September 1st, 2023

Lapua Names New Manager for Rimfire Test Center in Arizona

lapua rimfire ammunition test center mesa arizona

Lapua has hired skilled competitive shooter Ryan Sponauer as the new Rimfire Performance Center Manager for the sophisticated Lapua rimfire ammunition test center in Mesa, Arizona. At that center, rimfire rifle owners can test lots of Lapua rimfire ammo in their own rifles. In the Mesa, Arizona facility as well as other Lapua Rimfire Performance Centers, visitors can test lots of ammunition at both 50 and 100 meters simultaneously to determine which lots shoot best in their guns.

Sponauer brings a long and accomplished competitive shooting background to Mesa’s Lapua Rimfire Performance center. He started with three-position and prone at the age of 14 at The Blue Trail range in Wallingford, CT, where he won numerous state and regional matches. Sponauer, who graduated from the University of North Georgia, shot for their NCAA 3-P and Air Rifle teams, served as multi-year team captain, and managed lot testing ammunition for the team. Sponauer and his team went on to win the 2021 Southern Conference Championship.

Sponauer commented: “I am very excited to give back to the shooting community with this position because the sport has given me so much. The lot testing we offer gives any shooter a significant competitive edge allowing them to compete to their maximum potential.”

lapua rimfire ammunition test center mesa arizona

Patterned after the world-renowned Lapua Test Center in Germany, both the Marengo, Ohio, and Mesa, Arizona Lapua Rimfire Performance Centers allow shooters to test multiple lots of ammunition under tightly-controlled conditions. Each of the Lapua Rimfire Performance Centers offer the ability to test ammunition at both 50 and 100 meters, simultaneously. By comparing the results of various ammunition lots at both distances, the best performing lots can offer a competitive advantage. To learn more about the Lapua Rimfire Performance Centers or to schedule an appointment, visit

About Lapua
For 100 years, Lapua has been producing the highest quality small caliber cartridges and components for civilian and professional use. Lapua is a part of the Capstone Precision Group, exclusive U.S. distributor for Berger, Lapua, Vihtavuori and SK-Rimfire products. For more information, visit

lapua rimfire ammunition test center mesa arizona

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