March 12th, 2008

Share Your Design Concepts with Timney Triggers

Timney Triggers“What trigger would you like us to build next?” That’s the question Timney Triggers is asking shooters. Timney wants customer input on what type(s) of new triggers it should develop, and the reasons why. Just log on to the Timney Triggers website, and share your ideas on the Trigger Survey Page.

Timney tells us: “Since its inception in 1946, Timney has always looked for ways to improve their products by listening to the customer. After all who knows better about the product than the end user? Timney would like to pose the question to all shooters and hunters. What trigger would you like us to build next? Perhaps a new bolt action, semi-auto pistol, shotgun, or tactical rifle? The sky is the limit so be creative.”

Arizona-based Timney Triggers currently offers a line of 75 replacement triggers, including a popular set of drop-in, modular AR-15 triggers. For more info, call 866-484-6639 or visit

Timney Triggers

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