April 16th, 2022

Get Good CCI Rimfire Ammo for $4.99 per Box

CCI .22 LR rimfire ammo ammunition bargain sale

Powder and primers are still very pricey but (thankfully) we are starting to see the price of factory-loaded ammunition slide down a bit. Here is a great deal for rimfire shooters. You can now get CCI .22 LR Standard Velocity 40gr Target Ammo for just $4.99 per box, with flat-rate shipping. This is good, reliable ammo for plinking, practice, and rimfire pistol work. And it will probably be good enough for NRL22 competition if the targets are not too far out.

Save $1.40 per Round or More by Training/Competing with Rimfire
The ammo price differential is why many PRS/NRL competitors are now doing more rimfire matches than centerfire matches. At $4.99 per 50-round box, this CCI ammo runs just $0.10 (ten cents) per round. Compare that to handloaded 6mm Creedmoor ammo. These days, you might pay close to $1.00 per round just for bullet, powder, and primer. And then you must figure in brass costs and barrel depreciation. A good 6mm barrel may lose its competitive edge after 1500 rounds. That means each centerfire shot could cost you $0.40 (forty cents) or more just in barrel depreciation, assuming the cost of your new chambered/fitted barrel is $600. So you see why rimfire makes sense from a budget standpoint.

rimfire tactical NRL22 ELR KO2M

Other Rimfire Bargains at Midsouth Shooters

CCI .22 LR rimfire ammo ammunition bargain sale

In addition to KYGUNCO’s CCI rimfire ammo bargain listed above, Midsouth Shooters Supply now has a large selection of .22 LR rimfire ammunition starting at just $4.29 for a 50-rd box of Aguila Super Extra 40gr HV ammo.

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