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August 2nd, 2007

New Barnard SuperMagnum and 50-Cal Actions

New Zealand action-maker Barnard Precision has introduced two new “supersized” actions to complement its Model ‘S’ (Rem 700 footprint), Model ‘P’, and Model ‘PL’ line of three-lug actions. While the Model ‘PL’ can fit up to a .338 Lapua Magnum, the new SuperMagnum ‘T’ action features a new front recoil lug, plus a longer receiver with extended tenon section to better support long, heavy barrels. The massive, new Barnard ‘GP’ action is designed from the ground up to withstand the heavy loads of 50-caliber cartridges.

Barnard GP 50-Cal action

Measuring 12.4″ in length, and weighing 8.14 lbs. (3.7kg), the new Model ‘GP’ 50-Caliber action is an impressive beast. According to Mac Tilton of MTGuns, the “Barnard 50-Cal is a model ‘P’ on steroids–it shares all the important design features of the Model ‘P’, and the trigger.” Mac adds, “The Model ‘GP’ is unique. Most 50-Cal actions are beefy, but built to relatively loose standards. Barnard’s new 50-Cal is built to precision tolerances all the way around. It is truely a ‘match-grade’ action.” The Model GP features a triple-lug 34mm-diameter bolt, Sako-type extractor, 1.670″ long x 1.50″ diameter x 12 t.p.i. barrel shank thread, four 8mm action screws, and six 5mm scope base screw holes.

Shown below is the new Model ‘T’ action, a special-order “Supermagnum” action designed for the long Ultra Magnum cartridges such as 300 Rem Ultra Mag. On top is a True-Flite +17 MOA steel base for F-Class and 600/1000 Benchrest. The Model ‘T’ features a triple-lug 22mm diameter bolt, 1.5″-long 1.062″ x 16 t.p.i. tenon, extended loading port, and 8mm-thick, double-pin recoil lug. The customer can choose either plunger or blade type ejectors.

Barnard T Supermagnum action

One Bolt for both Standard and Magnum Cartridges
True-Flite Ltd. offers a great optional feature for Barnard Model ‘PL’ actions. This is a boltface bushing that lets you shoot both .308-sized cases and Magnum-diameter cases. True-Flite’s boltface bushing allows the use of all cartridge head sizes from .472″ (e.g. 6mmBR and .308 Win ) to .587″ ( 338 Lapua Magnum ), simply by inserting or removing the bushing and changing extractors.

This option makes the model PL extremely versatile for both target work and long-range hunting. That’s smart engineering–why haven’t we seen this before from other action makers?

Kiwi gunsmith Steve Blenkarne of True-Flite Ltd. says the ‘PL’ is his favorite action for long-range target and hunting rifles: “The ‘PL’ has a 24mm diameter bolt, compared to 22mm with the ‘P’. It’s extended in the middle, with a longer port. We’ve used this action with great success for a number of WSMs, and recently, I’ve built a number of 338 Lapuas on the ‘PL’ action.” Steve noted: “another worthwhile True-Flite option is the vee-block bedding system, available for all Barnard actions. Shooters can have one stock and several barreled actions, all of which hold perfect zeros.”

Barnard Precision has a web site at long last. Hopefully it will be updated with more photos and technical information soon. The site address is: You’ll also find good info on Barnard actions at the True Flite Rifle Barrels site, and at, (Barnard’s U.S. Importer).

Photos courtesy True-Flite Ltd., Mt. Maunganui, New Zealand.

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August 2nd, 2007

Barnhardt Wins 3-Position Smallbore Championship at Camp Perry

Sergeant Shane M. Barnhart of the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit (USAMU) based in Fort Benning, Georgia, won his third National Smallbore Rifle NRA Three-Position Championship with a score of 2267-74X. Sgt. Barnhart also won this championship in 2005, and his current win occurred during the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the first National Matches held at Camp Perry, Ohio.

Weather conditions played a big part in the overall competition this year. Scores were down slightly due to heavy rain during the Metallic Championships and strong winds during the Any Sight Championships. However, many of the competitors said the always-changing conditions make the National Matches one of the most enjoyable championships in all of the shooting sports.

Commenting about the weather conditions, Sgt. Barnhart said, “It wouldn’t be Camp Perry if it were not for the weather. The wind got to be very hectic during the Any Sight Championships, but I did better that day than during the Metallic Championships. I had a better day because I was allowed to use a scope. The scope helped me because I felt just a little more comfortable shooting with the scope than when I was using metallic sights.” Sgt. Barnhart also won in the Service Champion category.

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August 2nd, 2007

.375 Ruger Earns Industry Awards

Hornady Mfg. won the 2007 Shooting Industry Academy of Excellence “Ammunition of the Year” Award for developing the new .375 Ruger cartridge. Ruger’s M77® rifles in caliber .375 Ruger likewise won the Shooting Industry “Rifle of the Year” Award for 2007. Each year the Academy, consisting of over 300 manufacturers, writers, distributors, and retailers, vote to honor innovative product designs.

.375 Ruger from Hornady

Hornady claims that the .375 Ruger matches the performance of the legendary .375 H&H, with a cartridge size that fits a standard 30-06 length action. According the Hornady, the .375 Ruger is the “smoothest feeding dangerous game cartridge on the market.” We have information from inside sources that Hornady and Ruger will be developing spin-off versions of the .375 Ruger cartridge in smaller calibers. Expect new .30-caliber and 7mm cartridges, based on .375 Ruger brass, to be introduced at Shot Show 2008.

CLICK HERE for complete info on the .375 Ruger cartridge, including technical specs, and a video.

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