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May 21st, 2023

Sunday Gunday: SAKO S20 Hybrid Rifle — Hunter & Precision

sako beretta finland s20 rifle hunting modular action stock

Finnish gun manufacturer SAKO Ltd. offers an impressive S20 series of “hybrid” rifles. These are offered in a Hunter model and a Precision model. Both feature an internal aluminum chassis, adjustable trigger, and integral Picatinny rail on top. Users can change fore-ends and rear sections to suit different disciplines. Use the rifle for a PRS match one weekend and hunt with it the next.

Sako S20 modular hybrid rifle

SAKO states: “The user will be able to switch between the stocks and fore-ends quickly and easily and can change the rifle from a tactical to a hunting rifle or vice versa in a matter of minutes with no need to re-zero optics after assembly. The stocks can be taken down easily by loosening up two screws between the rear stock and fore-end.” Both 20″ and 24″ barrel versions have been offered, with a wide variety of chamberings/calibers: .243 Win, 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5 PRC, .270 Win, 7mm Rem Mag, .308 Win, .30-06 Springfield, .300 Win Mag.

The SAKO S20’s stainless steel action features a 3-lug, push-feed bolt with plunger ejection. The Cerakoted receiver of the S20 features a machined Picatinny rail for easy scope mounting. The trigger of the S20 is adjustable for pull weight and for position within the trigger guard (± 7mm) to ensure good length of pull for the shooter. The muzzle of the rifle is 5/8×24 threaded, allowing for the addition of muzzle devices such as suppressors or brakes (some models come with factory brakes installed).

Sako S20 modular hybrid rifle

The Picatinny rail is machined directly on the receiver. The S20 action features a 3-lug bolt with 60° bolt throw. SAKO says the “high locking-lug surface area increases both safety and performance.” The full length of the action mates with a matching V-bed in the aluminum chassis. S20 factory accessories include monopod, muzzle brake, barricade stop and a thumb rest add-on.

sako beretta finland s20 rifle hunting modular action stock

SAKO sells the S20 in a variety of configurations. You can buy a single stock system or with both stocks. The Hunter model is offered with a variety of camouflage finishes. The SAKO website lists six different camo options for the S20 Hunter model: First Lite Fusion, Roughtech Green, Roughtech Desert, Hunter Camo, Polyfade Gray, and Polyfade Gray/Green.

sako beretta finland s20 rifle hunting modular action stock
sako beretta finland s20 rifle hunting modular action stock
PHOTO: SAKO Hunter Model S20s are available with Camouflage stocks in multiple colors and patterns.

sako beretta finland s20 rifle hunting modular action stock

The SAKO S20 Precision model has a more vertical grip, wider fore-end (with rail mount), and a flat section in the buttstock that enhances bag riding. This can be used for tactical-style competition as well as varminting and hunting. M-Lok system allows mounting of bipods and other accessories.

SAKO S20 Review in GunsAmerica Digest

sako beretta finland s20 rifle hunting modular action stock

GunsAmerica Digest has published an excellent, very thorough SAKO S20 field test and review. That article explains how to swap stocks and fore-ends and how to adjust the trigger. The reviewer, Jeff Cramblit, noted the smooth function of the action and gave high praise to the modular stock system (see above):

“Sako was right all along, the S20 is a ‘Hybrid’ rifle. My favorite configuration after all the testing … is the Hunter buttstock and the Precision forearm. This gives me the ability to use all my rail mounted accessories and I like how the thumbhole stock feels even better than the Precision grip. It [was] 11 pounds 5.5 ounces when outfitted with the Leupold Mark 5HD 3.6-18x and the Hatch bipod[.]

The Sako S20 is an impressive rifle. It carries and balances well, shoots fantastic, has a great trigger, smooth action, reliable magazines, and the fact that you can have it your way is an added bonus.”

SAKO S20 Proves Very Effective for Hunting

sako beretta finland s20 rifle hunting modular action stock

The SAKO S20 is definitely a good hunting rifle. SAKO has offered the S20 with many popular hunting chamberings including: .243 Win, 6.5 CM, 6.5 PRC, .270 Win, 7mm Rem Magnum, .308 Win, .30-06 Springfield, .300 Win Magnum. The photo above was taken by a hunter in Europe who purchased the S20. He used it successfully to nail a wild hog.

SAKO S20 Specifications

Calibers/Chamberings: .243 Win, 6.5 CM, 6.5 PRC, .270 Win, 7mm Rem Magnum, .308 Win, .30-06 Springfield, .300 Win Magnum.
Receiver: Grey Cerakoted Stainless Steel with integral scope bases
Barrel: 20″ or 24″, Grey Cerakote, Cold Hammer-Forged (some models fluted); muzzle 5/8×24 threaded
Trigger: Adjustable 2 to 4 pounds
Stock: Chassis mounted Hunter or Precision model, adjustable cheek piece, adjustable length of pull
Magazine Capacity: 5- or 10-rounds for standard cartridges, 3- or 7-rounds for magnum cartridges

Hunter Model PRICE: $1599 MSRP, $1049-$1299 at (Camo models $1699.00).
Precision Model PRICE: $1699 MSRP, $1099-$1299 at

Take-Down Stock with Modular Front and Rear Sections

Sako S20 modular hybrid rifle
Sako S20 modular hybrid rifle

The takedown stock of the SAKO S20 allows for great modularity, so that S20 rifles can be configured according to owner preferences with different rear stocks and fore-ends. The S20’s aluminum chassis is covered by a strong but comfortable outer shell material that SAKO calls H.I.R. – High Impact Resistant. The same H.I.R. material is used on car dashboards. The outer shell is currently offered in two styles — a thumbhole hunter and a more tactical style with straight toe and conventional grip.

Full Adjustability — Even Trigger Position
Adjustable ergonomics are a big part of the S20 design. The multi-adjustable trigger (available in both single-stage and two-stage variants) can be moved backwards or forwards to better fit different hand sizes. An adjustable cheek piece and LOP spacers help provide a proper fit.

Sako S20 modular hybrid rifle

M-Lok System Allows Easy Mounting of Accessories
The new SAKO S20 can accept a wide range of accessories, attached via aluminum M-LOK placements. SAKO-made accessories include Rear Mono-Pod, Barricade Stop, and Thumbrest. And yes SAKO threads the muzzles 5/8×24 for use with brakes and suppressors. This video shows how accessories mount:

Field Sports Unboxing Video of SAKO S20 with Hunter Stock

This S20 “first look” video was created by the UK Fieldsports channel. The reviewer was impressed with the S20’s interchangeable stock system: “The modularity allows the rifle to be configured to the shooter’s preferences with different rear stocks and fore-ends. At launch, SAKO introduced both the tactical precision stock and the ergonomic hunting stock, the latter being an improved version of a traditional thumbhole stock more like a pistol grip. Switching between rear stocks is fast and easy, virtually changing the rifle from a target rifle to a hunting rifle, or vice versa, with the correct grip, in a matter of minutes.”

The Fieldsports review added: “Overall, the adjustable ergonomics are a big part of the S20 design. The multi-adjustable trigger can be moved backwards or forwards to better fit different hand sizes and to achieve the optimal trigger position, and its weight and length of pull can be adjusted. The quick-adjustable cheek piece and spacer adjustable length of pull help to achieve the best possible shooting posture. Combined with a wide selection of M-LOK and QD compatible accessory options, S20 adapts to all body sizes and shooting situations.”

Field Test of SAKO S20 — Sub-MOA Accuracy with .300 Win Mag

In this test, using factory ammunition, the shooter achieved sub-MOA accuracy with a SAKO S20 Precision chambered in .300 Win Mag. The very first three shots out of the gun went into about 3/4″ with two shots touching (SEE 04:25 – 4:50 time-marks). The tester offered this rifle description: “Boasting a cold hammer-forged, fluted stainless steel barrel with a recessed crown and a durable Cerakote® finish, this precision rifle ensures impeccable accuracy in virtually any environment. The sculpted stock features an adjustable cheek pad and recoil pad for a customizable fit[.] An M-Lok monopod is easily fitted for added stability in the rear, while the adjustable trigger ensures a consistent, user-specific pull[.] The receiver is mounted to a full-length bedding for improved strength and durability. Plus, the oversized bolt handle ensures intuitive, snag-free manipulation, while a low throw profile easily clears your scope.”

sako beretta finland s20 rifle hunting modular action stock

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May 21st, 2023

SIX Super Cool Targets for Fun at the Range

fun printable game sports bingo dart board fly shoot Target

While focuses on precision rifle shooting and competitive disciplines such as benchrest and F-Class — we know there is more to life than competition. We think it’s important to balance the challenges of competition with plain old fun shooting now and then. In fact, probably 95% of rifle shooting is done for fun at targets inside 200 yards. Shooting at targets just for fun is actually very engaging and enjoyable. Here are six targets that offer an entertaining challenge for a fun day at the range with friends.

Here are SIX FUN Targets for your next range trip.
Right Click Each to Download Printable PDF Version.


Aim for the four outer bullseyes, then go for the center bull. The colored darts provide additional targets. With an accurate rifle you can also aim for the colored stripes.

Bingo Card

Bingo Fun Target

Shoot the six small bullseyes, top to bottom, to record a BINGO on this target. You can then shoot the numbers in sequence, starting with “4” in the third row, moving to “7” in the second row and so on.

Billiards Ball Rack

Bingo Fun Target

There are many options with this Billiards target. Aim for the numbers, 1-15, working from top to bottom. Or shoot the stripes, then shoot the solid colors. Or alternate stripes and solids.

Fly Shoot Grid

fly shoot free target pdf

fun printable game sports bingo dart board fly shoot TargetAim for the 10 flies in boxes one by one, top to bottom rows. Then, for more challenge, aim for the 7 small black circles, using the vertical and horizontal lines to align your cross-hairs.

For a final, tough challenge with an accurate rifle, try to hit the small yellow inner circle in the very center of the three radiation hazard symbols (see right). That central circle is smaller than a bullet-hole, providing a serious challenge.

Poker Target — Get the Best Hand

Dots Target
With this playing card-themed target, each shooter takes five shots and the one with the highest hand wins. You can also shoot for four-of-a-kind, against the clock, fastest four (without a mistake) wins.

Aim Small, Miss Small

Dots Target

At 25 yards, this is a fun rimfire plinking target. At longer distances it can actually be a great training target for precision centerfire shooters.

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May 21st, 2023

Bipod Options for F-TR and PRS/NRL Competition

bipod joypod-x warne MDT precision NRL PRS f-class F-TR coaxial

If you shoot F-TR competition, or PRS/NRL precision rifle matches, you definitely need a sophisticated bipod — something that offers exceptional stability along with quick adjustments for both height and angle. Today we cover four bipod options — two wide-base, ski-type bipods, along with two sturdy, precision shooting bipods that can fit to ARCA or Picatinny rails.

SEB JoyPod-X Coaxial Bipod for F-TR Competition

joypod-x f-tr bipod seb lambang

The upgraded SEB JoyPod-X bipod features an enhanced head unit and new rapid height adjustment for the legs. The new JoyPod-X is also offered in a variety of colors: Blue (as shown), Red, Green, Purple, Black, and Bronze. The Joypod-X weighs 19.16 oz. complete with the Picatinny adapter, new pivotal feet, and the joystick. JoyPod-X designer Sebastian Lambang tells us: “Now height adjustment of the JoyPod-X can be much easier, quicker, and more precise employing a simple, adjustable brake and improved ratchet system.” Contact Seb Rest USA for current pricing.

joypod-x f-tr bipod seb lambang

bipod phoenix precision warne MDT precision NRL PRS f-class F-TR coaxial

The next three bipods are sold through Creedmoor Sports. For these products Creedmoor Sports is offering FREE SHIPPING on orders over $49 this weekend. The FREE SHIPPING deal ends Monday, May 22, 2023 at 12:00 noon Central Time.

Phoenix Precision Wide-Base Bipod

bipod phoenix precision warne MDT precision NRL PRS f-class F-TR coaxial

The popular Phoenix Precision Bipod has been slimmed down (to help with F-TR class weight limits). The new Phoenix Bipod is now just 1.95 pounds. There are other enhancements including a swivel fixture on the skis (bipod feet) to compensate for uneven firing positions. Creedmoor Sports says the Phoenix Precision Bi-Pod is one of the most advanced on the market. It employs a unique Worm Gear System which provides very smooth and positive most positive height adjustment. This drive system virtually eliminates “creep-down” and allows the shooters to make very precise height adjustments. With a rigid bipod like this you can keep both hands on the rifle. This bipod retails for $498.95 at Creedmoor Sports.

Warne Skyline Precision Bipod — ARCA and Pic Rail Interfaces

bipod joypod-x warne MDT precision NRL PRS f-class F-TR coaxial

The Warne Skyline Precision Bipod is one of the most functional, ergonomic, and strongest bipods on the market today. Designed to attach to your ARCA rail or Picatinny Rail, the Skyline bipod allows the shooter to make quick, one-handed height adjustments. It also offers smooth cant and panning ability for use on uneven terrain or less than ideal positions. Current price for both versions is $349.95 at Creedmoor Sports.

MDT Gen 2 Ckye Pod Double Pull Leg Bipod

bipod phoenix precision warne MDT precision NRL PRS f-class F-TR coaxial

This bipod has some impressive engineering, with 3 locking positions from front to back — stowed, angled. and down. The MDT CKYE-POD Gen2 bipod features quick single-handed adjustable height, allowing you to achieve from 9″ to 18.5″. It also offers 170 degrees of cant, 360 degrees of pan capability, and an integrated barricade stop. Mix and match the independent leg heights and angles to create the perfect shooting position no matter what the terrain or hill angle.

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