July 14th, 2007

1970s Falling Block Match Rifle

At the recent All-American Smallbore Rifle Championships in Los Angeles, shooter Nick Van Egmond showed off his unique Rydell long-range match rifle in 30 Gibbs (30-06 Improved). Click the video frame to watch Nick describe his Rydell rifle.

Rydell falling block match rifle

This 70s-vintage rifle was one of a handful of guns built in Southern California with the hand-made Rydell Falling Block action. While E.A. Brown and Ruger make falling block hunting rifles, a modern match rifle with a falling block action is very rare. Nick’s gun features a custom “fish-belly” stock for long-range prone shooting. The workmanship on the stainless action is amazing. Though tolerances are very precise, it opens and closes very smoothly, and all the external action surfaces have been expertly radiused and fitted. The Rydell action is a shining example of craftsmanship that harkens back to the great 19th century falling block Schuetzen rifles.

Rydell falling block rifle

Rydell falling block rifle

Rydell falling block rifle

If you’re interested in modern falling block actions, Click Here to read about the Ed Yost Schuetzen Action.

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