January 7th, 2009

Timney Introduces New Trigger for Ruger 10/22

Next week, at SHOT Show, Timney Triggers will introduce a new single-stage, drop-in trigger for the popular Ruger 10/22 rimfire rifle. The Timney 10/22 trigger will retail for $149.99 and is available for purchase immediately. Here’s the good news. The trigger should be smooth and crisp, as it features Teflon-nickel coated internals, cut with ultra-precise, state-of-the art EDM equipment. The Timney 10/22 trigger is “Made in the USA” and carries a lifetime warranty.

The bad news? On Timney’s web site, the trigger pull weight is listed at three (3) pounds. Timney has not revealed whether the pull weight can be adjusted down from that level. If not, somebody should send the engineers at Timney “back to the drawing board”.

Disappointing 3-pound Trigger Pull
No matter how “smooth and crisp”, a 3-pound pull is not a huge improvement over a factory Ruger trigger. At $149.99, the new Timney 10/22 trigger costs nearly half as much as a bare-bones 10/22 rifle. Will shooters pay this much for a 3-pound trigger?

Consider that Volquartsen’s HP Action Kit for the 10/22 costs $125.00, and will take the Ruger trigger down to about 2.25 pounds. The Volquartsen unit also features an EDM-machined disconnector and sear, plus a target trigger with overtravel adjustment.

Timney may have “missed the boat” on this one. If we were to market a trigger upgrade for a 10/22 we’d want the unit to adjust down to 1.5 pounds or less. Certainly there may be shortcomings in the 10/22’s basic design that make it difficult to go this low, but why bother to bring out a fairly pricey aftermarket trigger, if 3 pounds is the best it can do?

Other New Trigger Designs for 2009
Since last March, Timney has asked shooters: “What trigger would you like us to build next?” This year’s “Customer’s Choice” Timney Triggers will be Mosin Nagant and Husqvarna replacement triggers. Both will be offered for sale in Spring 2009.For more information on Timney Triggers’ line of over 75 replacement triggers, call 1-866-4TIMNEY, or visit TimneyTriggers.com.

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