August 25th, 2007

Bullet Pointing System Available Again

After some delays associated with licensing issues, Whidden Gunworks has resumed production of its bullet-pointing tool. Whidden’s Pointing Die System narrows the diameter of bullet meplats. This also makes the bullet tips more uniform by smoothing the ragged edges. The result is higher Ballistic Coefficient (BC), and, potentially, more consistent BC.

Our 1000-yard Editor, Jason Baney, has used the tool and he reports it performs as advertised. Jason noted a significant difference in 1000-yard vertical impact when he compared pointed and un-pointed 106gr and 105gr 6mm bullets. The bullets which were pointed-up with Whidden’s tool consistently hit higher on the target, indicating they flew with less drag to the target. Jason reports: “Shot round-robin, with my 6BR, 5-shot group centers were 18+ inches apart vertically. In other words, the pointed bullets flew 1.75 MOA flatter to 1025 yards. This number has been repeated in matches at Williamsport.”

John Whidden tells us: “Tests have shown pointed bullets to have a typical BC increase of about 35 to 40 points as compared to bullets right out of the box. At 1000 yards, we usually see them impact about 1-1.5 MOA higher.” The pointing die costs $250.00 plus $40 for each caliber-specific insert. For more info, call Whidden’s shop at (229) 686-1911 or visit

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