August 2nd, 2007

.375 Ruger Earns Industry Awards

Hornady Mfg. won the 2007 Shooting Industry Academy of Excellence “Ammunition of the Year” Award for developing the new .375 Ruger cartridge. Ruger’s M77® rifles in caliber .375 Ruger likewise won the Shooting Industry “Rifle of the Year” Award for 2007. Each year the Academy, consisting of over 300 manufacturers, writers, distributors, and retailers, vote to honor innovative product designs.

.375 Ruger from Hornady

Hornady claims that the .375 Ruger matches the performance of the legendary .375 H&H, with a cartridge size that fits a standard 30-06 length action. According the Hornady, the .375 Ruger is the “smoothest feeding dangerous game cartridge on the market.” We have information from inside sources that Hornady and Ruger will be developing spin-off versions of the .375 Ruger cartridge in smaller calibers. Expect new .30-caliber and 7mm cartridges, based on .375 Ruger brass, to be introduced at Shot Show 2008.

CLICK HERE for complete info on the .375 Ruger cartridge, including technical specs, and a video.

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