January 16th, 2008

Micro-Adjustable Reamer Stop From PT&G

There’s a new tool available that should make the gunsmith’s job quite a bit easier. It’s such a logical, clever design, you wonder why somebody didn’t think of it years ago.

Co-Designer Nat Lambeth reports: “The photo shows a new tool called the Lambeth/Kiff Micrometer Adjustable Reamer Stop (Patent Pending). This is a add-on device that controls the depth a reamer can cut. It uses the reamer itself as the micrometer pinion and the barrel tendon face as the anvil. It does not matter where the tail stock or carriage is located, it measures off the reamer. It functions with a floating reamer holder too. These new Micrometer Reamer Stops have 50 indexing marks and will allow for .0005″ adjustments. The gunsmith can preset the Micrometer Adjustable Reamer Stop to about .020″ out and ream without worry. Then re-measure, adjust once, and make the final cut right on the money.”

These tools are available from Dave Kiff at Pacific Tool & Gauge, Nat Lambeth at NLambeth [@] embarqmail.com, and several gunsmith tool suppliers.