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January 20th, 2015

Industry Day at the Range — First Report

media day industry SHOT Show boulder city nevada

media day industry SHOT Show boulder city nevadaMeeting old friends, and shooting new guns. That’s what Monday was all about at the annual Industry Day at the Range, a “hands-on” preview the day before SHOT Show opens in Las Vegas. Your editor met with old buddy Jason Baney at the crack of dawn and headed out to the Boulder City (NV) range.

We were not disappointed — there was plenty to see this year. On display were a bunch of new precision rifles, a slew of new handguns, and some very exotic optics. But Jason and I both felt that the star of this 2015 Industry Range Day was a modestly-priced little Savage — the new A17 in 17 HMR. Both of us wanted to own one of these compact new rifles. With a strong steel action, the A17 is accurate, fun, and ultra-reliable.

There were big rifles on display. Here’s the new Barrett 98B Fieldcraft, a lighter-weight version of the 98B. The Fieldcraft weighs just over 9 pounds. This is definitely an accurate rifle — shooting a 7mm magnum version from bench with bipod support, Jason managed 5 straight hits at 960 yards.

media day industry SHOT Show boulder city nevada

Among the many new precision rifles, there was one particularly patriotic model. Dolled up in Stars and Stripes livery is Ashbury Precision Ordnance’s new competition rifle. This is designed for F-TR and PRS competition.

media day industry SHOT Show boulder city nevada

We saw small pistols, big pistols, and pretty pistols. Here’s a fashionable pair of 1911-style semi-autos from Kimber. Jason said he’s bought one of these for Mrs. Baney.

media day industry SHOT Show boulder city nevada

This editor is a fan of big, accurate revolvers, and you won’t find many that are bigger, or more accurate, than the new Korth competition revolver. This prototype features a 4-position quick-adjusting rear sight, plus a slick system that allows the cylinder to be completely removed from the gun in seconds. (Note the little lever to the right of the hammer). The production version of this wheelgun is guaranteed to shoot 1.5″ or better at 50 yards.

media day industry SHOT Show boulder city nevada

media day industry SHOT Show boulder city nevada

Kimber displayed an impressive tactical rifle featuring a folding Manners Composite stock. This was a nice piece of kit. The Kimber action is a Mauser style with controlled feed. The rifle is offered in three chamberings: 6.5 Creedmoor, .308 Winchester, and .300 Win Mag.

media day industry SHOT Show boulder city nevada

media day industry SHOT Show boulder city nevada

Last but certainly not least, we got a look at the final production version of the Leupold VX-6, 7-42x56mm scope. This is a winner folks. It has a nice, clear reticle with MOA-type hash marks on both cross-hairs. We zoomed it up to full 42X power and it was bright and sharp (all the way out to the edges). The main tube is 34mm allowing plenty of elevation adjustment. All controls worked smoothly. We think, once the word gets out about this scope (now at dealers), it will be very popular with F-Class shooters and long-range benchrest competitors. Street price is around $1900.00.

media day industry SHOT Show boulder city nevada

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August 9th, 2013

The Truth About Gun Crime Trends in America

While the mainstream media (and many politicians) call for new bans on firearms, ammunition, and magazines, not to mention further restrictions of Second Amendment rights, too little attention is being paid to the actual facts in the debate over gun control. Sponsors of new restrictions on firearms claim that gun crime is increasing. A majority of Americans also seem to believe that firearms-related crimes are on the rise. But is this really the case? You may be surprised….

NSSF Gun Crime Stats Infographic Less Crime More GunsIn fact, if you look at the hard facts, firearms homicides and other gun-related crimes have been decreasing for decades. That’s right — gun crimes are down significantly over the past twenty years. Since 1993, in the USA, the number of homicides committed with guns has dropped 39% even while gun ownership rates have increased. The number of “all other” crimes with firearms has dropped 69% in the same period. And the number of fatal gun accidents has declined 58% in the past two decades — that’s a big change.

NSSF Gun Crime Stats Infographic Less Crime More Guns

The numbers don’t lie — over the past twenty years, there has been a significant reduction in actual gun-related crime while gun ownership levels have increased. But despite all this evidence that gun-related crimes have declined precipitously in the past two decades, 56% of Americans have the mistaken notion that gun crime is on the rise. Could that be because mainstream media outlets conveniently ignore the facts?

NSSF Gun Crime Stats Infographic Less Crime More Guns

Actual, verified gun crime trends (based on Federal crime statistics) have been presented in an interesting “infographic” chart prepared by the NSSF. Click on the illustration at right to see the full-size version with data charts.

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January 4th, 2011

Remington Seeks New PR Manager (and other Specialists)

Remington Arms logoDo you have the gift of gab, can you turn a phrase, and can you read a spreadsheet? Would you like to work with new guns, and get paid for attending gunshows? If so, this may be a ‘dream job’ for you. Remington Arms Co., the nation’s oldest firearms manufacturer, is looking for a new Public Relations Manager.

This is a high-profile job, with responsibility for both long-term media planning and managing the day-to-day Press Relations responsibilities for the Freedom Group companies. The PR Manager also represents Remington at trade shows, works with TV and radio broadcasters, and manages media tests of company products.

Among the required qualifications are: Bachelor’s degree from a four-year college or university; minimum of five years PR experience; journalist and writing skills; and knowledge of hunting and shooting. We know that many of our readers possess these qualifications. Who knows — perhaps you could become the new “voice of Remington” — the man (or woman) with primary responsibility for spreading the word about Remington firearms and products.

How To Apply
Visit the Remington Website to see the complete PR Manager Job Description. On the bottom of that page, you’ll find a link to Apply for the PR Position.

Other Remington Job Openings
In addition to the PR Manager job, Remington is looking to fill a number of other sales, contracts, and customer service positions. Current openings include:

  • Senior Key Account Manager, Cabella’s
  • Sr. Sales Support Operations Analyst
  • Law Enforcement Contracts Analyst
  • Domestic Customer Service Representative
  • Senior Law Enforcement/Military Customer Service Representative
  • Field Service Support Specialist
  • Technical Consumer Services Representative
  • Senior Consumer Services Rep
  • Internal Retail Sales Manager – Bushmaster
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June 23rd, 2010

Summer Bargains from Midsouth Shooters Supply

Midsouth summer flyerMidsouth Shooters Supply has some excellent deals in its 2010 Summer Shooting Flyer. To download the complete flyer as a PDF file, CLICK HERE

Midsouth has knocked $44.00 off the price of the RCBS Chargemaster — it’s now on sale for just $279.99. If you need a media separator, Midsouth’s “house brand” rotary sifter is a steal for $19.29. There are many other great deals in the flyer.

Midsouth AR Replacement parts

Special Replacement Parts Packs for AR Shooters
Midsouth has done something really fantastic — it has created affordable kits that include all the key internal parts and pieces that can wear out (or get lost) on an AR15. Great idea. AR manufacturers should provide kits like these with every complete rifle sold! For under $30.00, Midsouth’s Field Repair Kit includes: firing pin, 2 firing pin retainers, bolt cam pin, 3 bolt gas rings, buffer detent, buffer detent spring, extractor springs, & pads, disconnector spring, disconnector, hammer spring and trigger spring.

Midsouth AR Replacement parts

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May 19th, 2009

First Shots Program Changes Media Attitudes

FMG Publications teamed up with P2K Shooting Range in San Diego, CA last week to host the first-ever “First Shots for Media”. FMG (which publishes GUNS Magazine and American Handgunner) invited members of the local press to the range to learn about firearm safety and shooting. Many of the media attendees admitted they held a fearful and/or negative attitude toward firearms when they arrived. However, after participating in the program, many of these same reporters and editors explained that their attitudes had changed dramatically. They learned that shooting could be safe and fun.

FMG’s Russ Thurman and NSSF President Steve Sanetti were on hand to provide the media with information on the industry’s efforts to promote firearm safety and responsible firearms ownership. Said one local columnist who had never tried shooting before, “It was not as ominous as I expected. . . . It’s less negative to me. This was fun, and it’s exciting, and it’s not people going crazy about their guns. It’s a sport, and I can see that now.” NSSF President Sanetti observed: “You change attitudes one person at a time.” Click on the frame below to watch a video that shows the successful “First Shots for Media” program.

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