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July 22nd, 2014

Zeiss Ballistics Calculator Mobile App for Android and iOS

Zeiss mobile ballistics appCarl Zeiss Sports Optics (Zeiss) has a new mobile Ballistics Calculator App for iOS (Apple) and Android devices. Modeled after the web-based Zeiss Ballistics Calulator, the new Mobile App is tailored to work precisely with Zeiss Ballistic reticles. Mike Jensen of Carl Zeiss Sports Optics explained: “We wanted those who use our proprietary ballistic reticles to have a ballistic tool that could be used virtually anywhere you have a signal for your device.”

The Zeiss Ballistic Calculator App allows users to pick their ballistic reticle from a drop-down menu. The user also has the ability to select factory or hand load data as well as environmental variables, and then the system will calculate and display the optimum magnification setting. With this system, distant yardages now coincide with the Zeiss ballistic reticle subtensions. The system allows the user to adjust standard settings for altitude and temperature, as well as other advanced settings, e.g. for muzzle velocity and sight height above bore.

Zeiss Ballistics Calculator App Features:

– One page screen application for fast data entry and easy to read results.

– Comprehensive and current database for factory and hand-loaded ammunition.

– Adjustable settings to customize unique shooting environments.

– Slide feature to visualize how magnification change alters point of impact.

Zeiss mobile ballistics app

The Zeiss Mobile Ballistic Calculator App can be downloaded at Google Play (Android App) and iTunes (iPhone App) for $4.99. Zeiss has noted that the App will soon be updated to include the Zeiss ASV ballistic turret system.

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June 10th, 2014

Save Fifty Bucks on Zeiss TERRA Scopes or Binoculars

Father’s Day (Sunday, June 15) is right around the corner. If dad enjoys hunting, here’s a way to save fifty bucks on a nice gift for the old man. Now through June 15, 2014, Zeiss is offering a $50.00 rebate on the TERRA 3X series rifle-scopes or TERRA ED Binoculars. The scopes offer 1/4-MOA clicks with a choice of standard Z-Plex or RZ6 or RZ8 ballistic reticles. Pick your power: 2-7x32mm, 3-9x42mm, 4-12x42mm, 3-9x50mm, and 4-12x50mm. CLICK Here for more details.

If you’re wondering about these binoculars, trust us, they are high quality. TERRA ED Binoculars feature SCHOTT ED glass — just about the best you can get. These binocs, in 8x42mm or 10x42mm versions, offer great low-light performance and a wide-angle field of view.

Zeiss Father's Day Sale

Zeiss Father's Day Sale

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December 21st, 2012

Ten Days Left for Zeiss Rebates on Optics and Rangefinders

Carl Zeiss Sports Optics has some very attractive promotions in place right now — with rebates from $50 to $500.00. With Zeiss Field Days mail-in rebates you can save money on premium rifle scopes, spotting scopes, laser rangefinders, and rangefinding binoculars. But time’s running out. The 2012 Carl Zeiss Field Days Promotion runs out on December 31, 2012. CLICK HERE for Field Days Rebate Coupon.

Save $500.00 on Zeiss Diascope Spotting Scopes
Zeiss produces a very high-quality spotting scope. We did a three-way test with a Pentax PF-100ED, 2010-model (one piece) Swarovski 80mm, and 2012 Zeiss 85mm Diascope. Compared to the big Pentax, the Zeiss could resolve very fine lines better and the Zeiss had less chromatic aberration. The Diascope was very, very close to the Swaro in resolution, but it had a slight edge in low light given its larger front objective. Most of our testers gave a slight edge to the Swaro for contrast. The dual-rate focus system on the Zeiss does take a while to master, but it allows faster focusing than either the Pentax (which uses two separate knobs for course and fine focus), or the Swaro (which has one large full-diameter focusing ring). If you’re choosing between the Swaro and the Zeiss, the $500.00 rebate can easily settle the argument. Street price for the Zeiss Angled 85mm Diascope (before rebate) is $2999.99 including Vario 20-60x Eyepiece. Do note, however, that anyone considering a high-end spotting scope should also look at the Kowa 88mm TSN-88X Prominar HD series ($2310.00 street price for TSN-883 Angled, BODY ONLY).

How to Get Your Discounts
All purchases must be made from a Carl Zeiss Authorized Dealer in the United States and rebate request forms must be completed and postmarked within 30 days of purchase. Payment will be made by a ZEISS Prepaid Reward Card by American Express. For promotion details, visit the Field Days Promo Page. For faster payment and real-time tracking, register on-line at After submitting your rebate forms, check the status of your rebate with the Zeiss Online Rebate Tracker.

  • $500 rebate on the 65mm and 85mm VICTORY DiaScope (plus free tripod).
  • $300 rebate on the award-winning VICTORY RF rangefinding binoculars.
  • $50 rebate on the award-winning VICTORY 8×26 PRF laser rangefinding monocular.
  • $100 rebate on the NEW Conquest HD 42mm binoculars.
  • $100 rebate on the NEW Conquest 30mm Duralyt Riflescopes.
  • $100 rebate on all riflescopes that have any Rapid-Z reticle.
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November 18th, 2012

Feature Story on Varmint and Hold-Over Reticles

In our articles collection, you’ll find a story of interest to varminters and game hunters. Choosing And Using Modern Reticles, by author John Barsness, reviews the many “hold-over” reticle options currently available for hunting scopes. The latest “hunting hold-over” reticles, such as Leupold’s Varmint Hunter Reticle, offer both vertical marks (for hold-over) and horizontal bars or dots (for wind compensation). The idea is to allow the shooter to move quickly from one target distance to another, without having to dial elevation changes with his scope turrets. Likewise, the horizontal wind-hold markings give the shooter reference points for winds of specific velocities. That makes the process of “holding-off” for wind much more predictable.

In the Barsness article, which originally appeared in Varmint Hunter Magazine, the author traces the history of ranging/hold-over reticles starting with the Mildot reticle. Barsness explains how to use the mildot reticle, noting how it is best used with a First Focal Plane scope design.

First Focal Plane vs. Second Focal Plane Designs
If nothing else, you’ll want to read this article just to improve your understanding of First Focal Plane (FFP) vs. Second Focal Plane (SFP) optics operation. If you want to use the markings on a reticle to range at various magnification levels, then you want the FFP design, preferred by the military. If, on the other hand, you prefer the viewed appearance of your reticle to stay constant at all power levels, then you’ll probably prefer the SFP design.

Barsness explains how the modern “Christmas Tree” design reticles, such as the Zeiss Rapid Z, evolved, and he explains how to use these reticles to adjust your point of aim for different target distances. These hold-over reticles can be very handy, but you must remember that the yardages which correspond to the stepped vertical markings are determined by the ballistics of your cartridge. Thus, if you change your cartridge, or even change your load significantly, your hold-over yardage values will change. You will then need to field-test to find the actual value of the reticle’s hold-over points.

Even if you are not a hunter, you can benefit from reading the Barsness article. For anyone shopping for a varmint scope, the article is a “must-read”. And Barness clears up some common misconceptions about FFP vs. SFP optics. Barsness also offers good, common-sense advice. We agree with Barsness when he says that some reticle designs have become too complicated. Barsness writes:

These days there are reticles with everything from a few extra dots along the vertical cross hair to reticles that cover the bottom third of the scope’s field of view, providing an aiming point for every blade of grass in North Dakota. Here we run into the basic fact that simpler reticles are easier to use, if not quite so versatile.

Personally, I particularly like simple reticles in shorter-range varmint rifles, whether rimfires or small centerfires such as the 22 Hornet. These aren’t likely to be used at extended ranges, or in any significant amount of wind. Hence, something like the Burris Ballistic Plex reticle provides about all the information we can realistically use — the reason there are Burris Ballistic Plex scopes on most of my rimfire or small centerfire varmint rifles.

CLICK HERE to Read ‘Choosing and Using Modern Reticles’, by John Barsness.

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September 4th, 2012

‘Dream Jobs’ with Hornady or Zeiss for Marketing Professionals

For readers with marketing skills, here are two “Dream Job” opportunities in the gun industry. If you’ve ever wanted to be a video producer, the Hornady job opening should be exciting….

Hornady Creative Director JobHornady Creative Manager (Marketing Dept.)
First, the Hornady Marketing Department is looking to hire a Creative Manager. This position will be responsible for ad creation, copywriting, website design, as well as filming, producing, and editing company videos. This employee will manage creative projects including print advertising and web design projects. Importantly, the Creative Manager will develop and produce video projects from start to finish. This person must be capable of working well with production companies, ad agencies, and vendors. The Creative Manager will also be involved in new packaging design. CLICK HERE for full job description. Qualified applicants should contact the Hornady HR Department via email: hr [at] .

Zeiss Marketing Manager JobZeiss Marketing Manager (Hunting)
Carl Zeiss Sports Optics, LLC needs a Marketing Manager for its hunting products, including riflescopes, binoculars, and laser rangefinders. This position, “Marketing Manager, Hunting”, reports to the Director of Marketing. Job duties include business development, public relations, and management of advertising campaigns. Zeiss states it is offering “a competitive salary & excellent benefits”. If you are interested and meet the qualifications listed below, email your resume (with salary requirements) to: zeissjobs [at] .

Marketing Manager (Hunting) for Zeiss Sports Optics, LLC

The Marketing Manager, Hunting serves as a leader in the management of Carl Zeiss Sports Optics’ growing product portfolio for premium hunting optics and is responsible for tasks that relate to brand and business development, product and company advertising, promotional activities and public relations. Key responsibilities include planning and executing marketing strategies, and providing support to achieve stated objectives regarding revenue, profitability and market share. Candidates should be skilled in all aspects of marketing including: project development, strategic planning, budgeting, research, advertising creation and management, public/media relations and copywriting. [This is an] exciting position available for a marketing professional with exceptional management, interpersonal and communication skills to collaborate with technical staff, senior management and external partners.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, Business Administration required; MBA preferred.
  • 5 years experience in marketing, communications or a brand management role.
  • Superior written and verbal communications skills.
  • Ability to manage multiple projects.
  • Expert MS Office user.
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August 1st, 2012

Zeiss Announces 2012 FIELD DAYS Promotion

Zeiss Field Days RebateCarl Zeiss Sports Optics has just announced its latest FIELD DAYS promotion. From August 1, 2012 through December 31, 2012, Zeiss is offering consumers significant savings on many of its most popular optics. With FIELD DAYS mail-in rebates you can save money on rifle scopes, spotting scopes, laser rangefinders, and rangefinding binoculars.

Here are the FIELD DAYS Rebate offers:

  • $500 rebate on the 65mm and 85mm VICTORY DiaScope. Customers who
    purchase a DiaScope will also receive a free, portable tripod.
  • $300 rebate on the award-winning VICTORY RF rangefinding binoculars
  • $50 rebate on the award-winning VICTORY 8×26 PRF laser rangefinding monocular
  • $100 rebate on the NEW Conquest HD 42mm binoculars
  • $100 rebate on the NEW Conquest 30mm Duralyt Riflescopes
  • $100 rebate on all riflescopes that have any Rapid-Z reticle

Zeiss Field Days Rebate

How to Get Your Discounts
All purchases must be made from a Carl Zeiss Authorized Dealer in the United States and rebate request forms must be completed and postmarked within 30 days of purchase. Payment will be made by a ZEISS Prepaid Reward Card by American Express. For promotion details, visit and click the “Promotions” link on the left. Then click the Field Days Promotion Link. For more information, call 800-441-3005.

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July 20th, 2012

Zeiss Offers $500.00 Rebate on DiaScope Spotting Scopes

Carl Zeiss Sports Optics has made its top-end spotting scopes much more affordable. From August 1, 2012 through the end of the year, Zeiss is offering a whopping $500 rebate on its 65mm and 85mm Victory DiaScope spotting scopes. Those who purchase a DiaScope during this time will also receive a free portable tripod to enhance their viewing pleasure. This rebate offer is part of the Carl Zeiss 2012 Field Days Promotion. Visit on August 1st for full details of the DiaScope promotion and other Field Days special offers.

Zeiss Diascope

The current Zeiss DiaScope models were launched in 2010 and won Field & Stream’s Best of the Best award, Outdoor Life’s Editor’s Choice award, Petersen’s Hunting’s Editor’s Choice award and the prestigious international Red Dot Design Award. It has many impressive features, including one-piece construction, full armor, and an innovative Dual Speed Focus System (DSF). For those seeking extreme magnification, the DiaScope has an edge over other premium spotting scopes — MORE POWER. The DiaScope’s 20-75x eyepiece remains the most powerful on the market today. Field Tests: Zeiss vs. Other Premium Spotting Scopes
We have tested the latest Zeiss 85mm DiaScope against high-end scopes from Swarovski, Nikon, and Pentax. Viewed at equivalent 60 power, the Zeiss glass was sharper, brighter, and clearer than both the Nikon and Pentax (showing less chromatic aberration). Contrast and sharpness was very, very close to the Swarovski, with possibly a tiny edge to the Swaro in contrast. Some of our testers prefered the DiaScope’s Dual Speed Focus. It is definitely fast. Others preferred the simplicity of the big, full-diameter ring on the Swarovski. But when we wanted max magnification, the DiaScope offered significantly more power than the Swaro: 75X for the Zeiss vs. 60X for the Swaro. Advantage Zeiss.

How about price? A Swarovski ATM-80 HD (Angled) with 20-60X eyepiece currently costs about $3059.00. The Zeiss Victory DiaScope 85T FL (Angled) with 20-75x eyepiece retails for about $3150.00 before rebate. If you knock $500.00 off the Zeiss with the rebate, you can get the 85mm Zeiss DiaScope for $409.00 less than the 80mm Swarovski. That should secure more buyers for the Zeiss. But anyone looking at ultra-premium spotting scopes should also consider the 88mm Kowa TSN-883/884 Prominar with Fluorite Glass. The Kowa is superb — perhaps the new benchmark for 80+ mm class spotters. The 88mm Angled version is $2450.00 for body only. CLICK HERE for Kowa TSN-880 Series Gear Review.

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June 25th, 2012

Ruger Debuts New TV Show on Sportsman Channel Tonight

The new Ruger Inside & Out TV program debuts tonight (June 25) at 9:00 pm EST on the Sportsman Channel. The show gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the product development process at Ruger, Hornady, Zeiss and other major manufacturers in the gun/hunting industry. Ken Jorgensen, Ruger’s Media Relations Director, explained the show’s concept: “Ruger Inside & Out tells the story of how products come to be. We talk with designers, engineers, manufacturing staff, and many others that are part of the process that brings products from concept to customer. Viewers will hear these stories and see what goes on in the factory, not only at Ruger, but also with show partners such as Hornady and Zeiss. We’ll also head out on hunts, to training classes, and to other venues where we can put these excellent products to use.”

Ruger Inside TV show

Here Are Summaries of the First Three Episodes:

Episode 1:
The premiere episode features the .375 Ruger cartridge. The show covers the .375 Ruger’s development and field capabilities, and producers travel to Alaska to see how it fares against grizzly, moose, and bighorn sheep. Plus, Steve Hornady talks about the origins of the Ruger family of cartridges, and get advice from Zeiss about picking the right dangerous game scope.

Episode 2:
This week’s episode covers Ruger’s SR22™ semi-auto .22 LR pistol: how it’s made, and how it shoots. This episode also features “Straight Talk” on how to pick the right size, weight, and caliber handgun for personal and home defense, plus a look at the developmental history of Hornady’s brand-new .17 Hornet cartridge.

Episode 3:
Behind-the-scenes information on how the new Ruger American Rifle™ was designed and manufactured, and how it fares in the field. You’ll get more “Straight Talk” for the armed citizen from veteran law enforcement officers Dave Spaulding & Jason Teague, and take a look at Zeiss’ new Rapid-Z® reticle for Hornady® Superformance® ammo.

As conceived, the show will provide “how to” information to viewers: “Whether it is choosing the right optics for an upcoming hunt or the best ammunition for your personal protection firearms, show hosts and guests will discuss the products that will work best for you and why.” Ruger Inside & Out premieres June 25th at 9:00 PM EST during the Sportsman Channel’s Monday Night “Lock & Load” primetime block.

Our Comment: This show contains some interesting technical info, and the hunting footage shot on location is impressive. However, the “product placement” is heavy-handed and at times the show becomes little more than an “infomercial” for Ruger and Hornady.

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April 14th, 2012

Zeiss Offers Big Discounts to NRA Meeting Attendees

If you’re lucky enough to be able to attend the NRA Annual Meeting & Exhibits in St. Louis, stop by the Zeiss Booth (#1111) today or tomorrow. For NRA members on a mission to buy, Zeiss Sports Optics is offering special discounts on optics sold through an authorized retailer in the Zeiss booth during the show.

The Zeiss Conquest 3-9×40 riflescope (#20 reticle) will be available for only $399.00 and show attendees will also receive 10% off all other Zeiss products, except for the Victory RF and Victory FL 42mm binoculars. Zeiss already has a national consumer rebate promotion for the Victory RF binoculars ($300 rebate) and Victory FL 42mm binoculars ($200 rebate). NRA members who purchase a Victory RF or Victory FL 42mm binocular at the NRA show will instantly receive the rebate, on the spot. NRA Meeting attendees can also receive discounts on gear. Stop by the Zeiss booth, mention the Gear Store offer and you’ll receive a discount voucher for your purchase at For more info on Zeiss optics, visit or call 1-800-441-3005.

Zeiss Conquest 3-9x40mm
RifleScope with #20 Reticle.

Zeiss Conquest Offer

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March 16th, 2012

Zeiss “No-Fault Policy” For Duralyt Scopes and Conquest HD Binos

Zeiss Sports Optics logoCarl Zeiss Sports Optics has introduced a “No-Fault Policy” to supplement its current limited lifetime transferrable warranty. This “No-Fault Policy” is being initially offered to customers who purchase new Conquest HD Binoculars or Conquest Duralyt Riflescopes from Zeiss dealers in the USA or Canada. Under this new No-Fault Policy, Zeiss will repair or replace any of these new models for free for the first five years of ownership if they are damaged during normal and intended use. NOTE: The new policy is for original owners only and is not transferrable.

“This policy is being introduced at a time when customer service expectations are at their highest level in history. Asking consumers to pay for a repair soon after they have just invested a considerable amount of money for a high quality product is simply no longer acceptable,” said Michael A. Jensen, President of Carl Zeiss Sports Optics. “Anybody who purchases equipment at this quality level always takes great care of it. However … serious hunters and birders are hard on our optics, and accidents happen. This new policy simply allows those who purchase Conquest HD or Conquest Duralyt products to pursue their passion with extra peace of mind.”

Zeiss Duralyt 3-12x50

Product Registration Required for “No-Fault” Coverage
Customers must register all new Conquest HD Binoculars and Conquest Duralyt Riflescopes with Zeiss within 60 days of purchase to qualify for the No-Fault Policy. Scope owners will then be covered for five (5) years from the initial date of purchase. Visit to register these products online. This No-Fault Policy is in addition to the limited lifetime transferrable warranty. To learn more about the No-Fault Policy for Conquest HD Binoculars and Duralyt riflescopes, visit or call 1-800-441-3005.

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January 17th, 2012

Media Day Report: New High-End FFP Tactical Optics

While we were somewhat disappointed that we didn’t see many all-new precision rifles at Media Day 2012, there were plenty of new riflescopes on display. Among the most impressive new optics were rugged new high-zoom-range, First Focal Plane (FFP) tactical scopes from Hensoldt (Carl Zeiss), Leupold and Trijicon. These new scopes all featured fat tubes, compact overall length, and abundant elevation travel. These lastest top-end FFP tactical scopes offer as much as 26-power in a form factor not much bigger than a “normal” 4-16X scope.

New 3.5-26x50mm Hensoldt Was Outstanding
Hensoldt showcased a very impressive, prototype 3.5-26x56mm FFP tactical scope. Though this scope offers a whopping 7.4X zoom range and 26-power on top, this new Hensold is relatively compact. The reticle in these prototype versions was a very useful (and simple) milradian-based reticle that we hope Hensoldt retains in the production versions. The Hensoldt boasted an impressive 36 Mils of total elevation travel in two (2) turns of the turret. The new Hensoldt still shares the same superior glass and compact size that puts these scopes at the top of their class. We tested a prototype mounted to an Accuracy International AX 338. Expect the production version to be the same size and cost approximately $4000.00.

As you can see in the video, the new Hensoldt coupled with the new Accuracy Int’l AX in 338 Lapua Magnum worked very effectively at 900 meters in some tricky winds. This combination made it fairly easy to break clay pigeons on the bank at 900 meters. Off camera this combination continued to show great accuracy and very effective design features.

New Leupold MK-8
Leupold showed off a brand new MK-8 3.5-25x56mm with a Horus reticle and a beefy main tube. Again, this featured a lot of elevation in one turn as well as a pinch-and-turn locking turrets. This is a big leap forward for Leupold and we feel this will be well-received in the tactical world. Along with the new MK8, we also sampled Leupold’s new MK6 3-18x50mm. This shared similar features as the 3.5-25, and was incredibly compact as well. We expect the MK8 to sell near $4000 and the MK6 to be substantially less, likely under $3000 according to company reps.

Trijicon made a departure from their standard fare and jumped into the tactical scope world with a beefy Front-Focal Plane 3-15x50mm. This featured a well-executed MOA-based reticle and turrets with 30 MOA per turn (a Milrad version offers 10 Mils per turn). The Trijicon showcased the “short and fat” appearance that seems to be the latest design trend in tactical scopes. But though the Trijicon had a fairly short OAL (for its zoom range), it was still quite heavy at 47 ounces. The glass in this prototype version was disappointing for a scope that will retail in the $4K range. Reps told us the production version glass would be much improved. (It had better be, if Trijicon hopes to play in this stratospheric price range.)

It was apparent at Media Day 2012 that scope companies have worked hard to provide more features and more performance in their high-end tactical scopes. Consequently, the latest generation of scopes offer some very interesting and useful innovations — wider zoom range, more compact size, more elevation travel per rotation, and “goof-proof” turret mechanisms. We can only hope that, with more competition in this market, prices may become more reasonable. $4000 is an awful lot of money to pay for a scope.

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January 3rd, 2012

Zeiss Introduces New Duralyt 30mm Hunting Scopes

Zeiss Sports Optics has introduced a new “Duralyt” line of affordable hunting scopes — all made in Germany. The new 30mm CONQUEST Duralyt line-up has 1.2-5×36, 2-8×42 and 3-12×50 models. All three premium German-made Duralyt riflescopes are available with illuminated reticle #60 or non-illuminated reticle #6. The illuminated versions are great for low-light hunting, but they are much more costly. Illuminated model MSRPs run $200-$300 more than the unlit versions.

Duralyt Zeiss 3-12x50

The CONQUEST Duralyt scopes are nitrogen-filled to remain waterproof and fog-proof. The illuminated reticle #60 features an extremely fine red dot in the center of the crosshairs. When turned off, the dot disappears and it looks identical to reticle #6). The daylight-visible illuminated reticle #60 was developed using fiber optic nanotechnology that produces the finest illuminated dot in its class –- covering just 0.3 inches at 100 yards on 12x magnification.

Duralyt prices, starting at $949.99 MSRP, are affordable when compared to other premium 30mm, European-made optics. Michael Jensen, President of Carl Zeiss Sports Optics, states: “The CONQUEST Duralyt represents the best value for a European-engineered riflescope. These riflescopes feature the mechanical precision that you expect from ZEISS, large fields of view, incredible daylight illumination and image quality that is absolutely outstanding for this class.”

Conquest Duralyt 1.2-5x36mm #60
wide field of view for dangerous game and tactical applications. $949.99 MSRP; $1,249.99 with illum.
Conquest Duralyt 2-8x42mm #6
Light, compact, best magnification choice for most hunting. $999.99 MSRP, $1299.99 with illum.
Conquest Duralyt 3-12x50mm, #60
50mm objec. for xlnt low light performance. $1049.99 MSRP; $1,349.99 with illum.
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July 24th, 2011

$150.00 Off Rem 700s with Zeiss Scopes

Remington and Carl Zeiss Sports Optics have partnered on a promo that can save you $150.00. Starting August 1, 2011, if you purchase a Remington 700 rifle (most models) and a Zeiss Conquest or Victory riflescope, you’ll qualify for a $150.00 rebate. This promo runs through Dec. 31, 2011.

Qualifying Rifles and Scopes
Customers who purchase any Remington Model 700 BDL, CDL, CDL SF, XCR, XCR II or XHR® and any ZEISS Conquest or Victory riflescope (except ZEISS Conquest 3-9×40 # 20 reticle), from authorized Remington and Zeiss dealers in the U.S.A. between August 1 and December 31, 2011 qualify for the rebate. To get the money, customers must fill out a rebate form, and mail it in along with both original sales receipts and proofs of purchase to receive a $150 American Express gift card. All Ultimate Combination rebates must be postmarked by January 14, 2012 and cannot be combined with other rebate promotions. (Note: We’ve posted the correct link to Remington’s rebate page, but Remington hasn’t published the Rem/Zeiss rebate form yet — it should be up in a week or so.)

Model 700™ XCR II Camo (Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Edition)

Rem 700 Zeiss rebate

Story tip from EdLongrange. We welcome readers submissions.
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June 10th, 2011

Zeiss 3-12×56 Victory Diarange Scope/Rangefinder at 50% Off has a couple Zeiss 3-12x56mm Diarange units for sale at $2000.00 each — half off the normal $3999.00 price! The Victory Diarange is a quality riflescope with an integrated, through-the-lens laser rangefinder. The Zeiss Diarange was a breakthrough innovation when first released and it remains the most sophisticated combo scope/rangefinder you can buy. You have a choice of two reticles with the special $2000.000 sale items from One unit has the illuminated #70 reticle, a illuminated red dot in the center of a medium plex. The other sale unit has the #77 reticle, an illuminated cross in a medium plex. When the illumination is switched on, the combined scope and display brightness can be adjusted with the plus and minus buttons. Reticle and display are powered by a conventional battery that provides at least 100 hours of scope illumination and 5000 laser range measurements.

Zeiss Diarange Scope/Rangefinder Features:

  • Riflescope with integrated laser rangefinder (eye safe, laser Class 1).
  • Large measuring range from 10 yds to 999 yds.
  • High measuring accuracy: 1 yard up to 600 yards and 0.5% of reading at 600+ yards.
  • Very short measuring time = 0.5 sec.
  • Simple, fast operation.
  • Outstanding performance and high low-light capability.
  • High mechanical sturdiness as well as recoil-proof, water tight and nitrogen-filled.
  • Lowest subtension resulting from reticle in the 2nd image plane.
  • Mounting achieved through rail type system.

This story tip from Edlongrange. We welcome submissions from our readers.
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May 15th, 2011

Zeiss Will Now Distribute Hensoldt Optics in USA

Carl Zeiss Sports Optics announced that it is taking over distribution of the Hensoldt line of optics in the United States effective May 1, 2011. The Hensoldt line of riflescopes and other optical instruments for military, law enforcement and civilian applications is produced by the Carl Zeiss Optronics division and had been distributed in the U.S. by HDC, LLC ( since 2008. Nathan Hunt, president of HDC, has joined the Carl Zeiss Optronics division in the U.S. as Vice President, Sights. In this role, Hunt will focus on the military market and help the Carl Zeiss Sports Optics team in Chester, VA, expand Hensoldt distribution in the USA.

“The Hensoldt line offers exceptional quality and versatility for elite marksmen, and Carl Zeiss Sports Optics is pleased to take over distribution of these optics to select dealers throughout the United States,” said Erik Schumacher, President of Carl Zeiss Sports Optics. “At this year’s SHOT Show in Las Vegas, the Hensoldt line was shown in the same booth as the ZEISS Sports Optics line for the very first time and the response from dealers was overwhelmingly positive. We look forward to expanding the footprint of the Hensoldt line in conjunction with our sports optics business.”

The customer base for Hensoldt optics is comprised of police and law enforcement agency sniper units as well as the most discerning competitive marksmen and shooting enthusiasts who are looking for the absolute finest optics available. Hensolt produce a a select variety of high-end optics, including telescopic sights, spotting scopes, and hterml imaging systems. Hensoldt scopes are very expensive but the optics performance and build quality is absolutely top-of-the-line.

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April 29th, 2011

Zeiss Offers Scope Rebates and Cuts Rangefinder Costs

Zeiss Optics RebateCarl Zeiss Sports Optics has announced attractive consumer promotions that can save you hundreds of dollars. From May 1 through December 31, 2011, you can get a $50 mail-in-rebate on all Conquest Riflescopes with Rapid-Z® Ballistic Reticle. Zeiss will also offer a $100 mail-in-rebate on all Victory Riflescopes with Rapid-Z reticle. “Even though the economic outlook is improving, we know there are many people out there who are mindful of every dollar spent,” said Erik Schumacher, president of Carl Zeiss Sports Optics. “This is our way of helping hunters’ dollars go further.”

Zeiss Rangefinder Price Cut $100.00
Zeiss is also lowering the price of its Victory Laser RF binoculars by $200 and Victory 8×26 T* PRF laser rangefinder (LRF) by $100. NOTE: recently conducted a comparison field test with the Zeiss Victory Laser PRF, Leica 1200, and the much more expensive Swarovski Laser Guide. The Zeiss Victory LRF ranged as well as the Leica and the Swaro out to 1000 yards, and we found the Zeiss to be easier to hold and aim than both the Leica and Swaro. Even before the price drop, we considered the Zeiss Victory LRF a “best buy”. The Zeiss LRF was the favorite of all three of our testers and it was the unit we eventually purchased with our own money.

Zeiss Rangefinder LR

Carl Zeiss is also offering special Victory DiaScope Spotting Scope kits at participating dealers. These kits include a DiaScope Spotting Scope (65mm or 85mm, straight or angled), with 15-56x / 20-75x Vario eyepiece and new Zeiss Carbon Fiber Tripod set. Purchasing these items as a kit yields a $300 savings to customers.

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March 20th, 2011

Demo Optics Specials and Premier Scopes at

As with many optics vendors, offers a selection of demo scopes. These were used at trade shows, or were manufacturers’ sample items. Currently has many premium European optics in its demo inventory, along with Leupolds and Trijicons. These demo riflescopes (and spotting scopes) are available for hundreds less than the normal price. Here are examples:

Schmidt & Bender PMII 3-12×50 with Illum Gen 2 Mildot – Like New Demo.: $2500.00

Swarovski PV 3-12×50 with Heavy Duplex Reticle – Xlnt condition with very light ringmarks.: $950.00

Zeiss Victory 3-12×56 T* with Rapid Z 800 reticle – Xlnt condition with very faint ringmarks: $1500.00

Zeiss Victory Diavari FL 6-24×72, Illlum. #75 RapZ Varmint Reticle. Like New, faint ringmarks: $2850.00

Zeiss Diascope 85mm Angled spotting scope with 20-60 power eyepiece – Xlnt condition: $1800.00

Leupold Mark 4 M3 LRT10x40 with TMR Reticle – Xlnt condition with extremely faint ring marks: $975.00

Leupold Vari X 3 Tactical 3.5-10×40, Mildot reticle – Xlnt condition, faint ringmarks: $500.00

Premier Gen II XR Now Sells Premier Scopes recently added the Premier line of riflescopes to its inventory. All Premier models feature a one-piece, 34mm main tube with more than 100 MOA of internal adjustment. On all the latest Premier scopes, there is a unique dual-purpose turret on the left side — the outer knob adjusts for parallax, while the smaller inner knob pulls out to adjust reticle illumination. This configuration allows for increased spacing between mounting rings, providing more room for accessories.

The standard reticle in Premier’s First Focal Plane scopes, is Premier’s Gen II FFP mildot. This allows ranging at any magnification. In addition Premier offers the Gen II XR reticle. We prefer this design for varmint hunting and tactical comps. It features a finer crosshair and additional hold-over points in the lower half of the sight picture. For Premier scopes with 1/4-MOA clicks there is also an excellent hold-over reticle with MOA-based stadia (hashmarks.) Horus H37 reticles are also offered with some Premier scopes. Last but not least, Premier Heritage scopes come with articulating lens covers, a nice extra we wish came with more scopes.
Premier scope

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March 18th, 2011

Zeiss Range-Finding Binoculars (with Ballistic Compensation)

Zeiss Victory RF Binoculars recently received the 2010 Sporting Classics Award of Excellence. The Zeiss Victory 8×45 and 10×45 T* RF Binoculars, the world’s first premium binoculars with rangefinding capability, LED display and integrated BIS™ ballistic calculator, were described by Sporting Classics magazine as “the finest example of an integrated binocular and laser rangefinder yet manufactured.” While other binoculars, most notably the Leica GeoVid, have a built-in laser rangefinders, only the Zeiss Victory RF Binoculars provide a built-in Ballistics solver.

Here’s more of what the testers at Sporting Classics had to say: “The RF eliminates the hassles of carrying two separate units, especially the all-too-familiar struggles when switching between them in excitable moments……. In our tests, the RF outperformed all rivals in ease of operation, speed, distance, accuracy and optical quality…….Best of all, resolution, contrast, flare control and overall optical quality showcase Zeiss’s commitment to impeccable performance.”

In a review of the Zeiss RF Binocular for his website, Len Backus writes: “I was able to show the Zeiss Victory RF 10×45 Rangefinder Binocular unit to several other hunters. Without exception, the first comment was always to marvel at the speed with which the unit returned a range. Only one touch of the main control button is needed. The hunters also liked the ergonomics. The focus wheel turns easily, but not too easily, and it is well located. [The] two control buttons are located well and the unit has a good, solid feel to it. The glass is superb. I thought it was slightly better than that of my Swarovski 10×42 SLC binoculars. Edge to edge sharpness was very good.”

Available in 8×45, 10×45, 8×56 and 10×56, the Victory RF Binoculars have also been recognized by National Geographic Adventure magazine, Outdoor Life and Gray’s Sporting Journal.

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February 4th, 2011

Big Name Demo Riflescope Deals from Cameraland

Great deals on Swarovski and Zeiss Demo riflescopes are available right now through Cameraland. These are mostly demo items used in trade shows. You can save up to $500.00 on some of these items from Zeiss and Swarovski. Cameraland explains: “As all of these items are limited quantities we have not posted all of them on our web site so please feel free to call Doug or Neil at (212) 753-5128 to place an order.” Supplies are limited. These prices only apply to special demo inventory in stock — when they’re gone, they’re gone. All orders over $100.00 include Fed Ex ground shipping to a street address in the USA. Editor’s NOTE: There is not enough room to list all the sales items. Other, lower-power demo riflescopes, spotting scopes, and binoculars are also on sale. Call for more info.

Cameraland demos


Conquest 3.5-10x50mm Riflescope:
#20 Z-Plex Reticle – $629.99, reduced from $749.99
#71/#72 Rapid Z-600 or Z-800 Reticle $649.99, reduced from $824.99

Conquest 4.5-14×44 Riflescope:
#72/#73 Rapid Z-800 or Z-1000 Reticle – $699.99, reduced from $874.99
#43 Mildot Reticle, Target Turret- $749.99, reduced from $949.99

Conquest 4.5-14x50mm Riflescope:
#72/#73 Rapid Z-800 or Z-1000 Reticle – $769.99, reduced from $924.99
#43 Mildot Reticle, Target Turret- $749.99, reduced from $949.99

Conquest 6.5-20x50mm Target Turret Riflescope:
#20 Z-Plex – $759.99, reduced from $999.99
#4 – $759.99, reduced from $999.99
#43 Mildot – $799.99, reduced from $1049.99
#73 Rapid Z-1000 – $869.99, reduced from $1074.99
#75 Rapid Z-Varmint – $869.99, reduced from $1074.99

#521777-9920 Diavari 4-16×50 T* FL Riflescope 2nd IP 30mm tube, with #20 Z-Plex Reticle, Hunting ASV only $1999.99, reduced from $2499.99


All of these riflescopes are in as new condition and come complete same as a new one, in their original box/packaging.

#59027 Z3 4-12×50 BRX Riflescope only $799.99. This scope is normally $1299.00. It is on Anniversary Sale promotion right now @ $999.00.

#59212 Z6 1.7-10×42 4 Riflescope only $1349.99 This scope is normally $1899.00. It is on Anniversary Sale promotion right now @ $1699.00.

#59613 Z6 3-18×50 4A Riflescope only $1549.99 This scope is normally $2229.00. It is on Anniversary Sale promotion right now @ $1999.00.

#59617 Z6 3-18×50 BR Riflescope only $1599.99 This scope is normally $2299.00. It is on Anniversary Sale promotion right now @ $2069.00.

#59887 Z5 5-25×52 BRX Riflescope only $1299.99 reduced from $1639.00.

SPECIAL: AT 80 HD Spotting Scope #49214 with 20-60x Zoom Eyepiece only $1399.99 (Display Item from Dealer that sold off inventory.)

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January 15th, 2011

Zeiss Introduces New Compact 65mm Spotting Scope

Zeiss has just introduced its latest spotting scope, the Dialyt 18-45x65mm Compact Field Spotter. We like the design and we think there’s a place in the spotting scope market for a simple straight-tube spotter with razor-sharp, ultra-premium glass. High-end spotting scopes have become increasingly large and heavy over the years as the optics-makers have chased ever-greater levels of brightness and magnification. But a hunter or tactical shooter doesn’t want to hump 8 pounds of glass up and down mountains. The Dialyt (“Die-Ah-Lite”) weighs a mere 2.6 lbs. (1.2 kg) and is just 15.5 inches long.

Zeiss Dialyt Spotting Scope

Easy to Use, Easy to Carry
The Dialyt is easy to use — twist the eyepiece to zoom and rotate the front objective to focus. Originally designed for European Alpine hunters, the new rubber-armored ZEISS Dialyt 18-45×65 Field Spotter is built tough for field use. This should appeal to hunters and tactical shooters. And unlike older-style draw-tube scopes, the straight-tube Dialyt is dustproof and fully waterproof (rated to 400 mbar).

About the size of a thermos bottle, the 2.6-pound Dialyt 18-45×65 fits easily into a backpack and, if necessary, can be rested on a pack for stabilization at higher magnification. This spotter also has threads for a tripod or monopod.

The Dialyt 18-45×65’s variable eyepiece provides a wide field of view at low magnification and plenty of magnification up top. This compact spotter also features multilayer coatings and high light transmission for good performance at dawn and dusk — something important for hunters.

Zeiss Dialyt Spotting Scope

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