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May 15th, 2023

BargainFinder 399: AccurateShooter’s Deals of the Week

AccurateShooter Deals of the Week Weekly Bargain Finder Sale Discount Savings

At the request of our readers, we provide select “Deals of the Week”. Every Sunday afternoon or Monday morning we offer our Best Bargain selections. Here are some of the best deals on firearms, hardware, reloading components, optics, and shooting accessories. Be aware that sale prices are subject to change, and once clearance inventory is sold, it’s gone for good. You snooze you lose.

NOTE: All listed products are for sale to persons 18 years of age or older. No products are intended for use by minors.

1. MidwayUSA — ZEISS Conquest 6-24x50mm optic; $849.99

zeiss conquest v4 optics scope 6-24x50mm second plane HD
Hard to beat SFP scope at this price — great glass

Here’s a great deal on an excellent ZEISS 6-24x50mm SFP optic, with 1/4 MOA clicks, and handy Z-MOA1 reticle. The glass is exceptional — at the $849.99 sale price, you’ll be hard to beat the quality of this scope. It is a great choice for varmint work and club matches. Here are actual purchaser reviews: “Excellent, A++, Clear glass”; Awesome clarity and the adjustments are spot on — Zeiss V4 scopes are hard to beat for the money”; “Great mid-level scope. Clear Glass with a good no nonsense reticle and easy to operate turrets”.

2. Midsouth — 1500 Fiocchi Small Rifle Primers, $129.99

fiocchi small rifle primers 1500 pack
High quality primers in bigger quantity 1500 pack

You may not have tried Fiocchi primers before, but these are effective and very reliable. These primers are manufactured on modern equipment using the best available materials. Folks, please note, this is for 1500 (one thousand five hundred) primers. Fifteen hundred. Nearly all other primer sellers ship packs of 1000 primers. So you get 50% more than normal. This is the equivalent of $86.66 for 1000 primers — a very good deal these days. NOTE: They are somewhat harder than average and work well for military firearms with floating firing pins.

3. Precision Reloading — Wilson Products Sale Through 5/18/22

hornady rebate classic reloading kit sale discount Midsouth shooters supply
Great products with good discounts, but act soon, sale ends 5/18/23

We highly recommend Wilson products. This editor uses a Wilson case trimmer and Wilson micrometer inline seating dies. They work great. Right now you can get significant savings on ALL Wilson products at Precision Reloading. Save on Case Trimmers, Seating dies, case gauges, bushings, deburring tools, as well as combo tool/die kits.

4. Midsouth — Hornady Press Kit, $319.99 w/ 500 FREE Bullets

hornady rebate classic reloading kit sale discount Midsouth shooters supply
Great Deal — 20% Off reloading kit with 500 free bullets and free shipping

Here’s an excellent reloading package with everything you need to start handloading cartridges. And right now you can save 20% and get free shipping. With this Hornady Lock N Load Deluxe Classic Reloading Kit you get the Classic single-stage press, powder measure with stand, digital scale, hand priming tool, OAL gauge tool, calipers, loading block, bullet release “hammer”, powder trickler, funnel, chamfer/debur tool, shellholder pack, die bushings, lock rings, Hornady Reloading Manual and much more. Folks, this is a great bargain at $319.99! The same Hornady L-N-L Classic Press Kit is $369.97 on Amazon, fifty bucks more. Plus you get 500 FREE bullets from Hornady with the purchase of this kit.

5. MidwayUSA — Leupold 12-40x60mm HD spotter, $1199.99

leupold 15-40x60mm spotting scope FLP compact
Big discount on very good spotter for hunters and field shooters

Here is an excellent spotting scope for hunter and tactical shooters who have to carry lots of gear in the field. This Leupold 12-40x60mm HD spotter is compact and relatively light weight. The prism-less Folded Light Path (FLP) system uses mirrors to compress a long optical system into half its typical length. And this scope has great glass with best-in-class eye relief. Right now save $300.00 on this spotter. NOTE: This is a factory-refurbished item that may have a slight blemish, but it comes with the full lifetime Leupold warranty.

6. KYGUNCO — Crickett .22 LR Rifle, $317.99 w/ $75 Rebate

pmc x-tac tipped varmint ammo .223 Rem 5.56 AR15
Save $75 with Keystone Rebate this month

Here’s a patriotic, American-Flagged theme rimfire starter rifle for a junior marksman in training. Right now KYGUNCO has the Keystone 2d Amendment Crickett Precision .22 LR Rifle, complete with scope and bipod, for just $392.99. Plus, Keystone is offering a $75 factory rebate through 5/31/2023. That lowers your net cost to $317.99. If you don’t need the scope or bipod you can also get the basic Crickett Precision Rifle in Flat Dark Earth for $292.99, or $217.99 after the $75.00 rebate. These rifles feature adjustable cheekpiece and adjustable LOP with spacers. REBATE Details.

7. Brownells — CMMG .22 Rimfire Conversion Kit for ARs, $179.99

pmc x-tac tipped varmint ammo .223 Rem 5.56 AR15
Very handy conversion — shoot .22 LR with your AR15

Save money when training with your AR15 by using this CMMG AR15 .22 LR Conversion Kit. You get a complete new rimfire bolt mechanism plus three (3) magazines that fit .22 LR cartridges. Right now this kit is on sale at Brownells for $179.99. Then use Brownells Code CART20 during check-out to lower the net cost to just $159.99. That’s a great deal. You can get decent .22 LR ammo for under ten cents a round. Centerfire .223 Rem ammo can easily cost $0.50 per round (or more), so this kit will pay for itself after just 400 rounds. CMMG recommends Federal 36gr plated round-nose ammo for best performance.

8. Graf & Sons — CCI .22 LR Ammunition from $3.99/50

peterson brass ale
Quality CCI .22 LR ammo in stock at very good prices

With the growth of NRL22, PRS 22, and rimfire F-Class, more and more shooters are competing with rimfire rifles. And with action steel matches, rimfire pistol shooting is hugely popular these days. Thankfully, its still possible to get good rimfire ammo at reasonable prices. At Graf’s you’ll find good CCI .22 LR ammunition starting at just $0.08 (eight cents) per round. CLICK HERE for CCI .22 LR Deals.

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May 15th, 2023

Florida Bans Merchant Codes Used to Track Gun Store Customers

mcc merchant category code gun store sales

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has signed Florida SB 214, a law that bars credit card companies from implementing a special Merchant Category Code (MCC) for credit card purchases at firearm retailers. This new Florida law will esure that the privacy of customers at firearm retailers remains protected and is not collected to be used in an illegal backdoor firearm registry.

“Governor DeSantis is standing up against a ‘woke’ initiative … to use lawful private transactions as a means to usher in gun control,” said Lawrence G. Keane, NSSF Senior Vice President and General Counsel. “No law-abiding American should be subjected to having their name and financial data being added to a government-accessible watchlist simply for exercising their Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. Governor DeSantis is ensuring that Floridians won’t be held captive by the radical ‘woke’ antigun agenda that seeks to weaponize credit cards in gun owners’ wallets against them.”

Florida’s SB 214 will ensure that the names of law-abiding firearm owners are not illegally recorded on a list or registry. The law also prohibits a payment settlement entity, merchant acquiring entity or third party settlement organization from assigning a MCC classifying a merchant as a seller of firearms or ammunition. And SB 214 authorizes the Florida Dept. of Agriculture and Consumer Services to investigate alleged violations of the law.

BACKGROUND: In late 2022, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) announced it would create a unique MCC, at the behest of Amalgamated Bank, which has been described as the Left’s Private Banker, that would allow credit card companies to monitor transactions at firearm retailers. Credit card companies suspended plans to implement the use of unique firearm retailer MCCs after significant opposition by NSSF and several state governments.

Idaho, Mississippi, and West Virginia Have Passed Similar Legislation
Florida joins West Virginia, Mississippi and Idaho in enacting laws to protect firearm purchasers’ privacy when using credit cards at firearm retailers. Legislation similar to Florida’s law is pending in Congress.

Fighting Back — 24 State Attorney Generals Oppose New Code
The Attorney Generals (AGs) of 24 states have sent letters to Credit Card company CEOs requesting elimination of the new Merchant Category Code (MCC) for gun stores being implemented by Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. These AGs of 24 states stated their intent to “marshal the full scope of our lawful authority” to block the use of the new Code to be applied to gun and gun-related sales.

The AGs sent a letter last week to the CEOs of American Express, Mastercard, and Visa. The AGs explained that the Code could be misused and lead to a de facto gun registry: “Creating and tracking this data only matters if your institutions are considering using that information to take further, harmful action—like infringing upon consumer privacy, inhibiting constitutionally protected purchases by selectively restricting the use of your payment systems, or otherwise withholding your financial services from targeted ‘disfavored’ merchants.” READ MORE.

The AGs added that the Code would not be able to distinguish between actual firearms sales vs. hunting/outdoor accessories, leading to problems for consumers: “This categorization would not recognize the difference, for example, between the purchase of a gun safe and a firearm. Nor would it capture firearm purchases made at department stores, resulting in arbitrarily disparate treatment of ‘gun store’ merchants and consumers.”

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May 15th, 2023

How to Make Your Own Laminated Cards with Ballistics Data

laminated ballistics Card print-out

Tactical competitor Zak Smith stores his elevation and wind drift data on a handy laminated data card. To make one, first generate a come-up table, using one of the free online ballistics programs such as JBM Ballistics. You can also put the info in an Excel spreadsheet or MS Word table and print it out.

Above is a sample of a data card. For each distance, the card includes drop in inches, drop in MOA, drop in Mils. It also shows drift for a 10-mph cross wind, expressed in inches, MOA, and mils. Zak explained that “to save space… I printed data every 50 yards. For an actual data-card, I recommend printing data every 20 or 25 yards.” But Zak also advised that you’ll want to customize the card format to keep things simple: “The sample card has multiple sets of data to be more universal. But if you make your own data card, you can reduce the chance of a mistake by keeping it simple.”

Once you have the card you can fold it in half and then have it laminated at a local office store or Kinko’s. Keep this in your pocket, tape it to your stock, or tie the laminated card to your rifle. If you regularly shoot at both low and high elevations, you may want to create multiple cards (since your ballistics change with altitude). To learn more about ballistic tables and data cards, check out the excellent “Practical Long-Range Rifle Shooting–Part 1″ article on Zak’s website.

ballistics data scope coverScope-Cover Mounted Ballistics Table
Another option is to place your ballistics card on the back of the front flip-up scope cover. This set-up is used by Forum member Greg C. (aka “Rem40X”).

With your ‘come-up’ table on the flip-up cover you can check your windage and elevation drops easily without having to move out of shooting position.

Greg tells us: “Placing my trajectory table on the front scope cover has worked well for me for a couple of years and thought I’d share. It’s in plain view and not under my armpit. And the table is far enough away that my aging eyes can read it easily. To apply, just use clear tape on the front objective cover.”

Links for JBM Ballistics Program

JBM Calculations Entry:

JBM Advanced Trajectory Calculator:

JBM Simple Trajectory Calculator:

JBM Trajectory Cards (Come-up Table):

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