June 23rd, 2010

Summer Bargains from Midsouth Shooters Supply

Midsouth summer flyerMidsouth Shooters Supply has some excellent deals in its 2010 Summer Shooting Flyer. To download the complete flyer as a PDF file, CLICK HERE

Midsouth has knocked $44.00 off the price of the RCBS Chargemaster — it’s now on sale for just $279.99. If you need a media separator, Midsouth’s “house brand” rotary sifter is a steal for $19.29. There are many other great deals in the flyer.

Midsouth AR Replacement parts

Special Replacement Parts Packs for AR Shooters
Midsouth has done something really fantastic — it has created affordable kits that include all the key internal parts and pieces that can wear out (or get lost) on an AR15. Great idea. AR manufacturers should provide kits like these with every complete rifle sold! For under $30.00, Midsouth’s Field Repair Kit includes: firing pin, 2 firing pin retainers, bolt cam pin, 3 bolt gas rings, buffer detent, buffer detent spring, extractor springs, & pads, disconnector spring, disconnector, hammer spring and trigger spring.

Midsouth AR Replacement parts

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