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May 10th, 2009

Davis and Isenhour Set New 600-Yard IBS Records

On May 9, 2009, friends and shooting buddies Larry Isenhour and Mike Davis set two new IBS 600-yard records at the Piedmont Gun Club (Rutherfordton, NC). First, Isenhour broke his own 50-3X (0.944″) 600-yard IBS Light Gun Score Record, shooting a perfect 50-5X at 600 yards, with a tiny .904″ group. Larry used a 6 BRX and Berger 105gr VLDs to shoot his sub-inch group and perfect score, in tricky conditions. Not to be outdone, Mike Davis shot an impressive 4-Target, 20-shot Aggregate 600-yard Heavy Gun Record of 1.460″. Mike was also shooting a 6 BRX and Berger 105gr VLDs, but in a mammoth rig with a 1.45″-diameter Brux barrel. Mike’s Heavy Gun looks like it came from Area 51, complete with the stealth gray finish.

Larry Isenhour IBS Record Target
Photo courtesy Greg Culpepper

ISENHOUR 600-Yard Record: 50-5X (.904″) Score
Larry reports: “Sometimes everything just works right and things like this happen. It was the last target of the day and it was pretty windy. Sam Hall was shooting and I knew I’d have to shoot great to beat him. I got on target and must have got those five rounds downrange in 12-15 seconds.” Larry’s gun wears a beautiful maple and walnut stock made by his brother, Robert (Mike) Isenhour. Larry says: “The stock is the same as in the photo, but now the gun has a Viper action and a different scope. This gun was smithed by Mike Davis.” Other gun specs and Larry’s load data are listed below. Readers should note that Larry was running a “no-turn” chamber in a gain-twist barrel, and shooting H4895. Most guys run Varget or RL15 with the 6BRX, but this proves that H4895 can be super-accurate in 6BR Improved cases. Larry does caution that “with H4895 I’m getting single-digit ES, but you have to watch the pressure as you get near max. Reloder 15 is a little more forgiving at the top end — it doesn’t spike so hard.” Larry is running his 105gr VLDs at 2970 fps. He says: “I’ve run ‘em as fast as 3050 fps with the BRX but the accuracy is better at 2970. At that velocity the BRX is coasting and you’re not working the brass hard.” Larry’s load procedure involves three dies. First he neck-sizes with a .268″ bushing in a Redding neck die. Then he uses a .308 Win FL die to size the body. As a final step he uses a Redding body die to bump the shoulder about 1.5 thousandths.

Larry Isenhour IBS Record Target

Stiller Viper Drop-port action
Isenhour Maple/Walnut stock
30″ Krieger (gain-twist, 1:9″ to 1:8.3″) 6mm barrel
Leupold 45X Competition Scope
6BRX .272″ neck (brass is NOT turned, but necks are mic’d)
Berger 105 VLDs, Tungsten Disulfide coated
32.5 grains Hodgdon H4895, Fed 205M

“What about that gain-twist barrel?” we asked Larry. He revealed: “Well, there’s a story behind that. This was one of four prototype barrels Krieger produced that we sourced through Lester Bruno. Krieger wanted to keep things quiet until the barrels had been proven in competition. Well I guess we can let the cat out of the bag. Yep the Krieger shoots great with a slght gain twist (9 to 8.3). However, if I had my choice, I’d go with a 28″ length rather than a 30″. You don’t need 30″ with a BRX.”

DAVIS 600-Yard Record: 1.460-inch, 4-target HG Aggregate
Mike Davis’s 4-Target, 20-shot Aggregate was also set with the dimunitive 6BRX cartridge, but in a massive rifle. Davis stealth gray rig is a true heavy gun, complete with a full-length rest set-up. Mike told us: “Larry and I started shooting together over ten years ago. In early 2002 I started building my own personal guns. Larry was the first person that I built a rifle for other than my own. This new gain-twist barrel for long range was something that Krieger and I have been working on trying to get a twist rate exactly what I wanted. It looks like [Krieger] has got the twist just right. These things are going to shoot! I think Larry’s group is proof.” Mike added: “Both of the barrels I am shooting now are Brux barrels. These barrels are great, and the people are great to work with.”


DAVIS 6BRX Heavy Gun:
Alvey Aluminum stock
30″ Brux 1.450″ diam., 1:8.5″ twist
6BRX .272″ no-turn neck
Leupold 45x Competition Scope
Berger 105 VLDs, Tungsten Disulfide coated
32.5 grains Reloder 15, CCI 450 primers

CLICK HERE for Video of Mike Davis Shooting his Light Gun in 2008.

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May 10th, 2009

E. Arthur Brown 6 PPC Falling Block Auction

There’s a very nice E. Arthur Brown model 97 falling block on Gunbroker right now (Auction Item 1278790919), with a few more hours left before close of auction. This “custom grade” rifle features many nice upgrades, including a heavy barrel with muzzle brake, scope rail, brass stock wrist-piece, french gray finish, and select wood. What caught our eye was the fact that this particular rifle is chambered in 6 PPC — plus the gun’s in great condition.

model 97 6PPC

Memories of a 6PPC Falling Block
A friend of this Editor acquired a very similar model 97 some years ago, also chambered in 6 PPC. It proved to be superbly accurate. My friend wanted a slim, lightweight rifle for backcountry coyote hunts. He would often trek long distances during his hunts, so the rifle had to be easy on the shoulder but still capable of half-MOA (or better) accuracy. We both loved that little falling block (and it took its share of ‘yotes). Here’s your chance to save hundreds over the cost of buying a deluxe model 97 from the factory. Note, this auction will end today, May 10th, unless the item is relisted.

model 97 6PPC

model 97 6PPC

CLICK HERE for Model 97 Features Video | CLICK HERE for Model 97 Varmint Hunting Video

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May 10th, 2009

New Windows Wireless-Capable Netbook for $239.99

A small laptop (netbook) has myriad uses for shooters. At home, use the netbook to record your load data, or access the web for factory reloading recipes. At the range, a small laptop can run a ballistics program, connect to your chronograph, provide weather data, or even display video from a target cam. Light and compact, the latest-generation netbooks are easy to carry in a range kit. And if you install GPS software (sold separately), you can even use a netbook for vehicle navigation!

Acer One Netbook Ballistics

5/11/09 UPDATE: We told you this was a great deal, and it looks like Amazon SOLD OUT at the $239.99 price. However they have similar deals starting at $259.99. CLICK HERE for current Acer Aspire One deals.

If you’re looking for a very inexpensive compact netbook, Amazon has a great deal. Right now, for just $239.99, you can purchase an Acer Aspire One AOA150-1029, 8.9″ Netbook with Windows XP Home, 1.6 GHz Intel Atom N270 Processor, 1 GB RAM, and a 120 GB Hard Drive. Weighing just 2.19 lbs. (one kilogram) this unit comes with WiFi connectivity, a memory card reader, and a Webcam. This machine can run all your favorite shooting software — ExBal, Excel, OnTarget, QuickLOAD — and you can even install GPS software. (NOTE: ALL software must be purchased separately). To get this special $239.99 price, with FREE SHIPPING, click the link below.

Acer Aspire One 8.9-Inch Netbook (1.6 GHz Intel Atom, 1 GB RAM, 120 GB HD, XP Home)

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