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April 20th, 2022

Science of Accuracy Academy — New from Applied Ballistics

Bryan Litz long range Science of Accuracy Applied Ballistics

Applied Ballistics has just launched a great, new online resource for shooters: The Science of Accuracy Academy. This subscription-based website is launching with nearly 30 podcast episodes, with many more planned, as well as video content, Zoom classes, and much more.

The main goal of this new online resource is to adapt and modernize the delivery of content coming from Applied Ballistics LLC. In past years, books, DVDs, and seminars were the primary avenues for delivering information. Modern technology has evolved, and the delivery of information can be done in more efficient ways such as streaming videos, podcast discussions of book and seminar content. In addition to being a more modern delivery platform, The Science of Accuracy Academy allows for more frequent updates than traditional books and DVDs.

Bryan Litz, owner of Applied Ballistics LLC tells us: “I’m very excited about this avenue to share what we’re learning in the Applied Ballistics lab. I think many shooters will benefit from the podcasts, which contain very insightful discussions and can be enjoyed in your car, or as you work. We look forward to publishing more of our research thru the Science of Accuracy Academy”.

Bryan Litz long range Science of Accuracy Applied Ballistics

You can visit The Science of Accuracy Academy website at: For full access to all Academy content and “members only” online events, a subscription runs $9.95/month.

Bryan Litz long range Science of Accuracy Applied Ballistics

About the Science of Accuracy Academy Content and Programs

Below, Bryan Litz comments about the Academy’s new podcast offerings and other interactive content. Bryan notes: “We’ve benefited a great deal from practicing the scientific method, and we want to share what we’ve learned.”

Book Content via Podcasts — Many of the podcast episodes are specific reviews of Applied Ballistics book chapters. I’ll sit with Mitch or Francis (both experienced, champion shooters) and discuss the chapter, what it was like to do the tests. We will also discuss behind the scenes problems, as well as what we’ve learned since publishing the books. This lets subscribers get knowledge from the books. And, as a podcast, you can listen while driving, working out, or whatever.

The World of Doppler Radar — In recent years we have spent considerable time visiting shooting matches with the AB Mobile Lab and running Doppler radar. Between that and some of the government contracting work, we’ve built up a lot of experiences and it’s been a long time since a book was published. This Academy is a great outlet for us to update the shooting world on what we’ve been doing and learning.

Ballistics Science and Precision Loading — We’ve been doing hardcore ballistic science for the past few years and have a lot to share. We’ve come to see some aspects of handloading and shooting in a fundamentally different way. For example, understanding the statistical nature of precision has caused us to re-shape how we make decisions in the handloading process. As a result, we now better understand cause-effect relationships and can make deliberate, reliable progress as a result.

Bryan Litz Announces the New Science of Accuracy Academy

The Lighter Side — Bryan told “Some of the podcast episodes are much less serious! We have fun arguing about which shooting disciplines are harder. For example, Mitch Fitzpatrick and I talk with Francis Colon and Chad Heckler about PRS vs. ELR shooting. We discuss what we like and dislike about the different sports, what we would like to see changed, and what competition shooting has meant for us as individuals. This open-ended format explores long range shooting from the technical to the personal and everything in-between.”

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April 20th, 2022

Airgun Depot 10×10 Contest with $4000+ Prize Package

Airgun depot 10x10 contest prizes shooting contest

Airgun Depot has a new skill contest for airgun shooters. Airgun Depot’s 10X10 Challenge encourages customers to head out to the range, test their marksmanship skills, and earn a chance at over $4000 worth of prizes.

No purchase is necessary to enter. You can download FREE 10X10 Challenge targets or order a free set of pre-printed, 10×10 Challenge targets at CLICK HERE for target page then use Promo Code 10X10 to get the target set for free (shipping is extra).

Airgun depot 10x10 contest prizes shooting contest

How the 10×10 Challenge Works

Participants take 10 shots at the 10-inch target from a set distance. Try multiple distances for more challenge. The farther the distance, the bigger the prize level. To enter the contest, you must upload a photo of your completed 10X10 Challenge target. Upload the target using the online instructions at

10 yards: 10 winners of a Smith & Wesson M29 BB Revolver
30 yards: 3 winners of a Springfield Armory M1A Pellet Rifle
50 yards: 2 winners of a Air Venturi Avenger Bullpup
100 yards: 1 grand prize winner of a AirForce Texan LSS

Airgun depot 10x10 contest prizes shooting contest

The 10X10 Challenge will run from April 15th through May 20th. Winners will be selected randomly at the end of the campaign. NOTE: To enter the contest, you must upload a photo of the target(s) you shot. UPLOAD PHOTOS HERE.

With a wide selection of air rifles, air pistols, ammo, and accessories, Airgun Depot is the one-stop shop for all the airgun enthusiasts on your shopping list. To learn more and browse the full Airgun Depot inventory, visit

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