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BargainFinder 446: AccurateShooter’s Deals of the Week

AccurateShooter Deals of the Week Weekly Bargain Finder Sale Discount Savings

At the request of our readers, we provide select “Deals of the Week”. Every Sunday afternoon or Monday morning we offer our Best Bargain selections. Here are some of the best deals on firearms, hardware, reloading components, optics, and shooting accessories. Be aware that sale prices are subject to change, and once clearance inventory is sold, it’s gone for good. You snooze you lose.

NOTE: All listed products are for sale to persons 18 years of age or older. No products are intended for use by minors.

1. MidwayUSA — Razor Slim Electronic Muffs, $69.99

bartlein barrel sale
Good rechargeable electronic muffs with handy USB charging

Electronic Muffs let you hear range commands while providing vital hearing protection. These NRR21 Walker’s Razor Slim muffs are rechargeable, so you never have to worry about batteries — just charge using any USB port at home or in your vehicle. Now on sale for $69.99 at MidwayUSA, these muffs feature 40 hours rechargeable battery life, full dynamic range HD Speakers for clear and balanced sound, and 3.5mm audio jack (listen to radio or music). These muffs earned 85% 5-star ratings from verified MidwayUSA buyers. NOTE: If you spend at least $99 with MidwayUSA, these muffs SHIP FREE.

2. Palmetto SA — PSA Complete AR 5.56 Rifle, $579.99

 AR15 AR black rifle upper lowers triggers MLOK MOE EPT sale discount
Very good deal on complete 5.56 AR rifle with top rail

If you think it’s time to finally get that Black Rifle before ARs are outlawed in your jurisdiction, here’s a great deal from Palmetto State Armory. Get a complete modern PSA AR with 16″ barrel for $579.99, $420 off the regular price. This includes an adjustable stock plus flip-up MBUS sights. And you even get FREE Shipping to your FFL. This sale may expire soon, so grab this .223 Rem AR-platform rifle while you can.

3. Creedmoor Sports — 45th Anniversary Sales

creedmoor sports 45th anniversary sale discount
45 Days of discounts in April and May — major savings

Now through mid-May, Creedmoor Sports is running a major sale to celebrate its 45th year in business. You’ll find daily featured specials plus more sale items on the Creedmoor Sports Sale Page. Here are some of the best deals we found: Lapua 167gr .30 Cal Bullet, $139.95 ($40 Off); Sightron SIII 10-50x50mm Scope, $1179.99 ($670 Off); Berger 6mm 105gr BTHP Bullets, $49.95 (10% Off); Kowa TSN-601 Spotting Scope Angled Body, $399.95 ($100 Off). In addition to these sale items, you’ll find a bunch of bullet and brass bargains on Creedmoor’s Bargain Bunker page.

4. Amazon — Padded Gun Case, 36″, 42″, 46″, 51″, 55″ from $49.99

savior equipment gun case padded five sizes
Five sizes, discrete look, nice shoulder strap, 4 color choices

No matter what your rifle length, there is a Savior Equipment case to fit. Five different lengths are offered: 36″, 42″, 46″, 51″, and 55″. The big 55″ (price $84.99) is long enough to fit a long tactical rifle or F-Class rig. There are internal straps, three large internal pockets, and a handy shoulder strap. The 36″ case is $49.99 while the 42″ is $54.99. All sizes are offered in four colors: Gray, Black, OD Green, and Dark FDE.

5. Palmetto SA — SwissP 9mm 124gr Ammo, 1500 Rds, $399.99

swissp 9mm blackround 9x19 ammo can sale palmetto armory
Very good 9mm Luger ammo at $0.27 per round including metal box

Nearly everyone can use a good supply of 9mm ammo. Here’s a great deal on 124gr 9mm pistol ammo made by SwissP Defense AG in Switzerland. This quality, military-spec BlackRound 9x19mm FMJ ammo has cases with sealed case mouth and sealed primer. For $399.99, you get 1500 rounds plus a sturdy metal can. Buyer reviews are very positive: “Great ammo at a great price”; “So far it has been flawless”; “Everything you would expect from Swiss manufacturing — consistent and high quality ammunition”.

6. CDNN Sports — Walther PPQ .22 LR Pistol, $269.99

cdnn walther rimfire .22 LR 22lr pistol sale NRL22
Save $260 on very good rimfire pistol

We like Walther pistols — they have good ergonomics (better than Glock), nice standard triggers, and handy controls. It makes sense to have a rimfire pistol — .22 LR rimfire ammo is a small fraction of the cost of centerfire ammo. And rimfire matches are fun and popular. Right now you can get the excellent target model Walther PPQ M2 .22 LR Pistol for $269.99. That’s $279 OFF the regular price!

7. Academy Sports — Sports Afield 64-Gun Safe, $699.99

large sports afield safe gunsafe vault 64 gun pistol pocket sale
Excellent deal on big, 40″-wide safe with six looking bolts

Here’s an excellent, large gunsafe with good user reviews, priced at $699.99. That’s 42% OFF the regular $1199.99 price, a great deal. Rated for 64 guns, this Sports Afield safe measures 55″ high x 40″ wide and comes with a door organizer with 6 handgun pockets and long gun holder. Weighing 374 pounds, this safe rivals other safes costing $1400 or more. It is waterproof and has a 30-minute fire resistance rating.

8. Amazon — Deyace Extra Large Shooting Mat, $37.99

shooting mat sale
Nice, relatively big shooting mat with good padding

When shooting prone, you need a good shooting mat. The Deyace Extra Large padded shooting mat is a great value for just $37.99. Measuring a generous 78″x28.5″, this XL mat has nice padding for elbows and knees, and the mat folds up nicely for transport. This mat is offered in four colors: Green, Tan, Tan Camo, and Black. For transport, we like this mat’s integral straps and carry handle.

9. Amazon — Scope Turret Magnifying Glass with Level, $12.99

scope magnifier sale
Great, low-cost add-on allows confident elevation clicks

Making rapid, yet precise scope turret adjustments can be challenging, especially during fast, timed stages. Most scope turrets have small, thin markings that can be tough to see (particularly with older eyes). To see your elevation turret markings better, try the Monstrum Scope Turret Magnifying Glass with Level (#ad). This simple but effective tool places a magnifier on the shooter’s side of the turret allowing easy viewing. In addition, this handy unit includes a built-in bubble level to help the shooter avoid canting his rifle.

10. Amazon — 50-Pack Bullseye 17″x17″ Targets, $14.99

shooting targets sale
Colorful bullseye targets work for indoor pistol and long-range rifles

Here’s a good, highly-visible target for close-range pistol practice or longer-range rifle shooting. The colors stand out for indoor pistol shooting, while the rings are good for competition rifle shooters. This 50-Pack of Bullseye Paper Targets (#ad) features a 5-color, 10-ring bullseye target with scoring values from 1 to 10. The targets measure an ample 17″x17″ square and include a log box for name, scores, and distance.

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