December 15th, 2008

Midsouth Offers Holiday Specials

The Midsouth Shooters Supply special Christmas Sale Flyer has been released. It contains some killer deals. We suggest you guys download the flyer and check it out.

CLICK HERE to download Midsouth Christmas Sale Flyer. (6 meg .pdf file.)

Here are some of the interesting bargains we found:

Duraseal Polymer Spinning Varmint Targets, $12.59-$24.37
Economical, lightweight product that’s ideal for long-range practice. We like reactive targets, and these units provide the instant visual feedback we like. The animal part of the target stands up to multiple hits well, but you better not shoot the hoop frame.

Leatherman Skeletool, $59.95
Typical retail is about $80.00. Check out our previous Skeletool Review. This is a very neat product — one of the best “multi-tools” on the market. This Editor bought one for a relative who is a part-time ski guide and he loves it.

Lyman DPS Upgrade Kit, $20.60
This inexpensive, drop-in upgrade will boost the performance of the first- and second-generation Lyman DPSI or DPSII electronic powder dispensers to equal the speed of the latest DPS 3. The Upgrade kit will double the dispensing speed with some powders.

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