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August 12th, 2007

Ammo Prices to Jump September 1st

Natchez Shooters Supplies has advised its customers to complete purchases of loaded factory ammo prior to September 1, 2007. This is because ATK (CCI and Federal), Remington, and Winchester have all distributed notices of major ammunition price hikes to take effect Sept. 1st.

.223 Rem Price Increase

ATK Price Increase Notice (.pdf)
Remington Price Increase Notice (.pdf)
Winchester Price Increse Notice (.pdf)

If you want to purchase .223 Rem ammo before the price hike, Natchez has placed 55gr FMJ from Federal, Sellier & Bellot, PMC and Remington on sale. The Federal American Eagle 55gr ammo is marked down from $13.97 to $7.49 per 20-round box. We’ve shot a ton of American Eagle .223 through AR15s. It is ultra-reliable and as accurate as any of the bargain-priced ammo with FMJ bullets.

.223 Remington Ammo Sale

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August 12th, 2007

Innovative 'Pogo-Stick' Portable Shooting Support For Varminters

varmint shooting restForum member RidgeRunner has devised a clever shooting support for field use. He calls it the “Pogo Stick”. It’s simply welded stainless rod with a two-pronged base, and a ‘U’-shaped cradle that adjusts for height along a vertical shaft. RidgeRunner tells us: “It is very solid and made from stainless steel so it won’t rust under sweaty hands. The rifle hook, or support, slides up and down the main stem and secures with the knob. It has two prongs you tramp into the ground and is VERY stable. It is shiny, but I have been using this one since about 1983, and I can’t say I have noticed it spooking any whistlers. Before I had an actual bench to shoot off of, I used it to sight-in rifles. I would lay down and use a sand bag under the butt stock. Worked just fine.”

Pennsylvania Ground Hog Rifle

Yep, that’s one big Pennsylvania groundhog in the photo. RidgeRunner reports: “This old boy has been giving me the slip for a couple weeks. I finally got a 52gr A-Max in him before the hay got high enough to hide him again. This sucker weighed 15 pounds. My heaviest to date I believe. The rifle is a Tikka 22/250 with a 4-16X Weaver 1/8-MOA dot scope. Nice and light for carry, nice and accurate too.”

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