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April 1st, 2022

European Primers Will Be Marketed in Elite Jewelry Stores

Primer jewelry precious metals tiffany cartier bulgari Leviev sak's 5th

Primer jewelry precious metals tiffany cartier bulgari Leviev sak's 5thIt was bound to happen sooner or later. With the price of primers rising dramatically, and supplies being extremely restricted, we are now seeing pistol and rifle primers being marketed as “precious metals”, distributed through elite jewelry stores. With highly desirable match primers selling for $350 or more (per thousand) on GunBroker and other websites, primer makers have realized that primers are an exceptionally valuable product. Modern primers, which appear like tiny gold-colored pearls, can actually be marketed successfully through jewelry outlets and precious metals vendors.

The “precious primer” marketing trend is coming from Europe, home of the world’s leading jewelry empires. Primer maker Sellier & Bellot has started this trend, announcing that its primers will be sold through elite jewelry vendors Cartier, Tiffany & Co., and Bulgari. Not to be outdone, primer maker Fiocchi intends to market its high-grade primers through Damiani, Leviev, and Harry Winston outlets.

Primer jewelry precious metals tiffany cartier bulgari Leviev sak's 5th

Starting in May, Sellier & Bellot primers will be put on display next to diamonds, rubies, and gold necklaces at Cartier, Tiffany, and Bulgari stores. Primer buyers will be able to purchase standardized primers, or special edition gold-plated primers with ruby-red internal cores. Initially the primers will be offered in sets of five, priced at $250.00.

Not to be outdone, Italian primer-maker Fiocchi plans to bring out its own jewelry line of primers, which will be offered in sets of four with Gold-tone, Silver, or Nickel finishes. These will be more affordable, with the silver-plated Fiocchis available for just $20 per set of four. There will also be a special 1000-pack of silver-coated primers for customers. This 1000-count Silver Collectors Edition will retail for $2500.00.

Primer jewelry precious metals tiffany cartier bulgari Leviev sak's 5th
Primer jewelry precious metals tiffany cartier bulgari Leviev sak's 5th

Primer jewelry precious metals tiffany cartier bulgari Leviev sak's 5th

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April 1st, 2022

California Bans Use of Firearms Terminology as “Hate Speech”

California Hate Speech firearms weapons

A new statute passed in California will bar state employees (as well as teachers, police personnel, and health care workers) from using a variety of firearms terms in official communications. California Assembly Bill 22408, authored by Assemblyman Tony Fulenzo (D. Los Angeles), defines over 30 gun-related words as “hate speech”. Under existing California law, any words/phrases defined as “hate speech” are proscribed (forbidden) in official publications, school textbooks, and all public-sector communications (including email). By effect of AB 22408 then, dozens of gun-related nouns, verbs, and adjectives will be banned, and “shall no longer be uttered or used in the State of California by any public agent or employee”.

Assemblyman Fulenzo said his intent in sponsoring AB 22408 was to alter public attitudes toward firearms, and in particular, to convince school children that firearms are bad. “We want to prevent young kids from perceiving firearms as ‘cool’ or ‘exciting’. The best way to do that is to bury the subject altogether. We need to dismantle the ‘gun culture’. That begins with banning the words themselves.”

California Hate Speech firearms weaponsFulenzo said AB 22408 was inspired by existing bans on racist “hate speech”: “We don’t want children to read about guns or talk about guns. The first step, therefore, is to remove firearms-related words from textbooks, classroom presentations, and state documents. This is not something new. California has done the same thing with hateful words directed at minority groups. In California, by law, we have banned the use of the ‘N’ word (and other racist terms) in official state publications and school textbooks. Now we are just following that practice and banning the ‘G’ word (i.e. ‘gun’) and similar firearms-related hate speech”.

Ban on Gun Words in Oregon Next?
Meanwhile, in neighboring Oregon, anti-gun groups have called for the passage of similar legislation banning the use of firearms-related terminology. And there have been protests in Arizona also.

California Hate Speech firearms weapons

Permitted Word Equivalencies for Banned Firearm Terms
When enacted into law, AB 22408 will ban more than 30 firearm-related words, including “gun”, “pistol”, “rifle”, “bullet” and other commonly-used words. Where it is necessary to reference a firearm, as in a police report, AB 22308 provides for substitute words or phrases. AB 22408 recognizes that, in some instances, it will be necessary to mention firearms-related facts in official documents. By using these officially-designated substitute words, firearms-related facts can be logged without resort to banned “hate speech”.

Gun = “Gunk”

Pistol = “Piddle”

Rifle = “Ripple”

Shoot = “Suit”

Bullet = “Mullet”

Ammo = “Venmo”

Cartridge = “Partridge”

How to Use CA-Approved Substitute Words:

Under AB 22408, if an official report requires description of a hate speech item, then the approved replacement words shall be used instead of the prohibited terms. For example, if a state-funded hospital treats a pistol wound, this shall be listed as a “piddle wound” in the medical report. Likewise the recovery of cartridges at a crime scene by police shall be recorded as a “partridge recovery” in the incident report.

New Law Does Not Restrict Speech by Non-Governmental Entities
This new law only applies to “public sector” entities (schools, police/sheriff agencies, hospitals/health clinics, state and municipal agencies). Private businesses, including newspapers and web sites, will still be allowed to use firearms-related words without the threat of prosecution. Likewise, private citizens will still be allowed to say “gun”, “pistol”, or “rifle” etc. in their own private communications. However internet posting of hate speech involving forbidden firearm words will be monitored by a new California State Agency. This new Agency, the California Office of Firearms Hate Speech (COFHS) will be funded by a new 5% sales tax on firearms ammunition and components.

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April 1st, 2022

.17 Incinerator Based on .50 BMG Delivers Mach 5 Velocity!

.17 Caliber Incinerator Wildcat Varmint cartridge

In the world of varmint cartridges, it’s all about speed. Higher velocity delivers flatter trajectories, and more dramatic impacts on critters. To achieve higher speeds, handloaders have experimented with many extreme wildcats — big cases necked down to a smaller calibers. Here we present what may be the most extreme wildcat cartridge of all, the .17 Incinerator — a .50 BMG necked down to .17 caliber. Created by Ammo-One, a custom cartridge company, the .17 Incinerator offers blistering performance. The special lathe-turned 33gr projectiles* exit the barrel at 5883 Feet Per Second — that’s over Mach 5, five times the speed of sound!

Mach 5 is 3836.35 mph at sea level, which equates to 5626.64 Feet Per Second (FPS). The remarkable .17 Incinerator achieves this stunning velocity by burning over 230 grains of powder in a highly modified .50 BMG case. The velocity of this cartridge (still well over Mach 5 at 100 yards) delivers an incredible amount of energy on target. A hit literally vaporizes a varmint, as you can see from the image below.

.17 Caliber Incinerator Wildcat Varmint cartridge
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It takes a special barrel to shoot the .17 Incinerator. Kent Wilson of Ammo-One, who helped develop this extreme wildcat, explains: “The speeds are so great we had to use a custom 3-groove, polygonal-rifling 1:20″-twist barrel to keep the bullets from disintegrating on launch. The polygonal land/groove geometry reduces bullet engraving, which also helps keep the bullets in one piece. Also we must use solids — regular jacketed bullets can’t handle these speeds”.

Even More Speed — the .17 Incinerator Improved
While the .17 Incinerator is commercially available, there is an even more extreme “Improved” version of this case, with a radical 50-degree shoulder that yields even greater case capacity. The .17 Incinerator Improved (17 IN-IMP), shown below, can hold 20 grains more powder, promising velocities approaching Mach 5.5 or 6189.3 FPS. Now that’s really cookin’!

Incinerator .17 Caliber varmint wildcat cartridge

*Because of the ultra-high velocity generated by the .17 Incinerator, solid bullets must be used. Conventional jacketed projectiles would disintegrate before they reached the target.

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