May 10th, 2009

E. Arthur Brown 6 PPC Falling Block Auction

There’s a very nice E. Arthur Brown model 97 falling block on Gunbroker right now (Auction Item 1278790919), with a few more hours left before close of auction. This “custom grade” rifle features many nice upgrades, including a heavy barrel with muzzle brake, scope rail, brass stock wrist-piece, french gray finish, and select wood. What caught our eye was the fact that this particular rifle is chambered in 6 PPC — plus the gun’s in great condition.

model 97 6PPC

Memories of a 6PPC Falling Block
A friend of this Editor acquired a very similar model 97 some years ago, also chambered in 6 PPC. It proved to be superbly accurate. My friend wanted a slim, lightweight rifle for backcountry coyote hunts. He would often trek long distances during his hunts, so the rifle had to be easy on the shoulder but still capable of half-MOA (or better) accuracy. We both loved that little falling block (and it took its share of ‘yotes). Here’s your chance to save hundreds over the cost of buying a deluxe model 97 from the factory. Note, this auction will end today, May 10th, unless the item is relisted.

model 97 6PPC

model 97 6PPC

CLICK HERE for Model 97 Features Video | CLICK HERE for Model 97 Varmint Hunting Video

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