November 11th, 2023

Saturday Movies: 7mm Hunting Rifle Cartridge Options

7mm RSAUM PRC Remington Magnum RemMag Winchester Short Magnum WSM 7mm-08 Sako S20

We are coming to the end of another fall hunting season. If you are pursuing big game, such as Elk in the Rockies, you want a powerful cartridge that is also highly accurate. We like the 7mm for big game hunting as there are a wide variety of options — from the 7mm-08 up to the very large 7mm magnums. And Hornady’s new 7 PRC has quickly earned a following among hunters. In today’s Saturday Movie Showcase, we feature seven videos covering a wide selection of 7mm cartridge types including: 7mm-08 Rem, 7×57 Mauser, 7mm PRC, 7mm WSM, 7mm SAUM (aka RSAUM), 7mm Rem Mag, and 28 Nosler.

7mm PRC in Custom Rifle

The 7mm PRC was created by Hornady as part of the PRC series which includes the 6.5 PRC and 300 PRC. With a modern, non-belted magnum case design the 7mm PRC offers excellent power with good ballistics. The 7mm PRC can drive high-BC 175 grain bullets at 3000 FPS, making it very effective at putting down large game. This Precision Rifle Network video features a high-end custom 7mm PRC rifle built with a Terminus Zeus action, 29″ barrel, Grayboe stock, Triggertech trigger and Athlon scope. This 7mm PRC rig shows impressive accuracy.

7mm Remington Magnum vs. 7mm PRC

In this video, UltimateReloader’s Gavin Gear tests the classic belted 7mm Remington Magnum vs. the relatively new 7mm PRC. Testing is done with two hunting-type rifles shot from bipod. Gavin notes that both cartridges shoot very well, with impressive down-range energy. But he concludes that the non-belted 7mm PRC does have some advantages.

7mm RSAUM PRC Remington Magnum RemMag Winchester Short Magnum WSM 7mm-08 Sako S20

7mm Remington Magnum SAKO S20

This rifle review video features real world testing of a SAKO S20 hunting rig chambered for the 7mm Remington Magnum cartridge. The SAKO S20 is offered with multiple stock types. Here the thumbhole Hunter version with slim fore-end is featured. The testers observe that the 7mm Rem Mag factory ammo shoots very well, making the cartridge a good choice for large game.

Most Popular 7mm Cartridges

This Ron Spomer Outdoors video covers a variety of the most popular 7mm cartridges. The video covers 7mm cartridge history, ballistics, and recommendations for hunting use. Starting at the 6:45 time-mark there is a detailed ballistics comparison of the Hornady 175gr ELD-X (Extremely Low Drag eXpanding) bullet in three different chamberings: 7×57 Mauser, 7mm-08 Rem, and 7mm Remington Magnum.

7mm SAUM vs. 7mm WSM

This 17-minute video compares two modern 7mm short magnum cartridges — the 7mm SAUM (Short Action Ultra Magnum) and the 7mm WSM (Winchester Short Magnum). Both these cartridges have been adapted for F-Class Open Division use over the years. In this video, factory ammo for both cartridge types was tested with a modern chassis rifle shot prone with bipod.

7mm-08 Remington

7mm-08 remington deer hunting cartridgeThe 7mm-08 Rem is a popular cartridge derived from the .308 Winchester necked down to 7mm. In 1980, Remington Arms popularized the cartridge by applying its own name and offering it as a chambering for their Model 788 and Model 700 rifles. Of cartridges derived from the original .308 Win, the 7mm-08 is the second most popular after the .243 Winchester.

Other than neck diameter, the 7mm-08 is virtually the same dimensionally as the .308 Win. But when you compare heavy bullets, grain for grain, the 7mm-08 offers better ballistics. Thus a 168-grainer fired from a 7mm-08 has less drop and less windage than a 168gr bullet fired from a .308 Win. The 7mm-08 enjoys most of the advantages of the .308 (inherent accuracy, long barrel life, great terminal performance) while offering better ballistics grain for grain. These qualities make the 7mm-08 a very popular deer-hunting round.

7mm Multi-Cartridge Comparison

Do you want a 7mm rifle, but haven’t chosen a cartridge yet? This lengthy 30-minute Ron Spomer video looks at a host of 7mm cartridge types. There is special emphasis with comparison data for the 7mm-08, 7mm Rem Magnum, and 28 Nosler (see 19:40 time-mark). Ron explains how to efficiently zero a rifle with these 7mm cartridges and how hunters can evaluate Maximum Point Blank Range (MPBR).

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