August 18th, 2007

Kenton Calibrated Windage Knob

Kenyon Calibrated Windage KnobHere’s something that can save you lots of time and aggravation on a varminting trip. This little $60 gizmo is great for varmint hunters and any one who needs to make a quick shot in shifty wind conditions. Kenton Industries’ Tuned Windage Compensator (TWC) has built-in windage marks for 10 mph cross-winds at 100-1000 yards. How do they do that? Well the knobs are calibrated either for specific calibers/loads, or they can make custom knobs using your observed field data. The knobs can compensate for various wind speeds (2-20 mph) and angles (15°- 90°), by applying some simple conversion ratios. For example, this is how you’d set the knob for a 5 mph wind or a quartering wind: 5 mph crosswind at 400 yards = dial in 200 yards; 10 mph, 45° crosswind at 400 yards = dial in 300 yards.