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October 18th, 2007

New Manners T4/T4A Stocks Introduced

Manners Stocks has released its new “T4″ series of tactical stocks. The new design features flats on the bottom of the fore-end and buttstock so the stock performs well from sandbag rests as well as from bipod. With outer shells composed of 35% aircraft-grade carbon fiber and 65% fiberglass, the Manners T4/T4A stocks are very light and very stiff. The T4 weighs just 2.7 pounds, while the T4A (with adjustable checkpiece) is 4.1 pounds.

Manners T4 gun stock

Manners T4 gun stock

Tom Manners tells us: “The T4A comes standard with an adjustable cheek using Terry Cross’s hardware. Both the T4 and T4A come standard with a fixed 1″ Pachmyer Decelerator pad. They can also be ordered with the optional butt spacer system and a Decel pad. The fore-end is about 2.50″ wide and will take barrels up to 1.350″ in diameter. The sides and bottom of the fore-end and the bottom of the butt behind the hook are parallel with the bore. This allows the stock to ride very straight and true if you want to use bags. We lengthened the pistol grip about 1/4″ longer compared to the Manners T2 stock.”

Manners stocks are built to a very high standard compared to most fiberglass stocks on the market. The geometry is consistent and the shells are free from voids and flaws. Manners stocks are all hand-laid with high-temp epoxy resins, placed under a vacuum, and heat cured for optimal resin to fabric weight ratio. Standard configuration stocks come fullly-inletted with a pillar set ready to install at time of bedding. Tactical stocks come painted with a durable, polyurethane enamel in black, OD green, coyote brown, dessert tan, or sand. A variety of camouflage patterns from Larson Tactical are also available at extra cost. The T4 costs $425.00, while the T4A (with Terry Cross adjustable cheek hardware) is $595.00.

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October 18th, 2007

New 22-cal Berger 82gr Bullets At Powder Valley

Berger recently introduced a new, high-BC 22-caliber bullet with a forgiving non-VLD design. This new bullet is designed for long-range use, single-loaded in an AR15 service rifle or cross the course rifle. It will also be ideal for use in a .223 Remington F-TR class rifle.

The new 82gr Berger has been somewhat hard to find, but Powder Valley has received a shipment. Powder Valley’s owner Bryan tells us: “The Berger .224 82 gr BT is in stock and ready to ship. Only a limited supply is available. The 82gr BT has performed exceptionally well in all tests. The G1 BC is .450 and we are recommending a 1:8″ twist or faster. This bullet is perfect for those who shoot heavy 22 cal but do not like the sensitive nature of the VLD-type bullets. All tests show that this bullet shoots very well at any OAL and with most loads. At Camp Perry, Shawn McKenna used this bullet on his way to a 2nd place in the NRA Civilian Service Rifle National Championship.” Bryan added: “If you mention this Bulletin notice, you will receive an additional 5% discount.” Call Bryan at (800) 227-4299 to order.

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