April 1st, 2023

Saturday Movies: USAMU Marksmanship Training + 20 Articles

USAMU Markmanship training videos
SFC Lance Dement as featured in CMP’s First Shot Online journal.

The U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit (USAMU) has created a series of instructional videos about High Power Rifle shooting, Service Rifle shooting, 3-Gun matches, and pistol competition. We’ve linked five of these informative USAMU videos today along with a special profile video on Amanda Elsenboss, who, as a USAMU shooter, has won both the Long Range and High Power National Championships in recent years.

In addition, as a major BONUS, we link twenty (20) informative articles authored by expert USAMU shooters and coaches. Those excellent, detailed articles covering a wide range of topics including rifle positions, wind reading, fitness training, trigger control, nutrition, training plans, and much more.

Amanda Elsenboss — National HP and Long Range Champion

usamu amanda elsenboss rifle long range

The gifted SSG Amanda Elsenboss won the 2019 NRA Long-Range Championship and the 2021 High Power National Championship. In 2022 Amanda also won the National President’s Rifle Match, the first woman ever to do so. Those accomplishments place Amanda among America’s legendary shooters. Amanda started shooting at age 8 with her father, then began competitive marksmanship at age 13. In 2009, she joined the U.S. Army as part of the USAMU rifle team. She has left full-time service, but is now a member of the Pennsylvania National Guard.

Sight Alignment and Trigger Control

In this USAMU Shooter’s Corner instructional video, SFC Kenneth Rose explains key elements of using sights on a service rifle. Rose also explain how to make the trigger pull at the optimum moment when the sights are perfectly aligned and steady.

How to Set Up Sling and Rifle for Prone Shooting

In this video, the USAMU’s SGT Jonathan Wannemacher explains how to set up a service rifle sling for prone rifle shooting. Wannemacher has earned a number of coveted awards including the the Distinguished Rifleman Badge and President’s Hundred Tab.

Rifle Grip, Stance, and Body Position for 3-Gun Action Matches

SFC Daniel Horner, now with SIG Sauer, is arguably the best 3-Gun action shooter on the planet. Horner has won multiple major 3-Gun Championships, shooting rifle, shotgun, and pistol in timed action matches. Horner’s speed, accuracy, and mobility is without peer. In this video, Horner shows techniques for AR-type rifle shooting in 3-Gun competition.

Amazing Trick Shot with Air Rifle

In this Trick Shot Tuesday video SPC Ivan Roe shoots a pill (at two different angles) off the top of a balloon. Very impressive shooting! Ivan hails from Manhattan, Montana and has been a notable member of the USAMU International Rifle Team.

How to Use Data Books During Matches

Data books can be very valuable tools during marksmanship training. In this video, USAMU shooter SGT Lane Ichord explains Data Book basics and how to log information during practice and matches.

USAMU Saturday Movies service rifle training

BONUS: 20 Marksmanship Articles from USAMU Experts

USAMU shooters and coaches have written an excellent series of articles on highpower and service rifle shooting. Many of these originally appeared in The First Shot, the CMP’s on-line magazine. Here are twenty notable USAMU expert articles:

Elements of a Good Prone Position – Building the Position – By SPC Matthew Sigrist
Crossed-Ankle Sitting Position – By SFC Grant Singley
Standing and Trigger Control – By SFC Brandon Green

Bare Necessities for Highpower Rifle Competition – By SPC Nathan J. Verbickas
Physical Conditioning for Highpower Shooting – By SGT Walter E. Craig
Better Performance Through Proper Nutrition – By CPL Walter Craig

The Importance of the Data Book – By SFC Jason St John
Rifle Cleaning and Maintenance – By SSG William T. Pace
Developing a Training Plan – By SFC Lance Dement

Sight Adjustment and Minute of Angle (MOA) – By SSG Daniel M. Pettry
No-Wind Zero and Marking Your Sights – By SFC Jason St. John
What Sight Picture Is Best For You? – By SSG Tobie Tomlinson
Reading the Wind (Part 1, Rapid Fire) – By SFC Emil Praslick
Reading the Wind (Part 2, 600 Yds) – By SFC Emil Praslick

So you want to shoot Infantry Trophy? – By SFC Norman Anderson
Thinking Your Way to Success – By SFC Emil Praslick
Coats, Gloves, and Mitts – By PFC Evan Hess
Straight to the Rear – By SPC Tyrel Cooper
It’s Just a Sling – By SFC Lance Dement
Strapping In – By SPC Calvin Roberts

USAMU Saturday Movies service rifle training

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