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January 19th, 2008

Hunting Moving Game DVD from Blaser

Blaser, maker of the innovative R93 straight-pull rifles, has created a new DVD, “Hunting in Motion — Shooting at Moving Game”, that will interest all game hunters. It provides helpful hints on aiming (showing how to “lead” your prey), with strategies for various species, including deer and wild boar. There’s good close-up footage showing the fast Blaser bolt in action on Driven Hunts. The DVD also includes important safety tips. In the sample video, Blaser demonstrates the hazards of ricochets and shows what happens to your bullet if it strikes a branch or obstruction between muzzle and target.

CLICK HERE (or on image) to watch INTRO VIDEO.

The DVD is available from select Blaser dealers, or contact:

Blaser USA
220-G Log Canoe Circle
Stevensville, MD 21666
Phone: (410) 604-1495
Email: info (at)

We noted one serious flaw in the Blaser Video. Many of the shooters in the video are not wearing eye protection. Big mistake. Shooters should ALWAYS use safety glasses, even when hunting.

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January 19th, 2008

Federal Lake City .223 Brass on Sale has new .223 Remington brass made at the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant and marketed by Federal (item FDU223). Price is just $19.99 per hundred, or $94.95 per 500.

In our comparison measurements of .223 Rem Brass, various lots of Lake City brass have shown good weight uniformity, with an average case to case Standard Deviation of just .61 grains, compared to 0.85 for Remington, and 1.36 for PMC. Lake City ’06 Brass also has more case capacity than other brands–but to be fair, we haven’t measured the capacity of the brass currently on sale at Grafs. Traditionally, Lake City Brass has higher-than-average capacity.

.223 Rem Case Weight vs. Capacity
Case Manufacturer Case Weight* H20 Capacity**
Lake City 06 92.0 30.6
WCC99 95.5 30.5
Sellier & Belloit 92.3 30.5
Remington 92.3 30.4
PMC 93.5 30.4
Hirtenberger 93.7 30.4
Lake City 04 93.0 30.4
Federal 96.3 30.2
Hornady 93.9 30.1
IMG (Guatemalan) 95.4 30.1
Lapua (new lot) 93.4 30.1
Winchester 93.9 30.1
Olympic 97.4 30.0
Radway Arsenal 96.1 30.0
PMP 104.5 29.9
FNM 93-1 97.3 29.8
Lapua (old lot) 104.0 28.0

For more info on .223 Rem brass and reloading, see our 223 Rem Cartridge Guide.

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