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January 5th, 2008

Chambering DVD from Gritters & Grizzly

Gordy Gritters is a highly-respected benchrest gunsmith who has built many match-winning and record-setting rifles. Gordy has teamed up with Grizzly Industrial to produce a high-quality gunsmithing video on DVD. In the video, Gordy shows how to chamber and headspace a match barrel using a Grizzly G0509G 3-Phase Gunsmith Lathe. Below is a segment from the DVD showing Gordy fine-tuning the headspace as he fits a BAT Machine ‘MB’ action to the barrel. Working with precise indicators, you can see Gordy set the headspace to within a few ten-thousandths of an inch.

(6 megabyte file — Quicktime Plug-in Required)

Click HERE for YouTube FLASH Version (Faster Download)

On the full DVD, available from Grizzly for $59.95, you can see Gordy do the complete job of chambering a barrel from start to finish, including fitting the barrel to a custom action. Gordy gives step by step instructions for all the following operations:

1. Dialing in the barrel
2. Threading the barrel
3. Aligning the threaded shoulder
4. Predrilling/preboring the chamber
5. Reaming the chamber
6. Checking and setting headspace
7. Crowning the muzzle
8. Stamping and polishing the barrel

CLICK HERE for more photos from the DVD. The full DVD can be ordered from Grizzly’s Web Site.

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January 5th, 2008

Barrel Bargain at Bruno's

All 1.250″ or smaller diameter Shilen barrels (28″ or shorter) are just $236.40 at Bruno Shooters Supply. This is a very attractive deal–match-grade barrels from other makers can cost as much as $380. FYI, Jari Raudaskoski of Finland recently won a recent World Benchrest Championship (Two-Gun) with a Shilen barrel.

Bruno’s also has the best prices we’ve found for Lapua 6BR, 220 Russian, and 6.5-284 brass. Bruno’s also has attractive pricing on Leupold, NightForce, Sightron, and Weaver Scopes. Bruno’s also has the new, upgraded Sightron “BIG SKY” 36X competition scope (item SIT63020) for $451.05.

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