January 5th, 2008

Barrel Bargain at Bruno's

All 1.250″ or smaller diameter Shilen barrels (28″ or shorter) are just $236.40 at Bruno Shooters Supply. This is a very attractive deal–match-grade barrels from other makers can cost as much as $380. FYI, Jari Raudaskoski of Finland recently won a recent World Benchrest Championship (Two-Gun) with a Shilen barrel.

Bruno’s also has the best prices we’ve found for Lapua 6BR, 220 Russian, and 6.5-284 brass. Bruno’s also has attractive pricing on Leupold, NightForce, Sightron, and Weaver Scopes. Bruno’s also has the new, upgraded Sightron “BIG SKY” 36X competition scope (item SIT63020) for $451.05.

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