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May 24th, 2023

Sightron Introduces New S-TAC 1-4.5x24mm Service Rifle Scope

sightron S-tac 1.4.5x24 SSP SR1 Service rifle Scope

Sightron has introduced a new 1-4.5x24mm optic designed for service rifle shooters. The new S-TAC 1-4.5×24 SR1 Service Scope is a Second Focal Plane (SFP) optic designed and engineered for CMP Service Rifle and NRA High Power Rifle competition. The S-TAC 1-4.5×24 SR1 boasts high-quality optical glass with MC-333 lens multi-coatings. This provides great light transmission while reducing flare.

Sightron’s new S-TAC 1-4.5×24 SR1 boasts an impressive 100 MOA elevation travel and 60 MOA of windage travel with 1/4-MOA clicks. The tube is 30mm aircraft aluminum, nitrogen charged for waterproofing. Sightron’s exclusive ExacTrack erector tube system provides consistent, reliable, and repeatable adjustments. Testers confirm the turrets have very postitive, audible clicks while the elevation and windage numbers are easy to read.

The new SR1 reticle provides a clean sight picture with a 9 MOA circle surrounding a 1/2 MOA aiming dot. One MOA stadia lines on the horizontal and lower vertical areas help draw the eye to the center of the reticle. See this below in this image from Creedmoor Sports.

sightron S-tac 1.4.5x24 SSP SR1 Service rifle Scope
sightron S-tac 1.4.5x24 SSP SR1 Service rifle Scope

sightron S-tac 1.4.5x24 SSP SR1 Service rifle Scope

Housed in a rugged, 30mm aircraft aluminum tube, the S-TAC 1-4.5×24 SR1 is engineered to withstand extremely high shock-loads, and is nitrogen-charged for waterproofing up to IPX7 standards. Sightron’s exclusive ExacTrack erector tube system provides consistent, reliable, and repeatable adjustments.

SIGHTRON S-TAC 1-4.5×24 SR1 Scope Features:

Second Focal Plane LPVO designed for CMP Service Rifle and NRA High Power Rifle Competition

MC-333 multi-coatings provide exceptional light transmission with reduced flare

Tactical turrets with solid, tactile audible clicks and easy to read numbers

ExacTrack Windage and Elevation System

Sightron Lifetime Performance Guarantee

Length: 10.3″ Weight: 20.8 oz.

MSRP: $499.99

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May 24th, 2023

Create Your Own Cool Custom Targets with Target Generator

Target PDF Generator Free Bullesye Benchrest

Are you a do-it-yourself kind of guy with a creative eye? Then you’ll love the FREE Target Generator from the folks at This FREE, interactive webpage allows you to design a variety of fun targets, including grids, benchrest-type Score/Group Shooting targets, sight-in targets, and even playing card targets. Choose the paper size and orientation (vertical or horizontal), then select the number of target elements on the page. For example, you could have four (4) bulls or a dozen playing cards. Then click the Style TAB to choose your target style. Use the OPTIONS TAB to overlay a grid on the target, choose squares or diamonds, or include load information blocks. For bullseye targets, you can control the number, color, and spacing (diameter) of the rings. LINK to TARGET GENERATOR.

QWIK TIP: For Super-Quick Target Creation, click the “Target Style” tab, then select a design from the list on the left. Then go to OPTIONS.

Click the TARGET STYLE TAB to select one of many target styles, including NBRSA Benchrest targets and 20+ types of NRA bullseye targets, scaled to distance:

NRA High Power
NRA Pistol
NRA Rimfire
Playing Cards
Load Test Blocks

Creating new targets is fast and easy. No computer graphics skills required! We created this green diamonds grid target in just five minutes using the ShooterShed Target Generator:

Target PDF Generator Free Bullesye Benchrest

And here is a handy target with short-range range Benchrest competition-style box/circle aiming points, along with fields for entry of gun/load data:

Target PDF Generator Free Bullesye Benchrest

The program provides a preview of each target you generate. There are controls to choose border and fill colors. If you like a particular design, save the file, and then print as many targets as you want. Check it out, this program is fun and handy to use. Here are four (4) targets your Editor created just for this article. With a bit of practice, you can be generating your own custom targets in minutes.

Target PDF Generator Free Bullesye Benchrest Target PDF Generator Free Bullesye Benchrest
Target PDF Generator Free Bullesye Benchrest Target PDF Generator Free Bullesye Benchrest

About the Creator of the Target Generator
The Target Generator program was created by Rod Brown of Sheridan, Wyoming. Rod tells us: “I build custom rifles and coach shooters. I’ve got a 100-yard range out my back door. I shoot short- and long-range benchrest competitively around the country. I’m a full-time software development consultant and an FFL holder. When I’m not developing custom software for my clients, I’m usually fiddling in the shop, building a custom benchrest rifle, traveling to a match, chambering a barrel, or reloading some ammunition.

Story tip from Boyd Allen. We welcome reader submissions.
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May 24th, 2023

Fingers Blown Off with Smokeless Powder in Muzzle-Loader

muzzleloader muzzle-loader smokeless black powder overcharge Kaboom fingers sever

What you see above is what happens when you shoot the wrong powder in a muzzle-loader. Specifically, a charge of smokeless powder was used instead of black powder or black powder substitute. The difference in energy (by weight and volume) between black powder and modern smokeless powder is huge. You should never, ever run smokeless powder in a black powder recipe. The result can be catastrophic. In this case the hapless shooter lost a couple fingers. So he got a free twin-digit amputation, thanks to his reloading mistake. The lesson to learn here is to always double-check your propellant before loading. And never “re-bottle” smokeless powder into a different container with a different label (or worse yet, no label at all).

This incident happened in Indiana a couple years back. As reported by the Indiana Dept. of Natural Resources (DNR), this was a classic case of “user error”: “Corporal Eric Doane worked a firearm accident last night in Martin County that resulted in the shooter losing a couple fingers. This is what can happen when you shoot smokeless powder out of a muzzle-loader designed for black powder.”

Credit to The Firearm Blog for finding this story.

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