May 19th, 2009

First Shots Program Changes Media Attitudes

FMG Publications teamed up with P2K Shooting Range in San Diego, CA last week to host the first-ever “First Shots for Media”. FMG (which publishes GUNS Magazine and American Handgunner) invited members of the local press to the range to learn about firearm safety and shooting. Many of the media attendees admitted they held a fearful and/or negative attitude toward firearms when they arrived. However, after participating in the program, many of these same reporters and editors explained that their attitudes had changed dramatically. They learned that shooting could be safe and fun.

FMG’s Russ Thurman and NSSF President Steve Sanetti were on hand to provide the media with information on the industry’s efforts to promote firearm safety and responsible firearms ownership. Said one local columnist who had never tried shooting before, “It was not as ominous as I expected. . . . It’s less negative to me. This was fun, and it’s exciting, and it’s not people going crazy about their guns. It’s a sport, and I can see that now.” NSSF President Sanetti observed: “You change attitudes one person at a time.” Click on the frame below to watch a video that shows the successful “First Shots for Media” program.

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