October 20th, 2007

Wipe-Out: How to Apply from the Breech

Wipe-Out foam bore cleaner is a product we’ve used with great success on many rifles. With sufficient dwell time, it removes both carbon and copper fouling. You can combine it with Wipe-Out Accelerator or the new Patch-Out product to speed up cleaning time. Many shooters, including this editor, find that bore-brushing has been virtually eliminated with the regular use of Wipe-Out. (With some barrels however, you may still have to brush or use a bore paste if you notice stubborn carbon build-up in the throat area.)

Standard procedure with Wipe-Out is to insert your O-ring cleaning rod guide into the chamber and then squirt through the muzzle. However, this isn’t possible with all rifles. One of our readers wanted to try Wipe-Out, but he has a Remington 7400. This is a semi-automatic rifle with no pass-through in the rear of the receiver. There’s no way to insert a guide rod, and it’s also tricky to use a chamber plug.

READ Jason’s Wipe-Out Article Here

For rifles such as the Garand, M1A and other semi-autos, you can apply Wipe-Out through the breech if you use fitted, plastic tubing. Jason Baney has written a short article describing this process. In a nutshell, you need one piece of tubing that fits the chamber tightly and then connects with a second, smaller diameter tube that attaches to the Wipe-Out can. This avoids any “over-spray” of foam in the action area, providing a clean, simple solution. Just squirt for a second or so, and wait for white foam to come out of the muzzle. Be sure to keep Wipe-Out off fine wood stocks.