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May 3rd, 2023

Five Great Tech Articles: Bedding, Target Software, Case Prep, Action Torque, Stock Painting

Technical Article AccurateShooter OnTarget, Stock painting, Pillar Bedding

AccurateShooter.comReaders who have just recently discovered the Daily Bulletin may not realize that has hundreds of reference articles in our archives. These authoritative articles are divided into multiple categories, so you can easily view stories by topic (such as competition, tactical, rimfire, optics, shooting skills etc.). One of the most popular categories is our Technical Articles Collection. On a handy index page (with thumbnails for every story), you’ll find over 100 articles covering technical and gunsmithing topics. These articles can help you with major projects (such as stock painting), and they can also help you build more accurate ammo. Here are five popular selections from our Technical Articles archive.

pillar Bedding

Stress-Free Pillar Bedding.
Richard Franklin explains how to do a top-quality bedding job, start to finish.

On Target Software Review

OnTarget Software Review.
Our Editors test free software that measures shot groups with great precision. We explain how to use the program and configure advanced features.

Savage Action Tuning Torque Settings

Savage Action Tuning.
Top F-TR shooter Stan Pate explains how to enhance the performance of your Savage rifle by optimizing the torque settings of the action screws.

Precision Case Prep for Reloading

Complete Precision Case Prep.
Jake Gottfredson covers the complete case prep process, including brass weight sorting, case trimming, primer pocket uniforming, neck-sizing, and, case-neck turning.

rifle stock painting and spraying

Stock Painting Instructions.
Step-by-step guide for stock painting by expert Mike Ricklefs. Mike shows both simple coverage and fancy effects.

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May 3rd, 2023

Sightron May Instant Savings Program — Save $130 or $300

Sightron may instant savings scope optics instant rebate $300 save

May Instant Rebate on select SV and SIII premium riflescopes — Save up to $300!
Sightron is now offering big discounts on great high-magnification scopes with its MAY INSTANT SAVINGS Promotion. You can save up to $300.00 on select SV and SIII premium riflescopes. This Instant Savings promotion kicked off Monday, May 1st and runs through Wednesday, May 31st. The savings are built into the current listed price — so there are no special rebate forms to fill out. You can get these Sightron deals through an an authorized Sightron retailer, such as Creedmoor Sports, or you can order direct from Sightron, via the Sightron May Instant Savings Page.

Sightron may instant savings scope optics instant rebate $300 save

Save $300 on SV ED Series
The SV 10-50x60mm ED is a great choice for F-Class, ELR, and long range target shooting. The 34mm body tube with ED glass provides 70 MOA elevation and 60 MOA windage. Large oversized tactical turrets with 1/8 MOA clicks provide 10 MOA per revolution. The patented F.A.S.T focus system provides two focus dials; the first operates like a standard quick acquisition focus knob, and the second provides a 4 to 1 gear reduction for smooth fine focus. Models include the 10-50×60 ED Target Dot .1 and 10-50×60 ED Zero Stop Target Dot .1.

Save $130 on SIII Competition Models
Sightron SIII riflescopes are high-quality, non-zoom, single high-magnification optics for competitive shooting disciplines. Choose 36 power or 45 power. These are great choice for benchrest for score and group shooting. Models with Instant Savings are the 36×45 ED with Fine Cross Hair reticle, 36×45 ED Target Dot .125 reticle, 45×45 ED with Fine Cross Hair reticle, and 45×45 ED Target Dot .1 reticle.

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