January 21st, 2024

Sunday GunDay: Straight-Pull Beretta BRX1 and BRX1 Tactical

brx1 beretta straight-pull rifle ambidextrous left right rotating bolt

The Beretta BRX1 is a modern rifle with some unique properties. It is a fast-cycling “straight-pull” rifle with the ability to quickly change the bolt position from right side to left side. It uses a rotating multi-lug bolt, similar to what you’ll find on AR-platform rifles. The closing system employs an 8-lug bolt (or 16-lug for magnums). Currently, three chamberings are offered in the USA: .308 Win, .300 Win Mag, and .30-06 Springfield. And there are also some previous production models in 6.5 Creedmoor. Multiple barrel lengths are offered: 20.1″, 22.4″, 24.4″ (51, 57, 62 cm). Barrel and chamber are cold-hammer forged together from a single steel piece. The trigger can be adjusted to three pull weights from 2.1 pounds (950 grams) to 3.3 pounds (1500 grams). CLICK HERE for factory specifications and more information.

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Accuracy has been good by hunting rifle standards. Beretta offers a 3-shot, sub-MOA Guarantee for the BRX1, stating that “the accuracy certificate for each firearm is available online”. Testers have confirmed that this rifle should be capable of putting three shots in about 1″ at 100 yards.

brx1 beretta straight-pull rifle ambidextrous left right rotating bolt

You’ll find a good review of the Beretta BRX1 on the All4Shooters Website. In 100m outdoor range testing, they were able to get a 1.18″ five-shot group, and the testers confirmed the rifle was fast to cycle and operate: “The straight-pull repeater comes with a linear reloading system. In concrete terms, this means that no rotation or lever movement is required. This promises particularly fast reloading due to an especially smooth bolt action. Without any problems, it was possible to cycle the rifle with one finger.” The testers confirmed the rifle can change from right-hand to left-hand very quickly: “The bolt handle can be removed in a few seconds, and the shooter can change the ejection side. In combination with the central safety, you have a fully-fledged left- or right-handed gun within a short time.”

Overall the testers were impressed: “The new Beretta BRX1 has everything you need on board: a muzzle thread, a one-piece Picatinny rail, a high-quality red-orange magazine (5+1 rounds), ambidexterity, barrel change option, and a great, very smooth straight-pull action.”

January 2024 Field Test of BRX1 Latest Model

This is a good, recent review (1/19/2024) by the BackFire channel. The tester liked the straight-pull action, stating that cycling the BRX1’s bolt does not “jostle the rifle” as with a conventional bolt action. This allows smoother and faster follow-up shots.

brx1 beretta straight-pull rifle ambidextrous left right rotating bolt

brx1 beretta straight-pull rifle ambidextrous left right rotating bolt

We were concerned that the BRX 1 doesn’t have a conventional action frame. As you can see in the above photo, when the bolt carrier assembly is retracted there is nothing above the bolt except the scope rail. However, this rifle has been thoroughly tested by the Beretta team, including one rifle that saw 10,000 rounds of .300 Win Magnum (see Backfire video at 10:40). Beretta notes that the “BRX1 has successfully passed the same NATO tests carried by Beretta on military weapons. Thanks to the experience in the military and law enforcement world, BRX1 mounts a locking system featuring a rotating bolt head with 8 locking lugs — or 16 for magnum calibers.”

brx1 beretta straight-pull rifle ambidextrous left right rotating bolt

There was a safety recall on Beretta BRX1 rifles early on, shortly after the original release in 2021. The issue arose from users incorrectly installing the bolt handle: “a user has reversed the charging handle on the bolt without positioning it correctly in its seat.” A part was modified to eliminate the issue.

SHORT VIDEOS Showing BRX1 Features

Here are some helpful “short” videos. The first (top left) shows how to cycle the action rapidly. The second video (from Beretta Gallery Dallas) shows how to attach the bolt assembly, and notes that one must ensure the hammer is cocked/retracted before sliding the bolt assembly on to the action. The third video illustrates how to move the bolt handle from one side to the other.

brx1 beretta straight-pull rifle ambidextrous left right rotating bolt

Tactical Version with Extended Magazine TFB-TV Review

For 2024, Beretta has introduced a new, camo-finish version of BRX1. This has been dubbed the BRX1 Tactical. Like other BRX1 rifles, this camo BRX1 features a left/right swappable straight-pull action that is very fast to cycle.

In this video, released just last week (1/17/24), the TFB-TV team tests the new Beretta BRX1 Tactical: “This tactical edition, a standout with its multicam finish, is a specialized variant of the Beretta BRX-1, which has gained popularity in Europe for its precision and reliability. The BRX-1 Tactical is enhanced for practical functionality with a 3D printed magazine adapter, allowing it to accept Magpul P-Mags, adding to its versatility.” This video covers the BRX1’s notable features including smooth action, adaptability, and stock ergonomics. The video also compares the new BRX1 Tactical to the original European BRX-1 model, highlighting the main changes — principally the stock configuration and the new bigger magazine.

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