March 18th, 2008

Sinclair Int'l Introduces Ultra-Long Gun Cradle

Sinclair International recently introduced a “stretched” version of it’s popular aluminum rifle cleaning cradle. Priced at $49.85, this “long-wheelbase” 03-2600 design fits lengthy prone and Highpower stocks. This cradle is complete with legs, standard 14” tie bars, and rubber-lined saddles #CC190 (rear) and #CC120 (front) for varmint and prone rifles with large rear grips. Sinclair notes: “We recommend this cradle for stocks with forends up to 2.625” and rear grips from 1.75” to 2.35”. Some stocks that will fit this cradle include most Masterclass Highpower and prone stocks and some heavy varmint/target type stocks.” If you need a cradle for long-range BR and F-Class stocks with wider fore-arms, Sinclair offers cradle model 03-2400, which has a #CC130 front saddle that fits fore-arms up to 3.25″ in width.

Front and rear rubber-edged stock saddles of various widths can be ordered seperately for $13.65. These can be easily swapped in and out of the basic Sinclair rifle cradle to fit different stock configuations. For example, the #CC180 front saddle has a curved profile to fit the round handguard or float tube on AR-style rifles.

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