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October 2nd, 2007

Monthly Reports Show Shooting Product Sales Trends

The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) has launched two new shooting industry research tools for its members — the NSSF Survey Tracker and the NSSF Market Indicator. These new reports will be emailed monthly to NSSF members and will appear in the members area of NSSF’s Web site, “These new reports are ‘quick reads’… [highlighting] market leaders, hot-selling products and the voice of today’s recreational shooter,” said Frank Briganti, NSSF manager of industry research and analysis.

The NSSF Survey Tracker provides monthly reports from an online panel of active hunters and target shooters sourced by Each report features a “Market Snapshot” — a listing of purchases made in the past month and corresponding top-selling brands. In addition, a “Market Leaders” section will highlight the top brands in different categories, while the “Question of the Month” showcases opinions of today’s recreational shooters.

The NSSF Market Indicator is a monthly point-of-sale report indicating the top-selling items in six major equipment categories: shooting sports, hunting, archery, paintball/airsoft, optics, and cutlery. Photo © 2007 by NSSF

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October 2nd, 2007

Lee Classic Cast Press on Sale — $66.99

Lee reloading products have always represented good “bang for the buck”. The Lee Classic Cast “O”-style press is no exception–it works as well as some other presses costing twice as much. This is a well-designed unit with a strong, cast-iron frame. The Lee Classic has two nice features you won’t find on a RockChucker. First, the ram is drilled in the center and fitted with a plastic drop tube so spent primers drop right out the bottom (where you position your trash can). Second, the handle adjusts for length. This allows you to change the leverage to suit your task.

Lee Classic Cast Press

Now through October 31, 2007, you can purchase the Lee Classic Cast Press for just $66.99 at MidwayUSA, item 317831. Natchez Shooters Supply also offers the Lee Classic for $69.99, item LEE90998. CLICK HERE to read comments from actual Lee Classic owners. Here are some highlights:

“It has a large, heavy-duty 1-1/8″ diameter ram that has been drilled out for spent primers … and a long clear plastic hose attached to it so you can route it to a trash can. [This is] a VERY well thought-out way to collect ALL primers to your trash can when you’re decapping.” –D. Oldham

Lee Classic Cast Press Primer system

“Fit and finish are impeccable. The spent primer disposal system is simple and neat. There is no spring or flexing of any kind. There is virtually no play in the ram, which is a good tight fit in the frame. Operation is totally smooth.” –R. Smith

“Access to the cartridge is a little better than the RCBS because you don’t have the priming fixture in the line of sight between you and your work.” –L. Dickison

“I like…the position of the ram at priming. The Lee seats the primer with the ram at the bottom of the stroke vs. the RC II, which seats in the middle of the stroke. Priming at the bottom of the stroke gives you a much better ‘feel’ of the primer seating.” –M. Gallagher

“Totally outclasses any other press in its price range. Runs with presses in the $100-$120 range.”–W. Rose

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