May 12th, 2015

Jessie Duff Three-Peats at Single Stack Nationals

Jessie Duff Single Stack nationals Championship Taurus Pistol

Most of us have a single-stack pistol in our collection. If you want to see how quickly (and accurately) a single-stack can be shot, check out the two videos below showing Jessie Duff at the 2015 Single Stack Nationals, a big event with 400+ competitors. Jessie won the 2015 Ladies’ Division Single Stack Championship this past weekend. The victory marked Jessie’s third straight Single Stack Nationals title. Duff secured her “Three-Peat” with a dominant performance, winning 8 out of 14 stages!

Stage 9: Check out the blazing 1-second mag change at 0:05-06 seconds. Impressive…

Stage 2: Watch how fast Jessie gets her gun on target, then transitions left to right.

“The Single Stack Nationals is one of my favorite matches each year,” said Duff. “For this match I chose minor power factor over major, providing two extra rounds per magazine, as well as minimizing recoil for faster target acquisition. I can’t give enough praise to the USPSA and the 1911 Single Stack Society for the great job they did this year, designing fast-paced and exciting stages. This makes for a fun match for both competitors and spectators,” added Duff.

Jessie also praised the match staff and her supporters: “Thank you to the match staff, who literally weathered the storm to run the stages. We appreciate the time that you volunteer, so we can enjoy the match. Also, thank you to my sponsors for their never-ending support in what I do! My husband and family, for understanding, loving and ALWAYS supporting and cheering me on! And, to the Lord himself, for the talent he has given me, and the blessings to be able to enjoy them!”

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