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May 17th, 2023

50th Anniversary Edition of Petersen’s HUNTING Magazine

50th anniversary petersen hunting precision rifle guns ammo magazine

2023 Petersen’s Hunting 50th Anniversary Issue
Outdoor Sportsman Group has released a special 50th Anniversary commemorative issue of Petersen’s HUNTING Magazine. Since 1971, Petersen’s HUNTING magazine has been a leading source of information and stories for hunters from around the world.

This special, 120-page commemorative issue is filled with history, from a remembrance of magazine pioneer, Robert E. “Pete” Petersen, to an in-depth look at the innovations that have shaped hunting for the last half-century. The issue also includes flashback feature stories from legendary writers as Jack O’Connor, Peter Hathaway Capstick, John Wooters and more.

50th anniversary petersen hunting precision rifle guns ammo magazine

“Petersen HUNTING’s continuing longevity and relevance in the shooting, hunting and outdoor industry is a testament to Mr. Petersen’s vision a half-century ago and the quality and content of the publication, which continues to resonate with our vast audience of readers… we thank them most sincerely for their decades-long support,” shared Kevin E. Steele, Publisher.

CLICK HERE for sample content from this commemorative issue of Petersen’s HUNTING. Current Petersen’s HUNTING subscribers will receive a copy of the special 50th Anniversary issue as part of their regular subscription. Newsstand price is $10.00.

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precision rifle guns ammo magazine hunting precision rifle guns ammo magazine hunting
precision rifle guns ammo magazine hunting rimfire guns ammo magazine hunting
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May 17th, 2023

Windflags — Definitely Worth Using Even If You Don’t Compete

Forest of Windflags at World Benchrest Championships in France in 2011

There’s a simple, inexpensive “miracle device” that can cut your groups in half. If you’re not using this device, you’re giving away accuracy. The “miracle device” to which we refer is a simple wind indicator aka “windflag”. Using windflags may actually improve your accuracy on target much more than weighing charges to the kernel, or spending your life savings on the “latest and greatest” hardware.

Remarkably, many shooters who spend $3000.00 or more on a precision rifle never bother to set up windflags, or even simple wood stakes with some ribbon to show the wind. Whether you’re a competitive shooter, a varminter, or someone who just likes to punch small groups, you should always take a set of windflags (or some kind of wind indicators) when you head to the range or the prairie dog fields. And yes, if you pay attention to your windflags, you can easily cut your group sizes in half. Here’s proof…

Which Windflag to buy? For starters, MTM makes a simple, inexpensive flag sold on Amazon for $17.99. For more sophisticated flags CLICK HERE for Benchrest Central windflag vendors.

Miss a 5 mph Shift and You Could DOUBLE Your Group Size

The table below records the effect of a 5 mph crosswind at 100, 200, and 300 yards. You may be thinking, “well, I’d never miss a 5 mph let-off.” Consider this — if a gentle 2.5 mph breeze switches from 3 o’clock (R to L) to 9 o’clock (L to R), you’ve just missed a 5 mph net change. What will that do to your group? Look at the table to find out.

shooting wind flags
Values from Point Blank Ballistics software for 500′ elevation and 70° temperature.

Imagine you have a 6mm rifle that shoots half-MOA consistently in no-wind conditions. What happens if you miss a 5 mph shift (the equivalent of a full reversal of a 2.5 mph crosswind)? Well, if you’re shooting a 68gr flatbase bullet, your shot is going to move about 0.49″ at 100 yards, nearly doubling your group size. With a 105gr VLD, the bullet moves 0.28″ … not as much to be sure, but still enough to ruin a nice small group. What about an AR15, shooting 55-grainers at 3300 fps? Well, if you miss that same 5 mph shift, your low-BC bullet moves 0.68″. That pushes a half-inch group well past an inch. If you had a half-MOA capable AR, now it’s shooting worse than 1 MOA. And, as you might expect, the wind effects at 200 and 300 yards are even more dramatic. If you miss a 5 mph, full-value wind change, your 300-yard group could easily expand by 2.5″ or more.

If you’ve already invested in an accurate rifle with a good barrel, you are “throwing away” accuracy if you shoot without wind flags. You can spend a ton of money on fancy shooting accessories (such as expensive front rests and spotting scopes) but, dollar for dollar, nothing will potentially improve your shooting as much as a good set of windflags, used religiously.

New Wind Reading App — High Power Wind Lab

There is an innovative new Wind-Reading App, the High Power Wind Lab, that can help you figure your hold-offs in all wind conditions. This is available now for iOS devices, and an Android version is coming soon. In this video, our friend F-Class John reviews this sophisticated new Wind App:

Aussie Windflag photo courtesy (Stuart and Annie Elliot).

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May 17th, 2023

Federal Court Enjoins Restrictive New Jersey Gun Law

siegel vs slatkin new jersey A4769 second amendment federal court enjoined injunction

In December 2022, New Jersey passed A4769, which effectively declares all public areas to be off limits to firearms, increases permit fees, uses social media posts as grounds to deny permits, and requires gun owners to acquire liability insurance that does not appear to exist in the state. The NRA-ILA, together with the Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs then filed a lawsuit in Federal Court, Siegel v. Platkin, challenging A4769.

The legal challenge to this insane, New Jersey statute is going well. In January, the Federal District Court for New Jersey issued a temporary restraining order prohibiting the state from enforcing a lot of those restrictions. And this week, in a 230-page opinion, the Court preliminary enjoined the state from enforcing much of A4769 until the full legal proceedings are resolved.

The Court examined the new permitting requirements and enjoined the state from requiring individuals to obtain a $300,000 liability policy before they could get a carry license. It also prohibited the state from conducting in-person interviews with the applicant’s character references. The Court also limited the scope of A4769’s provision that allows the state to deny the applicant if it finds that he or she “to be lacking the essential character of temperament necessary to be entrusted with a firearm”. That now means that there is objective evidence that the individual poses a threat, and permitting agents are limited to looking at the applicant’s public statements for statements suggesting that they pose a threat to themselves of the general public.

The Court was even harder on the new so-called sensitive places that were banned under A4769. It enjoined the state from enforcing the bans on the following locations:

— Virtually all private property where the public is generally admitted — i.e., all stores and restaurants;
— Public gatherings and permitted events;
— Parks, beaches, recreational facilities, zoos, and state parks;
— Libraries and museums;
— Places that serve alcohol for on-premise consumption;
— Entertainment facilities and Casinos;
— Airport parking lots and curbside drop-off and pickup;
— Medical offices and ambulatory care facilities;
— Public filming/motion picture locations; and
— Inside vehicles.

The court concluded that A4769 “went too far, becoming the kind of law that Founding Father Thomas Jefferson would have warned against since it ‘disarm[s] only those who are not inclined or determined to commit crimes [and] worsen[s] the plight of the assaulted, but improve[s] those of the assailants.’”

siegel vs slatkin new jersey A4769 second amendment federal court enjoined injunction

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