February 3rd, 2018

Watch OUT! Be Extra Careful When Shooting on Public Lands

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Graphic from Red Sky Adventures Motorcycle Tours.

This story is about safety — how you must be extra careful when shooting on public lands. Don’t assume that other people will hear your firearms or respect the posted boundaries of a shooting range. To drive this point home, we feature a video that should send chills up and down your spine. This scarey movie about two-legged creatures that appear out of nowhere… while you’re shooting. Watch this video carefully. Something happens at 0.38″ that will make your heart race. Warning: Adult language — Not suitable for playback at work.

Why You Must Always, Always Be Careful When Shooting on Public Lands…

LESSON Learned: Always be aware of your backstop and beyond. If there is any possibility of someone venturing into the “danger zone”, mark off the target area, and designate a person to watch the area around the target. That designated spotter should instantly call a halt to shooting if any person or vehicle appears. It is also a good idea to place warning signs, but don’t count on these to be headed.

BLM SinCityPrecision.com Las Vegas Long Range Safety

This video was filmed on BLM land out in the Nevada desert. In such public areas, one must be very careful about shooting. There may be hikers, bikers, explorers, and horse-riders nearby. An offroad motorcyclist might be moving at 65 miles an hour. At that speed he’ll cover 32 yards in just one second! With that possibility, you really have to be ultra-careful. To be forewarned of potential risks, you need to watch way out to the left and right, not just focus on the backstop and the bullet’s flight path.

BLM SinCityPrecision.com Las Vegas Long Range Safety

The shooting area shown above is located on BLM land. All BLM rules and regulations apply. Remember it is everyone’s desert so always think “safety first”. The video-maker, JFComfort (aka “Joe”), explains: “We do the majority of our shooting on BLM land surrounding the Las Vegas Valley. We have found shooting in small groups in the desert works well for us. We have spent a lot of time out there in the past. I advise you not to shoot alone and be very mindful of off-road enthusiasts. Guys on quads, dirt bikes, and Rhinos seem to pop out of nowhere. Also keep a close eye out for other shooters, not everyone is safe, respectful and courteous.”

Safety Risks Can Occur Anywhere
This kind of safety risk can appear at any shooting venue. Robert Whitley, reports a similar incident on the East Coast: “Had a situation like that happen years ago. I was shooting at 400 yards on a 500 meter range that was completely fenced. Unbeknownst to me some guys on ATVs broke through the fence so they could get across the range to a path on the other side. Heard some engine noise and held up firing and about a second later a guy on an ATV went by right in front of my target — very unnerving. The guy on the ATV was … completely oblivious to the peril he placed himself into by breaking through the fence.”

BLM SinCityPrecision.com Las Vegas Long Range Safety

Story idea by EdLongrange. Photos and video courtesy SinCityPrecision.com.

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