May 21st, 2009

Hodgdon & IMR Powders in Stock at Natchez

Natchez Shooters Supply

Many of our readers have reported difficulty obtaining many of the popular Hodgdon powders such as H4895, H4350, and Varget. Well, here’s some good news. Natchez Shooters’ Supply recently received a large shipment of Hodgdon powder. Unfortunately Varget and H4350 are still out, but Natchez has Benchmark, H4895, Hybrid 100V, and Retumbo in stock. Natchez also has IMR 4198 and IMR 4007ssc. IMR powders are now distributed by Hodgdon.

NOTE: These products are listed in stock as of 8:00 am 5/21/09. They may sell out before you read this.

Hodgdon/IMR Rifle Powders In Stock at Natchez:
HDH3808 – H380 8LB: $124.98
HDH48951 – H4895 1LB: $19.99
HDHY1001 – HYBRID 100V 1LB: $18.49
HDHY1008 – HYBRID 100V 8LB: $128.99
HDRET1 – RETUMBO 1LB: $19.99
IMR 4007 ssc
DU41981 – IMR 4198 1LB: $19.49
DU4007SSC8 – IMR 4007ssc 8LB: $134.49

Try 4007ssc for H4350 applications
Since H4350 is still hard to find, shooters may also want to consider substituting IMR 4007ssc for H4350. IMR 4007ssc is a very accurate powder in the 22-250, 6-6.5×47, 6XC, and Rem 260. Natchez has 8-lb kegs of IMR 4007ssc in stock and Powder Valley has 1-lb. containers of IMR 4007ssc in stock, as well as 1-lb bottles of H322, and Hybrid 100V.

Norma 203BNorma 203B Available from — Replaces Varget or RL15
For those folks desperate to find Hodgdon Varget or Alliant Reloder 15, we suggest you try Norma 203B. This is a very accurate powder very close in performance to Reloder 15 (it is produced by the same manufacturer, Bofors). It should give slightly more velocity than Varget, but it is somewhat more temperature sensitive.

In a 6mmBR or .308 Win, start with your Varget load with 203B. You may, then, be able to increase the load slightly, unless you’ll be shooting in very hot weather. has plenty of 1-lb cans of Norma 203B in stock, Item Number: NP203B1, $24.99 per pound.