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May 1st, 2009

Sako Finnfire for Rimfire Tactical Competition

Forum Member Mark E. (Shooter65) is the proud owner of a handsome, very accurate SAKO Finnfire ‘Range’ 22LR rimfire. Fitted with a full-size stock that replicates Tikka’s Master Sporter stocks, SAKO’s Range model has the look and feel of a centerfire gun. The size and ergonomics of the Finnfire Range makes this an excellent cross-training rifle. If you want to train with inexpensive rimfire ammo with a rifle that duplicates the feel of a centerfire, the Finnfire Range is hard to beat. Mark has competed successfully with this rifle in Southern California Rimfire Tactical matches.

Sako finnfire 22LR

Rimfire Tactical SAKO

Mark recently replaced the factory tube with a hand-lapped Lilja barrel. The Lilja barrel has demonstrated superb accuracy. Below is a 10-shot group at 50 yards (left), and a “dot-drill” tactical target shot at 100 yards (right).

Sako finnfire target Sako finnfire target

In the video below, Mark explains the features of his SAKO Finnfire ‘Range’. This video was produced before the addition of the Lilja barrel, but the gun still shot extremely well. Unfortunately, as Mark notes, SAKO has halted production of the Finnfire Range. As a result, prices are rising for this highly desirable rimfire — guns that sold for $850 two years ago are now fetching $1100.00 or more.

YouTube Preview Image
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May 1st, 2009

Double Rifle Sling for Hunters and Tactical Shooters

double rifle slingGermany’s Vero Vellini has released a new double-strap sling system that holds your rifle securely, while allowing you to keep both hands free while hiking or stalking game. Vero Vellini’s new “High Climbing Double Sling” is modeled after the Biathlon rifle slings used in the Winter Olympics.

If you have ever tried a Biathlon-type sling you know it is far superior to a conventional over-one-shoulder sling, when you need to run, climb, or to move rapidly from one shooting position to another. We predict this double sling will become popular with alpine hunters and tactical/practical rifle shooters who must move rapidly through a multi-stage back-country course.

As with a conventional sling, the new double sling can be used to steady your shot. By looping the sling behind the elbows, you’ll get better support when taking an off-hand shot. The fully-adjustable “High Climbing Double Sling” comes in Forrest Green with Dark Brown trim. The product is very nicely made — the “air cushion” neoprene shoulder straps have stout leather end panels and the webbing and snap-buckles are top quality.

double rifle sling

The “High Climbing Double Sling”, item V17350, retails for $89.99. To order, contact Vero Vellini’s USA dealer, Pioneer Research, (800) 257-7742. Vero Vellini also manufactures fast-access cartridge cases, scope covers, and straps for binoculars and cameras.

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