March 16th, 2008

Lyman 1200 Powder Dispenser Speed Upgrade Kit

Here’s a great product for owners of the Lyman 1200 Electronic Powder Scale/Dispenser. Lyman offers an inexpensive kit that will make your machine run much faster, AND it will be easier to clean out. Currently MidwayUSA has the Lyman 1200 Speed Upgrade Kit (item 638676) on sale for $21.99. This price is good through March 31, 2008.

Lyman 1200 owners report that the Speed Kit (Lyman part #7752428) is easy to install, and it can double the dispensing speed with some powders. Jack C. of NY reports that he could swap in the new unit in 10 minutes. He found that, with the Speed Kit, his machine was “nearly twice as fast and it cleans out in 1/10th the time.” Chris U. of Texas concurs: “This upgrade works! The bonus is that cleanup is greatly improved over the original unit. Remaining powder flows out easily leaving only a few behind.” Overall, Lyman 1200 owners report significant dispensing speed gains. Steve K. of VT notes: “The upgrade kit at least doubles the speed of the DPS 1200 and with rifle cartridges has a new charge dispensed and ready by the time I have placed and seated a bullet on the previous charged case. I highly recommend this upgrade.”

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