April 22nd, 2010

New Hydraulic Buffer for .308-Win AR-10 Style Rifles

With a standard AR-15 we’ve never had problems with the standard coil-spring-equipped buffer system (other than the annoying spring noise). But with the AR-15’s big brother, the heavier-recoiling AR-10, an enhanced buffer system is welcome. A upgraded buffer won’t reduce recoil force, but it can soften the perceived recoil pulse, allowing the shooter to get back on target more quickly while reducing shooter fatigue over an extended string of fire.

Buffer Technologies of Jefferson City, MO, has introduced a new hydraulic buffer for AR-10-type rifles. Priced at $99.95, the hydraulic buffer weighs 0.38 pounds, has a 5.8-inch compression length, and fits AR-10s with full-length buttstocks. The buffer, crafted from black-oxided steel and black-anodized aluminum, is optimized for use with the .308 Winchester cartridge.

Buffer Technologies Hydraulic Buffer

Buffer Technologies claims that its hydraulic buffer can help prevent failures of internal parts and optics by reducing shock and taming recoil. According to Rob Parham, Buffer Tech’s Military/LEO Sales Director: “Our new buffer makes a great gun even better, while protecting the valuable accessories on the firearm. This product is great in assisting target acquisition and allows for quicker follow-up shots.”

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