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October 5th, 2007

Shooters Go to India for CISM Military World Games

The U.S. Military Shooting Team will leave Monday for India to compete in the Conseil International du Sport Militaire (CISM) Military World Games (MWG). Ten shooters from the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit of Fort Benning, GA, as well as one from the Navy, one Army Reservist, one from the Navy Reserve and one Marine, will represent the USA at the 4th Military World Games in Hyderabad, India, October 12 to 21.

CISM Military World Games 2007 India

Team USA is expected to compete against hundreds of shooters from approximately 30 countries from around the world. Countries expected to participate include Argentina, Belarus, Botswana, Canada, Czech, Central African, Cyprus, Finland, Hungary, Ireland, Jamaica, Kenya, Latvia, Luxembourg, Nambia, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United States of America, Uzbekistan and Zambia.

The CISM shooting championships consist of men’s and women’s rifle and pistol competitions. Rifle shooters compete with standard rifles at 300 meters in the prone, kneeling and standing positions in both rapid- and slow-fire matches. The pistol team will shoot centerfire and military rapid-fire championships. Only the men’s teams’ scores count in the overall “Best Nation” awards; the women’s teams only compete for their own individual and team awards. Match Results will be posted on the Military World Games website, Other MWG events will include Boxing, Wrestling, Modern Pentathlon, Triathlon, Swimming, Sailing, Polo, Judo, Handball, Soccer, and Volleyball.

On the Finnish Military Rifle Team website, you can learn more about CISM rifle and pistol shooting. You’ll find many photos of CISM rifle and pistol events, including the 2006 CISM Championships in Rena, Norway, and the 2005 CISM Championships in Thun, Switzerland, shown below.

CISM 2005 World Shooting Championship

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October 5th, 2007

Master GroungHog Hunter Featured in Precision Shooting

Here’s a story for the serious varmint hunters out there. The August 2007 issue of Precision Shooting magazine features a story by Bob Bell about Dana Calhoun from Pennsylvania. Dana recently recorded his 5000th Groundhog kill, after more than 40 seasons of shooting. CLICK HERE to read the complete story about Dana and his legendary prowess in the varmint fields.
Precision Shooting Dana Calhoun Groundhog hunting

Dana has averaged about 125 chucks taken per season (June through September). The most chucks Dana ever got in one day was 28, 16 of them within a little more than an hour. Bob Bell writes: “Practically all of Dana’s 5000 kills were made in Cumberland County, PA. That in itself is unusual, for this county isn’t especially known for an abundance of chucks. But in a continuing effort begun decades ago, Dana has made a real effort to become acquainted with landowners. He explains his interest and goals to them, assures them of his safe gun handling and proves it by his actions, even lets them try a few shots with his rifle if they care to; after all, such impressive equipment attracts attention, even of non-shooters. This has paid off, opening thousands of acres of farmland to Dana, not only to chuck hunting, but even for whitetails in deer season. Dana’s approach should be tried by more hunters.”

Dana has used many rifles and calibers over the years, but currently has three favorite groundhog guns. All are customs built on blueprinted Remington 40X actions. Bell notes: “One is a 6mm Rem with a 6.5-20X Leupold, another is a .220 Swift topped by a Bausch & Lomb 6-24X, and the third is a .22 Cheetah [with] a 24X Leupold. All three have fiberglass stocks, 2-oz. Jewell triggers, and heavy 27-inch stainless steel barrels, the newest a Krieger, the others from Hart and Shilen. These guns were built by [BR gunsmith] Clarence Hammonds of Red Lion, PA.”

Quoted text and photo © 2007, Precision Shooting Magazine, used by permission.

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