August 14th, 2007

Joe Krupa Wins Big at IBS Group Nationals

Just last week the 38th IBS Group National Championships concluded, hosted by the Benchrest Club of St Louis (Wright City, Missouri). During this marathon, 6-day event, 118 shooters competed in four different classes: Heavy Bench, Sporter, Light Varmint, and Heavy Varmint. The match saw some very impressive shooting, with small groups in the .060+ range in many events. Joe Krupa was the big winner in St. Louis. Joe won top honors in Three Gun, and Four Gun, and also placed first in Sporter Class Grand Agg, and Heavy Bench Grand Agg. Lowell Frei captured the Two Gun title, followed by Billy Stevens and Krupa. Benchrest legend Tony Boyer took the HV Grand Agg with an impressive 0.1850 Aggregate, while Bill Goad won the LV Grand Agg, edging runner-up Joe Krupa by a mere .0054! We offer a hearty congratulations to big Joe and to all the shooters who made this a great (and hotly contested) event.

Four-Gun Overall Results:
1. Joe Krupa 0.2478
2. Tony Boyer 0.2689
3. David Reynolds 0.2690
4. Larry Costa 0.2731
5. L. Hottenstein 0.2733

Heavy Bench Grand Agg:
1. Joe Krupa 0.2934
2. Lee Hachigian 0.3126
3. David Reynolds 0.3176
4. Jay Lynn Gore 0.3188
5. Bill Goad 0.3229

Sporter Grand Agg:
1. Joe Krupa 0.2155
2. Larry Scharnhorst 0.2301
3. Larry Costa 0.2320
4. David Reynolds 0.2323
5. Steve Robbins 0.2331

Light Varmint Grand Agg:
1. Bill Goad 0.2214
2. Joe Krupa 0.2268
3. Billy Stevens 0.2493
4. L. Hottenstein 0.2540
5. Ira Rolley 0.2621

Heavy Varmint Grand Agg:
1. Tony Boyer 0.1850
2. Lowell Frei 0.1993
3. Donal Powell 0.2181
4. Lee Euber 0.2199
5. Bill Symons 0.2219

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