videos »

BULLET TRAJECTORY — Factors at Play and Zeroing Strategies

Host Jessie Harrison (formerly Jessie Duff) and Veteran Air Force Sniper and Long Range Expert George Reinas help us understand the factors behind bullet trajectory. NOTE: There are some exaggerations in the graphics in the videos, and inconsistent terminology use, but it’s still a helpful basic primer on the subject of trajectories. This popular video has over 1 million YouTube views.

SHOOTING POSITIONS — Prone, Standing, Sitting, Kneeling

Olympic Gold Medalist Jamie Gray demonstrates the four positions used by competition shooters: Prone, Standing, Sitting, and Kneeling. Helpful overlay graphics show how the human skeleton aligns in each of these positions. This video should help hunters as well as competitive position shooters. If you shoot silhouette, definitely watch this video!

INTERNAL Ballistics — Cartridge Ignition and Bullet in Barrel

NRA firearms science videos ballistics chronography mil-dot eye dominance

What happens inside the barrel of your gun when you pull the trigger? In this edition of Firearm Science, Jessie Harrison goes over internal ballistics, which studies the combustion of propellant, the pressure developed, and the motion of the bullet along the bore of the barrel. There are some good 3D animations showing how the powder charge ignites and the bullet moves through the barrel.

CHOKE TUBES and Shot Patterns — Shotgun Science

With over 2 million YouTube views, this shotgun-centric video is the most popular of all the NRA Firearms Science series videos. Here Olympic trap shooter Corey Cogdell explains how choke tubes affect a shotgun’s shot pattern in this edition of Firearm Science. We recommend that all Shotgun hunters watch this video — it explains the effect of choke tubes very well.

ZEROING RIFLES for Long Range — Tech Tips

The process of zeroing rifles for long range is covered in this Firearm Science video featuring George Reinas, a veteran Air Force sniper. George demonstrates how to adjust his scope to compensate for bullet drop at long range. Our friend Dennis Santiago was involved in the making of this video, which was filmed at the Burbank Rifle & Revolver Club in Southern California.

CHRONOGRAPHS — Calculating the Speed of a Bullet

pistol shooting science Jessie Duff NRA Ballistic PendulumThis video shows a conventional chronograph with front and rear light sensors. The bullet first trips the front sensor and then the rear sensor as it flies over the unit. The difference in sensor time is used to calculate bullet speed. This is not the only kind of chrono in common use today. The popular MagnetoSpeed chrono works by tracking the bullet as it passes over two magnetic sensors mounted on a bayonet-style fixture on the barrel.

The high-tech LabRadar chronograph employs Doppler Radar to measure the speed of a bullet without the need to send the round directly over sensors. No need to set up tripods down-range. Just set the unit near your rifle’s muzzle, on the side. There is also an inertial trigger accessory for LabRadars. Interestingly, this video also explains how, in the days before electric lamps, digital processors, and radar, scientists used a mechanical “Ballistic Pendulum” to calculate bullet velocity using Newtonian physics. The Ballistic Pendulum (shown at right) was first used in the mid 1700s.

EYE DOMINANCE — How to Determine Which Eye is Dominant

Host Jessie Duff and longtime shooter Krystie Messenger demonstrate how eye dominance affects aim and teach you how to determine your dominant eye in this edition of Firearm Science. There are very simple tests you can do to determine your eye dominance. This Editor is right-handed but left-eye dominant. All competitive shooters should check for eye dominance. If you are cross-dominant, you can alter your head position or put a paper patch on one frame of your shooting glasses.

Other NRA Firearm Science Videos

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Firearm Science: Trigger Control (Pistol)

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April 16th, 2022

Get Good CCI Rimfire Ammo for $4.99 per Box

CCI .22 LR rimfire ammo ammunition bargain sale

Powder and primers are still very pricey but (thankfully) we are starting to see the price of factory-loaded ammunition slide down a bit. Here is a great deal for rimfire shooters. You can now get CCI .22 LR Standard Velocity 40gr Target Ammo for just $4.99 per box, with flat-rate shipping. This is good, reliable ammo for plinking, practice, and rimfire pistol work. And it will probably be good enough for NRL22 competition if the targets are not too far out.

Save $1.40 per Round or More by Training/Competing with Rimfire
The ammo price differential is why many PRS/NRL competitors are now doing more rimfire matches than centerfire matches. At $4.99 per 50-round box, this CCI ammo runs just $0.10 (ten cents) per round. Compare that to handloaded 6mm Creedmoor ammo. These days, you might pay close to $1.00 per round just for bullet, powder, and primer. And then you must figure in brass costs and barrel depreciation. A good 6mm barrel may lose its competitive edge after 1500 rounds. That means each centerfire shot could cost you $0.40 (forty cents) or more just in barrel depreciation, assuming the cost of your new chambered/fitted barrel is $600. So you see why rimfire makes sense from a budget standpoint.

rimfire tactical NRL22 ELR KO2M

Other Rimfire Bargains at Midsouth Shooters

CCI .22 LR rimfire ammo ammunition bargain sale

In addition to KYGUNCO’s CCI rimfire ammo bargain listed above, Midsouth Shooters Supply now has a large selection of .22 LR rimfire ammunition starting at just $4.29 for a 50-rd box of Aguila Super Extra 40gr HV ammo.

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April 16th, 2022

FREE Fun Targets for Rimfire Precision and Tactical Training

Dots Target
AIM SMALL, MISS SMALL: At 25 yards, this is a fun rimfire plinking target. At longer distances it can be a great training target for precision centerfire shooters.

With NRL22 and the new PRS Rimfire Series, interest in rimfire tactical competition is growing fast. There is also great interest in .22 LR rimfire tactical cross-training. With a rimfire rig, you can practice regularly for a fraction of the cost of centerfire training. That way you can build your skill set without breaking the bank. Decent rimfire ammo can be had for five cents a round. Compare that to fifty cents (or more) for handloads and maybe $1.20 per round for factory ammo.

To help with rimfire cross-training, here are some of our favorite rimfire tactical targets, all in easy-to-print PDF format. Click each target image to download the FREE target. You’ll find more free targets for load development, precision practice, and fun shooting on our AccurateShooter FREE Targets Page

Targets for Rimfire Training and Fun Matches

Here’s a rimfire training target with “big to small” target circles. Start with the largest circles, then move to the smaller ones in sequence. This systematic drill provides increasing challenge shot-by-shot. Novices often are quite surprised to see their accuracy improve as they move from bigger to smaller aiming points. That provides positive feedback — always a good thing.

Right Click and “Save as” to download printable PDF versions of target.

Rimfire Practice Targets

SPECIAL BONUS–Rimfire Tactical Precision Targets

These FREE targets by DesertFrog are offered in Adobe Acrobat format for easy printing.
CLICK HERE to download all six targets as a .ZIP archive.

More Free Targets…

These and many other free targets are available at

free targets grid red circles small circle targets Grid dot target
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