May 22nd, 2009

Stecker Reports from 2009 Super Shoot

Super Shoot Report — First Two Days
Report by Eric Stecker, Berger Bullets

[Editor’s Note: At our request, Eric Stecker, Berger Bullets’ Master Bulletsmith, is sending us late-breaking news from the Super Shoot. Here is Eric’s report, hot off the wire.]

Heavy Varmint Top 20 Match Results CLICK HERE (.pdf file)
5/23 Update: Tony Boyer Won the HV Grand Agg (0.1997) and 200-yard Agg. Tony finished 2nd in 100-yard HV Agg, behind Gene Bukys.

Greetings from (or near) North Lawrence, OH and home of the Firearms Industry Super Shoot. Benchrest shooters from all over the globe are here to participate in this highly anticipated event. The Super Shoot is the largest BR match in the world. Opening Ceremonies started at 8:30 am Wednesday morning. Hall of Fame shooter Allie Euber was on hand to offer words of prayer for the event, shooters, our families and those in BR who we’ve lost over the year. Allie also offered some gracious comments about one of the PPC inventors, Ferris Pindell, who was able to be here and visit all his many friends.

The Super Shoot is ripe with tradition and most things are as they have been for some time. One exception is that long-time Range Master Jim Kelbly has been replaced by his son Ian Kelbly. After Ian called several matches I mentioned to Jim that if he lets Ian keep this up then Jim would be out of a job. He smiled and said “I sure hope so.” Ian is doing a fantastic job running the match.

World Benchrest Championship, Vince Bottomley

Hachigan Tops 100-Yard LV Field
Wednesday greeted shooters with 45° temperatures which quickly warmed in Sunny Ohio to the mid 80s. Winds were present and shifty as they tend to be but not too much to be unpleasant but definitely enough to give most shooters fits. The folks listed below handled these winds and their rifle well and are the top five for the Light Varmint 100-yard stage. The record for the Light Varmint 100-yard Agg was set in 1999 by Bill Forrester at .1706. Bill’s record was safe but the 5-shot small group record of .046 set by Mike Walker in 1994 was seriously threatened by Bill Goad with a small group for the day of .048.

1. Lee Hachigan – .2094 agg
2. Dave Coots – .2154 agg
3. Andy Shifflett – .2194 agg
4. Milt Craven – .2264 agg
5. Larry Scharhorst – .2278 agg

Bukys Edges Boyer in HV 100
Conditions on Thursday for the Heavy Varmint 100-yard stage was much the same as Wednesday with a low in the morning of 47° which warmed up to the high 80s. Winds were also similar with tricky gusts and changes but nothing so strong that stuff was blowing off the benches. The top five after the Heavy Varmint 100-yard stage are below. Larry Kopper definitely shot well but finishing the 5th match with a small group for the day of .083 certainly helped push him into the top five. (The HV record is .062 by Hobbie Bonds.)

1. Gene Bukys – .2020 agg
2. Tony Boyer – .2148 agg
3. Greg Reed – .2158 agg
4. Bob Hammond – .2210 agg
5. Larry Kopper – .2282 agg

Many shooters here would say Thursday was a tough day and they are glad that the 100-yard stages are behind them. Friday the 22nd starts with the 200-yard Heavy Varmint where some 300+ shooters will try as best they can to rise to the top of the list for the HV Grand Agg win. More to come….

Borden Rimrock Benchrest Rifles
Photo of Borden Rimrock Benchrest Rifle courtesy Borden Rifles.