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August 22nd, 2007

Great Deal on .223 Brass

Back in the spring we first reported that was stocking the excellent Guatemalan IMG brass. We’ve confirmed that supplies of BRAND NEW IMG .223 brass are still available for the very low price of $49/500 or $95/1000, item 556GUPB. IMG brass is quality stuff. This editor has personally put thousands of rounds of IMG ammo through ARs without no failures.

IMG brass is made on American (Olin) machinery that was transported to Guatemala to provide ammunition for the military. This is a great choice for varminters who need large quantities of uniform, low-cost brass. The case mouths are even chamfered. Average case capacity of IMG brass is 30.1 grains, the same as Hornady and Winchester commercial. The IMG brass is brand new 5.56 NATO-spec brass (not seconds). However, please note the flash holes are slightly smaller than domestic brass. You should have no issues with ignition (since the flash hole is still larger than 220 Russian or 6BR brass), but you may have to adjust your load slightly.

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August 22nd, 2007

Final Camp Perry Results Available

The final results of the NRA Rifle and Pistol National Championships at Camp Perry, Ohio are now available online at the NRA Website. As reported earlier in our Daily Bulletin, John Whidden of Nashville, GA, won his first NRA High Power Long Range National Championship with a score of 1241-68X out of a possible 1250-125X, edging defending LR champion Kent Reeve by 5 points and 3 Xs. The competition, held August 11 – 14, marked the conclusion of the Camp Perry’s Centennial (100th anniversary) National Match program.

Whidden overcame a one-point deficit heading into the final day of competition, winning the Palma Individual Trophy Match with a score of 446-25X to claim the overall title. Reeve finished second overall with a score of 1236-65X, and SFC Lance Hopper of the United States Army Marksmanship Unit (USAMU) finished third with a score of 1233-64X.

Shooting in the second of four relays from the 1,000-yard line in the Palma Match, Whidden was unsure if his score would hold up for the win, especially with SPC Tyrel Cooper of the USAMU, the tournament leader at the time, and Reeve yet to shoot.

“I really didn’t know if my score would hold up because I know those guys can score well at any time,” Whidden said. “I had a real good 1000-yard string, but I just didn’t know if that was good enough to win.” Swirling wind conditions made shooting a high score in the Palma Match extremely difficult, resulting in Cooper firing a 435-21X and Reeve a 442-23X. “We had a fishtailing wind from behind and it was easy to get caught up in big changes,” said Whidden. “I just tried to shoot safe shots. There were lots of opportunities for danger.”

“I knew it’s a long race and at a lot of points the lead would change hands,” added Whidden, who lurked near the top of the leader board throughout until grabbing the lead at the end. “But I knew it’d be decided at today’s 1,000-yard line.”

Joe Sopko of Macungie, Pa., shot a score of 1190-29X to win the High Service Rifle title. Nancy Tompkins of Prescott, Ariz., posted a score of 1226-65X to win the Women’s National Championship. The High Junior was Nick Mowrer of Ramsay, Mont., who posted a score of 1193-34X. The High Senior was Jon Rhynard of Haughton, La. Haughton fired a score of 1232-51X. Samuel Garee of Canton, Ohio, was named High Grand Senior with a score of 1211-48X.

In addition, the open-sight Leech Cup and the any-sight Wimbledon Cup, two of the oldest trophies awarded at the National Matches, were won by Cooper and fellow USAMU shooter SGT Brandon Green, respectively, during Long Range competition. The USAMU also swept the team matches fired at the event, winning both the Roumanian and Herrick Trophies. Approximately 350 competitors competed in the Long Range matches, shooting at distances ranging from 800 to 1,000 yards.

For more info about the NRA National Rifle and Pistol Championships at Camp Perry and other competitive shooting events or programs, contact the NRA Competitive Shooting Division. An article covering the history of the Camp Perry matches, written by Philip Schreier, Senior Curator, National Firearms Museum, is on the NRA’s National Rifleman website. Click the graphic below to read the article.

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