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May 12th, 2009

Should Lapua Make Factory 6BR Improved Brass?

Given the many matches won and records set by 6BR Improved cases, both 6 BRX and 6 Dasher varieties, product planners at Nammo Lapua have shown some tentative interest in manufacturing an official 6BR Improved case. This would be something very similar to a 6BRX, with about 41-42 grains of capacity, compared to about 38 grains for the 6BR. The case would be bigger than a 6BR, but smaller than a 6-6.5×47 or 6XC. The case would retain the small primer pocket and small flash hole of the 6BR case. A “bigger BR” would easily drive the 105-108gr 6mm bullets at 2950-3000 fps, where they often seem to shoot the best.

Before you jump out of the chair shouting “Oh Boy!”, keep in mind that Lapua’s interest is very preliminary — the engineers are merely fact-finding. This is just in the “idea stage”. Lapua’s cartridge designers are, however, intrigued by the accuracy and efficiency of the 6BR Improved case. Anything that regularly sets world records is worth considering. And Lapua would like to have a cartridge that will prove superior to the 6XC in international 300m competition.’s Editors have advocated the production of an “official” 6BR Improved. This wildcat deserves to become standardized. We suggest that it be similar to the 30-degree-shoulder 6BRX, but with a longer neck than a BRX (which loses neck length as the shoulder is moved forward). Existing BRX shooters could simply trim the necks shorter as needed to fit existing chambers. Dasher fans could proceed to “improve” the shoulder to 40 degrees, for their preferred configuration.

Obviously, as with any potential product, the question remains “is there sufficient market demand to justify production set-up and tooling costs?” We think the answer is yes. Not only would a factory 6BR Improved case be popular with Benchrest and across-the-course shooters, but this case would be great for varminters looking for something with more velocity than a 6BR but better barrel life than a 22-250. So, would you be interested in a factory 6BR Improved? Express your views in our Product Poll.

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May 12th, 2009

FalconPilot's Flashy New Dasher F-Classer

Forum Member Jim (Falconpilot) recently completed “Yeller”, a stunning new F-Class rig, chambered as a 6mm Dasher. Built with a BAT RBLP right-eject action, the gun features a Robertson Composites F-Class stock and Krieger 28″ barrel. With Berger 108gr VLDs, Reloder 15 and Wolf primers, “Yeller” has shot in the ones and low twos at 100 yards.

6mm Dasher

Jim’s new Dasher has already proven itself in competition. This past weekend, Jim took “Yeller” to Camp Robinson. In the very demanding 1000-yard F-class division, Jim shot 197/6X, 197/0x, and a 199/10X. Yeller’s proud owner tells us: “On the final 199/10X relay the one shot that drifted to the 9 rings was about 1″ out — I called the shot, so the gun performed beautifully! Still learning the right ‘hold’ for this stick, but I can tell you that…having a gun that you have complete confidence in makes a huge difference.”

6mm Dasher

We asked Falconpilot about his bright yellow color choice. “The stock came in a basic dark gray and I wanted something that I couldn’t lose on the firing line! The color turned out better than I hoped. The paint is PPG Lemon Ice Yellow, with PPG Clear. I shot a base coat of white, then the Lemon Ice, then clear. Special thanks to Howard Pitts at Pitts Precision for chambering another perfect chamber. A huge thanks to my shooting buddy and friend, Matt Owens of ARKCO Customs for helping me pillar bed the stock, and the use of his equipment. His gun is next, mine was the test subject for us, as neither one of us had ever pillar-bedded a rifle before. The result shown on the target (below) show that we got it right!”

6mm Dasher

6mm Dasher“Yeller” Dasher Gun Specs:
6mm Dasher, .269″ neck, .104 freebore
BAT MB Right Bolt, Left Port, Right Eject
Kreiger 28″, 1.250″ straight, 1:8″ twist
Robertson SG&Y F-Class Stock
Jewell Trigger, Bat Trigger Guard
Nightforce NXS 12-42×56, CH-3, Bat Rings

Loading Tips for the 6mm Dasher
Jim reports: “I’ve found that using Varget while fire-forming forms the cases a little more evenly, but Reloder 15 is my ‘go to’ powder once fire-formed. I resize the brass and bump the shoulders back .0015-.002″ after every firing. Then I’ll tumble-clean the brass. I then use a .265″ bushing in my Redding neck die to resize the necks about 3/4 way down, clean the primer pockets, and reload from there.” As for bullets, Jim adds: “Every Krieger 6mm .237 barrel that I’ve had has shot the 108 especially well.”

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